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Hiro Sketch 2

By ssava
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Here's the second sketch for the Heroe's painting I'll do next.
I think I'll use this one as it's got more personality.
What do you think?
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very nice! this is his expression!
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I've never seen "Heroes", but I've heard about it.
This sketch has more personality than the last one, but that one had a cool pose.
I guess it's your call as to which one, or you could do both!
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HibiscusLily's avatar
Yay! I was hoping this picture would be chosen. :)
Glottis78's avatar
this better than the 1st Hiro sketch... eventough... hmm... his face looks kinda off... it should be lower and more.. fat(?) :D

I dunno... you tell me ... you have the reference ;)
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It'll look closer (hopefully) in the painting.
Lasttransistorhero's avatar
I say this one. The other sketch is neat, but a bit stiff.
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everythingstaken's avatar
I think it's great. :-o
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Thank you very much.
illucian's avatar
I like the liveliness in this one. Sure, Hiro can be serious and stoic, but it was that moment he first arrived in New York and said "Yatta!" that he won me over. :) So I'm all in favor of anything showcasing that side of him!
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:) Yeah That's what makes him so endearing.
Akhiris's avatar
I really like this one.
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Thank you. Me too.
Shame00's avatar
I love it, i can almost hear him yelling YATAAAAH! (please ignore the bad spelling?)
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Thanks. I can't wait to get painting on it.
WritingViolinist's avatar
ha, i like this one better. it fits his personality more in my opinion. great work can't wait till its painted!
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KatWylder's avatar
I love the expression. It definitely has a lot more personality than the other--not to say yhe previous isn't great work.
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Thanks. I think so too.
MichaelCrichlow's avatar
I like the way this one came out. Lots of personality (and a good likeness too!) :D
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