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Ties that Bind - Page 06



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First page using my new laptop and tablet! they both broke within a couple months of each other which was very nice ;w;; but i've got brand new replacements so here's hoping they last me a while! I was gonna wait a while to post this but I felt the update before was a little too.. in media res to just stop posting for 3 months fdgdgdf,,, next update will likely be around May bc school sucks, but! Grats Ava you finally bet a gym lol

- I was a little extra with some of the shading and effects since i felt bad for taking to long with this page but please dont expect so much flashy stuff in the future, i-it takes a while ;w;
- In that same vein, some details were kinda thrown together at the very end, so uhhhh I'm gonna try and balance my priorities a bit better in future pages! 
- I didn't take very good notes early on, all I really had down for this one was "vespa evolved also fuck munchlax" so that really didn't help me pbpbbtt,, I ended up just making the battle up, so please try not to mind that its inaccurate ;w; (also first ttb character with confirmed sexuality: pan minccino lmao)
- I don't really have much else to say about this? I might come back later and say more, but for now I just wanted to throw this up ;w;;

Join us next time for uhhhh maybe a new teammate? :3c
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Poor Vespa lost his favorite seat.