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A Nerdy New Look

As Nerd Princess's new pupil I figured Starlight needed a nerdy new look

My fb raffle's still going on if y'all would like to win some free art from me ♥…
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Hey, I just made this picture my avatar on Twitter... and it... didn't exactly occur to me that I probably should've asked you for permission first. My bad. I did give the source link though.
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Aww it's no problem at all! Thank you for asking, thats sweet c:
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Hello. This was submitted into the 'Summer Outdoor Contest Folder' by mistake I think. I have moved it to the 'Secondary Characters' folder in the Ponies-For-Everypony group. Thank you!

I really like this look and I'm going to fav it!
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Wow really? I'm so sorry I have no idea how I screwed up that badly ._. Thank you!
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No biggie. Just wanted to let you know that I was moving it! =)
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It is a known fact that glasses make both humans and ponies look 10% cuter.
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Haha, that's adorable.
NicolasDominique's avatar
Cool, you're still making lovely stuff!

Aaand I still didn't make Lyra track where I could use art you modified for me xD
SS-SpiritStar's avatar
Ahahaha xD It's nice hearing from you again though!
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Ehhhhhh! Hipster Starlight Glimmer. :P

Just kidding
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she is such an adorable nerd :love:
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I love it! :D Nerds can be cool too. Rainbow Dash (rainbow imitating twilight) plz Rainbow Dash (Yo Baby Girl~) Plz 
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