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Ties that Bind - Page 9

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oh babey we got two badges already

first of all i would like to say that i'm a terrible person and i let petunia die on purpose (in my defense she was gonna die sooner or later that's just how it is with patrats lmao) but i had to make it seem surprising for the ~drama~ u kno... blaze black 2 has a lot of cheapshots like this though :v

since i'm posting these old ass pages over a year after I finished them i'm just gonna elect not to talk about the art bc i've looked at it too much and never want to look at it again. those venoshock effects were fun to paint tho!!

it's a little sad for me to look back at this without realizing it'd be one of the last pages I'd make.. the real first nuzlocke death was my motivation
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My god, the stark lighting, the twisting lines, those blinding attacks! Dragon Rage looks terrifying! Goodbye petunia, you precious girl….

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petunia!!!! NOOooOOO o|-<

saw it coming, didnt see how she'd be able to live that, but im glad that at least the tone of the battle and the grave scene after gave her death the sadness and dignity that it deserved. really beautiful colors and effects on this page, and the way the panels are shaped makes the battle feel more intense and exciting!
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Ooh, it looks pretty nice though

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The effects in this battle were so coooooool!!!! Also, man, Roxxie is a terrible person! Who let her in the league?!?!
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An update ! :D
Made my day, thanks! ;)
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Petunia was so, little baby
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oh no baby D:

ok but i really love the effects on this page- and the paneling,, hoo boi :0
(mood on hiding from ur old art but I've been looking at this all morning wahh)

I'm gonna miss this comic a ton, it's such an amazing read and you should be very proud of it~
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I tried a run (have an 8 page conic) and I had a rule to replace every Patrat...... I lost A LOT.......
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Oh nooo D: Ouch. Sorry for the loss.

Also it's glad to see you posting your art. :) Even if it's a year old. I can't wait to hopefully see more tin the future.
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noooooooooooooooo not Petunia!
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Yep, called it

Explosions are a bitch in Nuzlockes
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damn my poor baby!
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