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It Occurs on Each Occasion

One of the bonuses of reading The Comics Curmudgeon is that I've been introduced to the mediocre but oddly delightful "They'll Do It Every Time", a newspaper comic I'd never heard of before. If you're unfamiliar with it, it's one of a pair of square write-in-your-suggestion features ("Pluggers" being the other) and specializes in brief anecdotes of hypocrisy or inconsistent behavior, all written in this bizarre, highly ritualized dialectal blend of beatnik and Martian. I finally had an idea for it, but I don't think it'll get accepted. So, I did it myself!
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... This kinda hits close to home for me... My grandparents would fight and bicker all the time, but you could tell they really cared for each other... When Grandma passed away, my grandfather became even more of an introvert... he just shut down...

That said, nicely done. ^_^; Like the style muchly.
Beatniks still walk the earth?
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It's the dashes between the h-m-m that really kill me. What is it with the writer of that strip and their 'howcums' and dashes?
StrawberryNunChild's avatar
oh, and if you could find it in your heart to do "pluggers" (or, we should be so lucky, "slylock fox")... we'd all be very appreciative.
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I remember Slylock.

Spot the differences!
Reepicheep-chan's avatar
Holy frigging crap that is funny.

(CC FTW!!)
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I remember those comics. I didn't think they made it anymore.
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hehe... irony. Dark irony, but I'm likin' it.
Galago's avatar
This comic has never been so popular. Comics Curmudgeon is the best thing that's ever happened to it.
berserkjoe's avatar
haha their so old -o O-
Barkis1's avatar
And the sad thing is this is sooooo true.. People are sooooooooooo strange....
Eman333's avatar
I like your style :)
DaSchwartz's avatar
ha ha ha ha!

Oh, man...
Chronorin's avatar

I think i get it...

...the old people died!

That's awesome.
EggHeadCheesyBird's avatar
Ah, Comics Curmudgeon. An infinite box of deliciousness!
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