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DWOAH: Jonathan Joestar vs Simon BelmontDeadliest warriors of all historyJonathan Joestar vs Simon BelmontThe beginnings of great Vampire hunting legacies Jonathan Joestar info:Height: 6 foot 4Weight: 231lbsWeapons: Bare Hands, HamonStrengths: As the first major Joestar in the series Jonathan technically set off the family lineage of Joestars, Superhuman strength (Before his Zepelli boost Jonathan was roughly as strong as four or five men, After it he became strong enough to lift several tons of weight, Can tear apart steel, Can harm the likes of Dio), Superhuman durability (Before his Zepelli boost he survived a brutal beating from Dio in a boxing match, Powered through having the bones of his arms crushed to dust as well as being set on fire, Survived having his neck broken, Post Zepelli boost he survived having his windpipe punctured to continue fighting Dio, His body becomes more durable the more damage it takes), Superhuman speed/Hypersonic reactions (Pre Zepelli boost Jonathan was extremely fast by human standards, Post Zepelli boost Jonathan becomes borderline superhuman in speed, Can keep up with the likes of Dio, Tarukus and Doobie), Possesses the ability to use Hamon (Hamon creates waves that are akin to sunlight against Vampires and the Undead, Can send his Hamon through solid objects like walls, Can walk on water via Hamon, Can detect others through vibrations, Can heal even almost fatal wounds via Hamon including a broken neck, Can extend his limbs via Hamon).Weaknesses: Is too compassionate for his own good, Lacks a Stand, Using Hamon requires him to maintain a steady breathing rate meaning that if his breathing is cut off he cannot use Hamon.Simon Belmont info: Height: 6 foot 1Weight: 210lbsWeapons: Vampire Killer Whip, Daggers, Axes, Holy Water, Stopwatch Strengths: As the main character of the first Castlevania game Simon is easily the most famous of the Belmonts and arguably set off the lineage, Superhuman strength (Possesses strength far above a peak human, Can destroy stone with a lash of his Whip, Can destroy huge Stone Golems with his Whip, Can harm the likes of Dracula who cannot be harmed by any mortal means), Superhuman durability (Regularly survives attacks from hordes of Dracula’s minions, Survived a several hundred foot fall without damage, Tanks huge boulders falling on him with minimal damage, Survive being buried by Dracula’s crumbling castle, Can survive being turned to stone, Is immune to Holy attacks and curses, Is resistant to Time altering effects allowing him to use the Stopwatch without penalty, Can survive attacks from Dracula), Superhuman speed/Massively hypersonic reactions (Is much faster than a normal human, Can lash his Whip fast enough to strike an enemy 91 times in 3 seconds, Can dodge Lightning, Can keep up with the likes of Dracula), Can heal himself via Herbs, Can stop time for up to five seconds thanks to his Stopwatch, Has killed countless of Dracula’s minions and defeated/slain Dracula himself multiple times.Weaknesses: Despite his immense power and skill Simon is still mortal, His more powerful Weapons and Tools have finite uses.Battle begin!(Dracula’s Castle)“Vile Hellspawn! You do not belong in this world!” Simon’s shout echoed through the hallways of the Castle accompanied by the cracks of his Whip, the Weapon carving through the Legions of Medusa Heads, Bats and Skeletons that rushed him.Destroying most of the horde of Monsters with his Whip alone Simon then threw a flask of Holy Water into the group immediately setting them ablaze in Holy Fire as the sanctified Water burned them like Flames.As the horde crumbled into ashes Simon started to move onward when a rumbling noise from the wall next to him caught his attention, turning to see a faint golden light starting to emit from the stone blocks that made the wall along with the blocks starting to vibrate.Drawing a Throwing Axe as the wall vibrated harder Simon readied himself to throw the Axe when the wall suddenly erupted in a wave of golden energy, the blast of Hamon striking Simon hard sending him across the alway to crash into the adjacent wall.Out of the hole in the wall came a large purple haired man, Jonathan striding through the hole he had made before stretching from having to stoop through it “man this place is huge, I wonder how close I am to the exit, I’m getting sick of all the Zombies” he sighed before flinching as Simon’s Axe slammed to the wall right next to his head “what the?”.“So another obstacle arises in my quest to take Dracula’s head” Simon growled as he picked himself up “so be it, HAVE AT YOU!” the Vampire Hunter barked, lashing his Whip at Jonathan, the Joestar just barely dodging it by leaning backwards as the Whip carved a groove in the stones of the wall behind him.Quick to defend himself Jonathan infused his arms and legs with Hamon before throwing a Zoom Punch at the Belmont, dislocating his shoulder and elbow whilst lengthening the muscles of his arm to extend it across the hallway towards Simon, the Vampire Hunter narrowly dodging it by leaning his head to the left causing Jonathan’s Fist to slam through the wall behind him instead.Quickly retracting his arm and relocating his joints Jonathan rushed in to get closer as Simon lashed his Whip at him repeatedly, forcing the Joestar to duck and weave with every step as the Whip moved almost too fast for the human eye to see, only suffering two hits from the Vampire Killer leaving shallow cuts across his arm and cheek before he slammed his Fist to Simon’s face, the impact causing the air to ripple before Simon’s body ‘caught up’ to the blow, flying back to crash through the stone wall behind him and into the adjacent room.Rolling as soon as his back touched the floor Simon whirled his Whip around in a 360 degree sweep to destroy the Skeletons that were in the room before throwing a flurry of Daggers through the hole in the wall.In response Jonathan threw a flurry of punches, knocking each Daggers out of the air as he used his Hamon to use Scarlet Overdrive, his Fists starting to smoke and steam before they ignited in Flame.With his Fists now set aflame Jonathan rushed at Simon again to throw flaming punches at him, the Belmont dodging the first few before suffering a blow to the chest making him recoil and leaving him open to a full attack of Scarlet Overdrive, the attacks quickly becoming an Overdrive Barrage as Jonathan threw his Fists forward faster and faster before finishing it up with a brutal uppercut to Simon’s gut, causing the air to ripple again before the Belmont was sent skyward.Normally this would be enough to put any mortal man down for the count but Simon was no normal mortal man, quickly recovering midair and lashing his Whip downwards lassoing Jonathan’s arm with it as he grabbed hold of a chandelier to hang from.With his Whip tightly latched around Jonathan’s arm Simon then swung with all of his might dragging the Joestar off of his feet before he could react to remove the Whip, sending Jonathan crashing into the wall hard enough to bury him half way into the stone.Before Simon could drag him out to lash him across the room again Jonathan slammed his free Fist into the wall to send a Sendo Hamon Overdrive through it, the glowing golden energy travelling upwards through the wall and across the ceiling to the chandelier Simon was hanging from, destroying its foundations and sending it crashing to the ground forcing Simon to jump off of it to prevent it landing on him whilst Jonathan pulled himself free from the wall and stripped the Whip from his arm.Hissing as the Whip left deep bleeding grooves in his arm Jonathan focused for a moment to heal the gashes before flinching as he was struck with a bottle of Holy Water, expecting it to burn thinking it to be Acid only to blink a couple of times when nothing happened “o...kay…?”.Shocked that the Holy Water hadn’t worked Simon went back to his Whip, lashing it around destroying the tables, chairs and candelabras around the room as the Joestar was forced to dodge again, jumping around the room before slamming his Fist to the floor to send a Sendo Hamon Overdrive through it and towards Simon.As the Hamon energy surged towards him Simon quickly pulled out his Stopwatch, the world around him turning grey and silent as everything came to a sudden stop, the Belmont having five seconds to act which he quickly put to use, jumping over the Hamon energy wave before throwing a volley of Daggers and Axes downwards towards Jonathan, the Weapons coming to a stop midway towards their target as they came under the effects of the Stopwatch but as the seconds ticked down they quickly began to move again.As soon as time flowed again the Daggers and Axes hit their mark, carving into Jonathan’s body as he failed to react in time, the Daggers stabbing deep into his limbs whilst the Axes cut into his chest and torso making him look like a bleeding training dummy as he gasped in pain.As Simon landed as readied his Whip again Jonathan closed his eyes and steadied his breathing, glowing waves of Hamon starting to wash over him making Simon stare in surprise as the Daggers and Axes that littered his body slowly began to be pushed out of him, the deep gashes and stab wounds they left behind then beginning to closed as he fully focused on healing himself.The action unfortunately left him open however as Simon lashed his Whip forward again, this time aiming for the Joestars neck as he lassoed him around the throat making his eyes widen as he gasped and gagged as the Whip started to choke him, the Belmont having noticed his deep breathing technique and quickly put two and two together between it and his Hamon use.Yanking on the Whip to drag Jonathan towards him Simon pulled it tighter and tighter as the Joestar tried to pull it off of him, blood starting to pour down his body as the Whip cut deep into the skin of his neck and fingers as he desperately pulled harder and harder.“None can stand in the way of my quest to end Dracula, made the good Lord give you the mercy I could not spare!” the Belmont stated before violently pulling on the Whip again, this time with enough force to crack the Whip around Jonathan’s neck hard enough for it to cut clean through, his head flying off of his shoulders with a fountain of arterial splatter as his arms fall to his sides, his body slumping to its knees before falling still.Retracting his Whip Simon performed the sign of the cross before Jonathan’s body before moving on, determined to find Dracula and end his reign of terror once and for all.Winner: Simon BelmontOk, I’ll admit that this was an idea that I had seen done a couple times before but the match up was too good for me to pass up.But why does Simon beat Jonathan?Well to simply put it Jonathan simply couldn’t match up to Simon in near any way save for maybe speed, the fact that he is one of the very few characters in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure that lacks a Stand also doesn’t help him, yes Hamon is an incredibly powerful ability but only truly against the Undead meaning that whilst it could hurt Simon it couldn’t really do enough damage to take him down.And yes Jonathan was able to take on the likes of Dio Brando and cause major damage to the Vampire it simply pales in comparison to Simon’s feat of killing Dracula who in comparison makes Dio look like a baby Vampire Bat meaning that whilst Jonathan could likely leave Simon with some serious wounds he’d eventually fall to the greater Vampire Slayer.

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A Belmont Blunder: Richter by timberking
Super Smash Styles- 06 Alucard x Cybersix by xeternalflamebryx
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King K Rool! by Jaredthebobcat1
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SSB Supreme Chunky Kong Trophy by IkaMusumeFan06
Dragon Quest
Speed head Sketch Marcello by WizzardFye
Speed head sketch Roto by WizzardFye
Speed head Sketch The Lord of Dragovian by WizzardFye
Speed head sketch Angelo by WizzardFye
Duck Hunt
Teamwork by Villaman89
Fatal Fury
Phoenix Unleashed by LovelyPrincessN64
Final Fantasy
Can you hear me by LovelyPrincessN64
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[MMD x XPS] Dreaming about Swimming by IkaMusumeFan06
Super Smash Heroes- Captain Falcon x Flash by xeternalflamebryx
Game and Watch
Super Smash Heroes- Game and Watch x Howard Duck by xeternalflamebryx
Ice Climbers
Super Smash Heroes- Ice Climbers x Wonder Twins by xeternalflamebryx
Dear Sweet Adeleine by sydneypie
Kid Icarus
Cinco de Mayo Palutena by user15432
Mario Bros
(Commission) Unexpected Hip Attack! by FenrirSeven
Mega Man
T-Rex Team by sbad040
Metal Gear
Snake grenade by BlastProcessing16
Zero Suit Samus (Metroid) by Drakevagabond
Mii Gunner in Sport Coupe(commission) by RayDango
Super Smash Heroes- Ness x Wiccan by xeternalflamebryx
Vargskelethor ms paint sketch by BlastProcessing16
When crazy monkeys attack people for no reason by ayumuobessed
Super Smash Styles- 10 Snagret X Wild Thornberrys by xeternalflamebryx
New Pokemon snap's game logic by pikachube
Super Smash Heroes- Little Mac x The Atom by xeternalflamebryx
Super Smash Styles- 40 R.O.B. x Futurama by xeternalflamebryx
Sonic the Hedgehog
REQUEST 6: Tails on a plane by pikachube
Splatoon 5th Anniversary by xeternalflamebryx
Star Fox
Super Smash Styles- 39 Andross x Homestar Runner by xeternalflamebryx
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Josh Brolin as Bison (Street Fighter) by MZimmer1985
Super Smash Heroes- Wario x Deadpool by xeternalflamebryx
Wii Fit
xippe v. watercolors by Xippe
Pyra/Mythra on smash by LovelyPrincessN64
Yoshi's Island
Cinco de Mayo Yoshi by user15432
Zelda Series
Chibi mermaid Zelda by LovelyPrincessN64
Me and Luigi hanging out by user15432

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Samus Aran - Fan art by GaboCaricaturas  
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Mii Gunner couple by MatthewGo707
Summer Outfit by MatthewGo707
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Defeat by Mii Swordfighter by MatthewGo707

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Um Hello.  I've got some Super Mario Bros./Luigi's Mansion content:
1. Is a piece of fanart:
INKTOBER Twilight Zone {LM3 CUTSCENE REDRAW} by Jaithedog  

2. Are 2 chapters of a Fanfic:
Luigi's Mansion:The Last Resort: CH1Good Night!P1{ Gloomy Manor;  Evershade Valley, Mushroom World; Afternoon}
Princess Daisy: { Appears in her usual regal ballgrown; Stares at the beautiful DarkMoon shining in the sunlight, proudly sniffs the air and sighs blissfully; Sees some of Portrait Ghosts from the previous illusionary mansion in Boo Woods, which all are reformed since E.Gadd decided to release them as he thought, they weren't all bad just were under King Boo and his Boo army's deceits and influences; heads inside}  Hey, Neville, Lydia and Chauncey! Is the Prof. home?
Neville: Oh my...Hmm {Scratches head} Uh, dear?
Lydia: I believe, Mr. Gadd is having his usual tea time with Ms. Herlinda in the Haunted Towers next door if I'm not mistaken your highness.
Chauncey: Maybe he's with Muse the Poltergeist and a few Greenies discussing sciency stuff.
Neville: Could be son. Well, we'll leave you be for right. Ta-Ta! { He and his wife float away as Daisy and Chauncey wave}
Chauncey: C'mon Daisy! I'll lead you to 'em!
  Luigi's Mansion:The Last Resort: CH2Good Night!P2


{Toad is shown being the driver of Peach's bus}

Toad: Whoa! Man! They outta put up bumpy road signs in this area! I can't drive properly! Sorry about that guys!

All{Except a dozing Luigi}: Non taken!


Polterpup:{pops out from his suitcase with the odd invitation his mouth}

Luigi: GAH! Oh Just-a you, Polterpup. {Yanks the letter from him as he reads} "Congratulations, Luigi! You're the-a lucky winner of a free stay at a world-class hotel-a, The Last Resort! We look forward to dazzling you-a with first-rate hospitality and service. Please be sure to invite any friends or family that you'd like to bring, as well-a!" -Hellen Gravely  {Sighs} Oh-a boy!
{They arrive at the Hotel}
Mario: After-a you, Peach~!
Peach: Oh{giggles} Why thank you, Mario~!
Shroom and Truffle: {Carry Peach's bags with ease}

May this be acceptable in the Mario Bros. folder? I will understand if not. Thank you!
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Those are fine.
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SSBU Edit - Zelda by MarioLuigi721  
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You should include folders for Banjo-Kazooie, Castelvania, Dragon Quest, Persona, Tales of..., and Tekken. I went with the last two because they have Mii costumes, and I figured that should have some folder representation.
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Sorry for the late reply. The folders are created.
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