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Disclaimer, these are only PREDICTIONS

The most ambitious crossover is history is not Infinity War, it’s Super Smash Bros! Every Smash game increases with fighters and it gets people excited to see who will be in Smash next. be honest a lot of people don’t take it fucking seriously, like adding anime characters or characters who literally do nothing except be a walking NPC. Don’t get me started with memes requests. Anyway I’m gonna do my own predictions on the returning characters and new characters in Smash 5.

First let’s go by the rules of How a fighter is eligible for being in Smash
1. The fighter has to be a playable character in their games or at least be a major main character like the Pokémon, Falco, King Dedede, And Meta Knight
2. The fighter has to be ORIGINALLY from a video game meaning no DBZ, Naruto, Disney characters, (Unless you possibly count Sora from Kingdom Hearts), IRL people, or memes. I am also gonna add LEGO, WB, And a lot of Online Multiplayer games because in reality you can beg all you want but it’s probably impossible for Tracer from Overwatch to join Smash.
3. The character must have a theme from their games that can aid them in fighting (Ex. Lucas and Ness have many other Mother characters skills and Duck Hunt Dog using the Zapper techniques)

Okay so let’s begin with Returning characters

Obviously, the characters that will return is Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Link, Samus, Captain Falcon, Ness, Yoshi, Kirby, Fox, and Pikachu since they’re the original 64 roster. Since of Melee, Bowser, Peach, Ganondorf, Falco, Zelda/Sheik, Mr. Game & Watch, And Marth became recurring fighters. For Brawl, Diddy Kong, Meta Knight, Olimar, Wario, King Dedede, Pit, Lucario, R.O.B, Sonic, Toon Link, and Ike continued to be in Smash. Since Sakurai loves his games, Kirby characters and Kid Icarus characters would be in the Fifth one too. While Mewtwo and Roy was not in Brawl but DLC and Lucas came back as a DLC, they would most likely come back in Smash. I would be positive if the Ice Climbers, the only Melee/Brawl fighters who didn’t return in Smash 4, would come back in Smash 5. The only reason they didn’t come back is because of the 3DS limitations while they did work on the WiiU. Because the Switch would have better processing for the Ice Climbers style of fighting. Because they were popular figures of old games and fighters in Smash 4, Sonic, Pac-Man, And Megaman could return especially with Mega Man 11 coming out soon. Nearly every mascot from every Nintendo game is in Smash now.

New characters
The newest franchise for Nintendo is Splatoon which is why they are coming in Smash Bros. Another one is Arms with extendable arm attacks so that would make them interesting alternates from projectiles. Any character is fine to be honest. The Switch introduced a lot of new third-party non Nintendo games and Indie games. So as much as I don’t want to say it, Sans could be on the switch...Shovel Knight is probably gonna join with his Shovel as a special down attack. There are also characters from original Nintendo games like Dixie using her hair to fight, Pokémon from Sun and Moon, and maybe Ninten from the first Mother series.

Characters probably not gonna be in Smash

Okay even I have to admit there’s some characters most likely not to return to Smash. Since this is a Nintendo game, most characters (except Bayonetta) are from E-T games so I am positive that characters from games like Dark Souls or Skyrim won’t be in Smash. And I know this would make some people upset, Pauline probably wouldn’t be a playable fighter. Unlike Peach and Rosalina, Pauline doesn’t really do much in her latest game Mario Odyssey and even in all of the Donkey Kong games, she just screams “Mario!”. Peach has moves that come from Mario Bros 2, Mario RPG, and Heart Magic from her own Princess Peach games. Rosalina might’ve only make 2 appearances and one playable appearance in the Mario games but her way of fighting in Smash is based on her friendship with the Lumas and the different ways to play in the Galaxy games. Pauline would most likely be an assist trophy or be an Easter egg in a New Donk City battle stage. Same thing with Callie, Marie, Marina, and Pearl, they also don’t do much except tell you the current stages to play in and sing. I could see them being references for the Inkling’s color swaps along with other NPCs, in a Final Smash playing their title songs Calimari Inktation And Off the Hook, Assist Trophies, or back ground characters in a battle stage

That’s all for my Smash Bros Roster predictions.
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Active Smashers
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