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(C-C) Antics with a Grumpy Urchin by SSBFreak (C-C) Antics with a Grumpy Urchin :iconssbfreak:SSBFreak 7 9 (C-C) Public Works Project #2 - Reminiscing by SSBFreak (C-C) Public Works Project #2 - Reminiscing :iconssbfreak:SSBFreak 3 3 Stardew Valley Tip 9 - Staircases by SSBFreak Stardew Valley Tip 9 - Staircases :iconssbfreak:SSBFreak 1 0 Stardew Valley Tip 8 - Joja Cola by SSBFreak Stardew Valley Tip 8 - Joja Cola :iconssbfreak:SSBFreak 1 2 Stardew Valley Tip 7 - Lightning Rods by SSBFreak Stardew Valley Tip 7 - Lightning Rods :iconssbfreak:SSBFreak 1 0 (C-C) Public Works Project #1 - Donations by SSBFreak (C-C) Public Works Project #1 - Donations :iconssbfreak:SSBFreak 5 4 [CC] Cripps Villager App by SSBFreak [CC] Cripps Villager App :iconssbfreak:SSBFreak 9 2
OMM S2: Ulala vs. Toejam
One-Minute Melee!
Where all of life’s problems can be solved with violence!
Two fighters! Sixty seconds! And NO research!

The colourful, groovy planet of Funkotron seemed to be in a constant state of grooving to an ever-present beat. Whether it be from the natural sounds of the weirdly-funky fauna of the planet or the various boom-boxes that literally every citizen of the planet had to blare out their beats and tunes, the planet was popping with music and dance, as it always has been in the past. On the colourful landscape of purple ground, blue-leafed trees and yellow shrubs seemed to bob and sway to the beats around them as if they had minds of their own.
Currently, there was a loud beat coming from one particular boom-box in a clearing just outside a forested area, where a few alien creatures were seen freestyling near it, dancing to the beat in what looked to be a funky dance-off. Standing on one side of the boom-box was a red, three-legged alien
:iconssbfreak:SSBFreak 1 2
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(C-C) Antics with a Grumpy Urchin

Cripps found himself wandering through town during a sunny day, glancing about at the snow that appeared to be starting to melt. He knew that spring was approaching and that meant that the snow would finally be leaving. Cripps definitely wouldn't miss it. The cold weather was real rough on his rubber skin, after all...

Still, Cripps couldn't help but look forward to seeing what Lilypad would look like during the spring. He had moved in right in the middle of winter, so he had yet to see what the town would look like. Heck, he could have sworn that there was a huge blizzard going on when he decided to move in, and he didn't even get to see much of the town at all until the weather finally cleared up a couple days later. But, for now, he had to wait it out until all the snow melted, however long that would be.

As Cripps was walking through the town, he glanced to his left and spotted something that looked a bit out of place: A tuft of something black and spiky poking out from near the bottom of a nearby tree. Cripps stopped walking, scratching his head a bit as he wondered what the object was.

"Huh...That's weird..." Cripps muttered to himself as he approached the object to see what it was, and noticing that, when he got close enough, it appeared to be a sea urchin sitting by the base of the tree.

Cripps lifted an invisible eyebrow, wondering how the sea urchin had gotten this far away from the ocean. He looked around a bit to see if anyone was around; maybe someone who had left the sea urchin there by accident, but saw no one in the area. In Cripps' mind, this told him that whoever had left the sea urchin by the tree was long gone by this point.

"Man. Some people just can't learn to clean up after themselves, squiddo…" Cripps sighed to himself. "Well, I guess I'd better take the urchin back to the ocean."

A few thoughts went through Cripps head as he paused, stopping himself from picking up the sea urchin. He remembered that his father always used to warn him about picking up sea urchins, but he couldn't remember the details. Cripps scratched his head a few times, trying to remember what was so important about not picking up urchins, but came up blank. He shrugged silently and bent over, touching the top of the sea urchin with his tentacle.


...Oh, yeeeeaaaaah...

Cripps yelped in pain as he pulled his hand back, trying to let go of the urchin, only to find that the urchin was lifting up with his hand. Cripps did a double-take when he saw that this particular sea urchin seemed to have a body. Cripps turned his hand around to get a better look and froze when he saw a pair of flat, unamused eyes starting back at him.

"...Can I HELP you?" The sea urchin asked sarcastically as he dangled from Cripps' hand by the top of the head.

Cripps blinked a few times, suddenly realizing that the sea urchin he had just tried to pick up was actually Spike, a fellow villager of Lilypad. The spiky sea urchin had his arms folded as he stared at Cripps with a flat look in his eyes.

"Uh...Sorry, Spike. I thought you were a sea urchin." Cripps chuckled.

"I AM."

"Oh. Right." Cripps rubbed the back of his head. He placed his other hand on Spike's head and yanked his hand free of the spiky mass of quills that was the sea urchin, only to suddenly realize all too late that now his second hand was stuck to Spike's head. Cripps tried again, using his third arm, then a foot, and finally two of his hands, but realized that every time he managed to get a limb free of Spike's quills another limb got stuck.

"Let go of me, ouch!" Spike snapped.

"I'm trying, squiddo! I'm trying!" Cripps said, starting to panic at how little progress was being made and how he was already starting to lose feeling in a couple of his limbs.

It didn't take long for Cripps' demeanor to devolve into chaos, limbs flailing in every direction as he resorted to attempting to shake Spike off of him but still getting nowhere. Every time Spike was detatched from one limb he ended up getting stuck to another, and soon the sea urchin found himself firmly stuck to Cripps' back as the octopus spiraled into a complete panic, running in circles and trying to reach around to pry Spike from his back but still getting nowhere.

Suddenly, Cripps broke into a panicked run, racing back through town with no real direction or destination in mind, as Spike remained firmly attached to his back, legs flowing in the wind like a kite as the sea urchin seemed resigned to his fate, folding his arms and simply letting Cripps freak out.

Cripps, in his limb-flailing panic, almost barreled over another villager, the red cuckoo bird Megan, as she backpedalled out of the way to avoid the octopus trampelling her in a blind panic. Megan did a double-take when she saw Spike attached to Cripps' back as the octopus ran past.

"W-What the heck is going on, cuckoo?!" Megan asked in surprise.

"Don't ask, ouch!" Spike shouted, having to yell over Cripps' own freaked-out yelling.

"Um...What can I do to help?"

"Wait for him to pass out from the mind-numbing pain and pry me off him when he does!" Spike directed. "Make sure you bring some heavy-duty gloves when you do!"

Megan glanced at her feathered hands. Did she own a pair of gloves? She only hesitated a second before running after Cripps to try and help Spike.

This would probably take all day...


I wanted to have a bit of fun with this after doing a couple of simple pictures, and I wanted to try tagging a bit of literature onto the pic to kind of showcase a bit more of Cripps. =P

I used :icontoweiie:'s Spike and :iconorange-ratchet:'s Megan here. I definitely had a laugh writing this out.

Bells Earned
Fullbody - 300x3 - 900
Lineart - 200x3 - 600
Coloured - 200x3 - 600
Background - 300
Other User's Character - 100x2 - 200

Literature - 982 words - 982

Total - 3,582 Bells
(C-C) Public Works Project #2 - Reminiscing

Public Works Project 2 - Samuel Statue

Cripps found a good number of aquatic villagers living in Lilypad during his stay, and often found that talking with some of them brought back some older memories of his old sea town and what it was like growing up there. Cripps always liked getting nostalgic, and taking about the ocean was a good way to bring those memories back...

I wanted to draw one of the aquatic-themed villagers for this piece, and I ended up going for :iconbettalong:'s Vivi, mainly because I just really liked her design and wanted to try my hand at drawing her. :)

Bells Earned
Fullbody - 300x2 - 600
Lineart - 200x2 - 400
Coloured - 200x2 - 400
Background - 300
Another User's Character - 100

Total - 1,800 Bells
Stardew Valley Tip 9 - Staircases
If you've unlocked the Skull Cavern, you'll quickly notice that there aren't any checkpoint systems like there are in the main mines. The valuable Iridium and Prismatic Shards are way down and get a little more-frequent after floor 100, and if you want the time to get all the way down that far before you run out of time for the day, you need to craft a LOT of staircases to even get close.

This means that, when planning for a trip to the Skull Cavern, spend...Like, a LOT of time going through the mines and collecting rocks to craft stairs with. How many you think you need is up to you but, like I said, you need to go down FAR if you want to collect a decent amount of Iridium.
Stardew Valley Tip 8 - Joja Cola
Chances are you'll probably end up fishing a can of Joja Cola out of the water at some point. Despite the fact that it recovers a bit of health and energy, it's still considered trash and no one likes it.

...No one except Sam, that is. Sure, there are better gifts you could give him, but Sam is literally the only character in the game that "likes" Joja Cola, so if you feel that you could use some easy friendship points with Sam specifically, sometimes it's worth it to gift him the can of cola instead of just throwing it away like you probably would otherwise.
Stardew Valley Tip 7 - Lightning Rods
Lightning Rods are one of the most-valuable tools you can have in Stardew Valley. At any point during spring, summer or fall, a lightning storm could hit the farm. If you want to cut the risk of some of your crops getting hit by lightning, it pays to have a Lightning Rod set up to absorb the blow, and at the same time it generates valuable and useful Battery Packs with every bolt of lightning that hits it. Battery Packs are used to craft useful Iridium Sprinklers or Crystalarium, or one of the best gifts for Maru if you plan on wooing her in game.

I suggest having multiple Lightning Rods for your farm once you learn how to craft them. You could almost have a lightning rod farm sectioned off from the rest of your farm to have a semi-steady supply of Battery Packs coming in after a storm.
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Here we go with another react and thoughts of the newest Nintendo Direct. I'm not sure what to expect because I avoid all "leaks" and "rumours" because I know to never take anything like that seriously anymore, but at the very least, I'm expecting two things that are likely here: The announcement of Smash DLC character #2 and some details on the upcoming Animal Crossing. Let's start, shall we?

Mario Maker 2
This definitely looks fun. I guess I should have expected this eventually, anyways, but I was more-thinking they'd announce it at E3 or something. Either way, it looks neat that they're incorporating a bunch of new gameplay mechanics, including the Cat Bell, which wasn't even in a 2D Mario game to begin with, so it looks like this game will have a LOT more replayability and content than the original did.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3
To be honest I never really got into these games. I mean, I can see the draw of them to the Marvel fan but I think I'll pass on this one.

I never played the original game, but I can always appreciate the fact that these lesser-known characters, especially ones from the mind of Sakurai, are getting more-attention. The gameplay's always looked fun for me but I guess I never really picked it up to give it a try.

So...Is this, like, Castlevania 2.0 or something? I swear the gameplay and style of the game looks just like something you'd see out of Castlevania. Either way I...Probably wouldn't play it. Those were admittedly never really my type of game.

Dragon Quest Builders 2
Again, never really got into the series. I mean, now looks to be as good a time as any to get into it, but I still don't know...

Dragon Quest 11
Yeesh, have there already seriously been eleven mainline Dragon Quest games? Again, not a series I really played. I like how everything looks more open-world but the use of turn-based gameplay is a bit of a turn-off for me since the slow gameplay of that type was one of the reasons I could never get into games like Final Fantasy.

Disney Tsum Tsum Festival
I...Never really got the appeal of those collectibles, but I can't deny that they were HUGE. I wonder why there's a game coming out for them NOW instead of back when the popularity was at its peak. Even still, it's another mini-game collection from the looks of things. If I wanted a Disney Mario Party-based game I'd have preferred the characters to be in their normal forms rather than their stuffed toy versions...

Starlink: Star Wolf Update
Hey, I'm a sucker for Star Fox stuff, and seeing the rest of Star Wolf in this new style looks real cool. Yeah, it's likely largely going to be a bunch of new missions for the most part but I did like how they incorporated the world of Star Fox into Starlink in the first place.

Rune Factory 4
Admittedly the only game of this style I've really played is Stardew Valley. I do like the look and art style of the game but I'll need to look deeper into it to see what sets it apart from other games like it. I tried Harvest Moon for a while and couldn't dedicate myself to it very much, after all...

It looks kind of interesting, I'll admit. I like the idea and I like how the game looks, but I'll have to wait and see if this turns out to be something worthwhile.

Yoshi's Crafted World
The game looks cute and fun and I'll definitely be picking it up. I liked Wooly World, and from the looks of things this game will build on a lot of the gameplay mechanics that made the previous game fun to play. Hopefully it's a bit longer/more challenging than Wooly World, however...

Fire Emblem: Three Houses
It's definitely a different take on a Fire Emblem game, and since we're given three different "faction" choices I see this turning into a very big game. I probably won't end up picking it up because, again, strategy games aren't my thing, but I definitely like that they seem to be taking a different approach here than they usually do with these games.

Tetris 99
The fact that it's a free download for Switch Online users is actually pretty neat. I'm sure it'll be a fun, frantic time waster, especially going against 98 other players at the same time.

Dead by Daylight
I'm actually surprised that this game is coming to the Switch at all since this game was...Really only big for a limited time a couple years ago, and I really only know about it by watching some YouTube groups play it a few times. Not my thing, sorry.

Of course the game's coming to Switch. =P

Grid Autosport
Meh. Realistic racing games aren't my thing. Not enough going on to catch my interest, which is why I could never get into games like Grand Turismo. This game...Honestly looks no different.

Astral Chain
I'll admit that it looks interesting, and it looks like it'll be a pretty open-world game. That said, I'll be keeping my eyes on it to see where it goes and if it can interest me enough to pick it up when it releases.

Link's Awakening Remake
Wow. I definitely didn't see this coming, but I know that Link's Awakening is one of the best-known Gameboy Zelda titles, so seeing it get an updated look like this is welcome. I'm not sure if I'm sold on the art style yet, and I do hope that they add more to the game, but all in all I expect that it'll be a fun game to play while people wait for the next big Zelda title.

All in all it was definitely a good direct, but I AM a bit surprised that they didn't make an Animal Crossing announcement. Maybe they're saving THAT one for E3. Either way it looks like there's a lot coming to the Switch and I know I'll have some more stuff to play in the near future when they release. :)


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