What to paint next????
119 votes
Harry Potter
Lord of the Rings
More Super Heroines
More Pirates of the Carribean
More Dreamland
Something Anime?

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By ssava
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Do Eowyn fighting the Witch King!!!

Yeahyeahyeah!!! do IT do IT do IT!!!

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Selling on ebay sound like it might work. Would you get into trouble for selling art of liscenced characters, though? If not, it could be a good way to make a little extra pocket cash. :)
Anyway, I'm looking forward to new paintings. ^^ It seems as though the 'heroes' are in the lead, but I want to see how you tackle anime! :D
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You could always paint Princess Katranna lol
(Scott will know what I'm talking about)
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It would be neat to see you paint a scene from Halo. Particularly the beautiful vistas that exist on the artificial worlds you travel to in the story.
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Well I think I'd like to eventually do ALL of these.

Also...I don't know what to do with these when I'm done.
Should I sell them on Ebay?
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I'd take a commission from you or an art trade or something. I'm not really all too artistic in the drawing sense, more so in the photo and fractal sense.
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that was
that was horrible! I was like "omg, harry potter, yes harry potter, nono wait lord of the rings, yeah lord of the rings oh no heroes, awesome, yeah heroes waitwait dude 300, yeah nice 300, pirates of the carribeans yeah!"
and then I died.
from indecision.
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LotR!! I would totally love to see you do some LotR!! It'd be amazing!
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As for me, LOTR... I'd really like to see your paintings of them ^^
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MORE DREAMLAND :XD: Or LOTR lol Though I voted for Dreamland. :P
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Yes Heroes as in YATTA! Heroes from NBC.

Though a Legolas or Aragorn painting may happen if the LOTR fans keep voting.
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this is 'Heroes' like the NBC heroes? that's my no 1 obsession ;) that would be absolutely awesome for you to do that ;)
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LOTR Legolas vs the Olifant or Aragorn vs Sauron
(an abandoned concept in the extended version)
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Lord of the Rings, yup yup :3 yup..
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Heroes! Especially Hiro. :)
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Heroes gets my vote, man.
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you should draw what you most desire.
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Oh I do. Every day I work on Dreamland.
This is something fun for me to paint and honestly I'm out of ideas.
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humm..have you tryed doing a dreamland tattoo?
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