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Art Nouveau 07

For my sixth Art Nouveau painting... I wanted to limit my palette to reds yellows and green.
Unfortunately, the sword blade didn't work unless blue. Argh.

Still. I think it came out nice.

Watercolor and ink on 11x15 inch watercolor paper

The photo reference/inspiration was from :iconchirinstock:
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Spectacular! Amazing! Beautiful! 😱😱😱
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This loos beautiful - I love the "strong" look & feel, as well as all those details and patterns!
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Thank you very much!
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You're welcome (:
Oh - I just recognized I had a typo in my first post... I meant "looks" and not "loos" ^^
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Your paintings are lovely but this is my favourite.
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Thank you so very much!
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Love the flow of the hair, and the outfit is gorgeous.
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Well painted, Scott.

There is a composition problem here, as the sword divides the image, isolating the bottom third from the rest of the picture. That can work occasionally, when the isolated part can stand on its own; but here the bottom third isn't very interesting on its own and needs to be tied to the rest of the image. One solution would be to have the sword pointing upwards in the empty space on the left side of the picture, helping to lead the viewer's eye around the image.

Lovely flow on the dress & hair.
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The only problem with that's not a natural way of holding the sword - your wrist would be flexing upwards and straining. When someone is standing rather passively, their arm is naturally relaxed so the blade tips downward. So if it were pointing further downwards, that might work better. :XD:
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That is a wonderful point. Thank you.
I actually didn't want the sword. But my wife liked it... ha ha.

Looking at the original photo reference. I think the sword works better with a horizontal format.

Thank you for the wonderful critique.
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Love it, the dress, pose, hair, everything looks great :]
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I like it very much. It's something like crystal clear.
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