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Hiro Sketch

By ssava
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Here's the first sketch of Hiro.
Just a rough 10 minute sketch to get the feel of his likeness.
I think I'm going to go with a more "goofy" head shot. Though this is a nice pose as well.
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Hey, get off my block! [link]
Hey Scott, long time no see. hows it going?
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Hey Buddy...
I had no idea you were on here as well.
I'm absolutely floored by your latest work!

Seeing your work reminds me why I gave up painting....ha ha.
I can't compete!

Congrats on all of your success.
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go more goofy!
ssava's avatar
FullMoonArtists's avatar
Wow! I can't wait to see the painting! Hiro kicks butt!! :heart:
ssava's avatar
I'm looking forward to it as well.
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Got any suggestions for us ham'n'eggers Scott?

Looking good broham.
ssava's avatar
Use good photo reference?
NickMockoviak's avatar
*use good photo reference* Check.
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Wow; that's really great! You know, when you said 'Heroes' in the poll, I thought you meant more Marvel/DC comic heroes. =P
I haven't watched much of the series, but I recognise Hiro. He's such a cool character!
Hey, if you're like other artists (I'm assuming you are, but it's just your work looks so good that I'm not sure :P ) and you ever have one of those days where you're feeling down, and those feelings start affecting your perception of the quality of your work, remember this: your work is absolutely wonderful. You have a wide scope -being able to draw realistic and more comic-like representations, as well as talent for writing excellent stories and being able to render 3D well.

Just thought I'd let you know; because you're a person too, and encouragement is always a blessing. :) I really do admire your artwork, and what's neat is that from your blog-type writing in The Dreamland Chronicles, I've been able to see that there's a nice person who does this beautiful work.
ssava's avatar
I really appreciate that.
I don't usually get into droughts. But I do get down on my work.
So thank you very much for giving me the boost of encouragement.
I really do appreciate it.
photosoph's avatar
No problem. ^_^ My pleasure.
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Your sketches are amazing!

I do like this pose a lot, but I'm also eager to see what you have in mind for the final piece. :)
ssava's avatar
Thank you.
I think I'm going for something a bit more fun. But who knows. I may paint this one too.
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amazeing work love his pose. ^^
ssava's avatar
Thank you very much.
beachbead's avatar
your welcome ^^
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awsome pretty nice for a 10 min sketch ^^
cant w8 fer the final version
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Thank you.
I hope to do it this week if possible.
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Wow!! Great work! YATTA!! ^_^
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Thank you!
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