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Alright before I go to bed, how about a sample of a song by Go West? If there's something underlined that means it defines me. I'll explain later on! "I'll get over you, I know I will I'll pretend my ship's not sinking. And I'll tell myself, I'm over you Cause I'm the king of wishful thinking" A random post but just something I felt like doing! To hear this song yourself!a32322ec7bef73eab0ccd3495e508423
I, am, job. :B Do you speak English? I, am, job! :bleh: I'm sorry but that position's been filled!
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I just realized this is severely outdated^^; I'm almost 25 now, for one, and I'm a recent college graduate with a professional writing degree. I pretty much specialize in Arthur fanfiction right now, and you can find me (most of the time) over on posting my stories.

Now that I've graduated, I've got a little more time to write and post, but I still don't have internet at home, so there's always delays. Plus I hope to be getting a full-time job in my field soon, so then I'll have less time to post. At least it was fun while it lasted:aww:

I do accept requests for pieces, plus I'm willing to provide some help for growing artists. Just let me know if you need anything and I'll see what I can do.

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I am on a llama hoarding rampage! That being said, please llama 4 llama with me if you haven't already.

For those thanking me in my comments, please continue:happybounce: I love hearing that you're enjoying your new furry friend. And thanks for dropping by my page and returning the llama love. It's so nice to meet so many great people this way:hug:

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Arthur, The Walking Dead, too many others to count
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Apocalyptica, Avenged Sevenfold, Killswitch Engage, and so many others
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Sims 3, Skyrim
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Tie between Xbox 360 and PC
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pen, notebook, and a very sad keyboard
Today in "Chrys got inspired by Reddit again," we have an interesting topic about voice actors. The general question was, "Who should replace Buster's voice actor should he be unable to continue?", and the answer is complicated enough for a journal entry. So, buckle up and go along with me down some rabbit holes. To start, Finding DW is my source here, and Jason actually interviewed Buster's voice actor! The OP post on Reddit was spot on, however, in figuring this out because Buster isn't like a lot of the other voice actors on the show. He's actually an adult, and he's one of the few who can pull off a boyish voice in kid shows. I'll be going over some of the other Arthur voice actors in a moment, but aside from the girls, this is rare for the show and rare for the industry. Puberty causes extreme changes, and in fact, the reason some of the DWs only lasted a few seasons was for this reason (and probably Arthurs too, he hasn't talked to any of them yet though). Now, OP thought he
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I'm writing this journal early but I swear I'll actually post for once lol. It's an important day, something that hasn't happened for me in a really long time. WARNING: Contains spoilers for Secrets, so if you intend to read it? Don't read far in unless you wants some spoilage. I'll be hiding it in the middle if you want to skim. tl;dr: Secrets has been in the works for a full year now, and I'm still working on it. Now for the long drawn-out part^^ 500k words and counting, where 380k used to be record. Chapter record from Sophomore Sorrows still stands at 380ish, Secrets is 330 (340 now) though so catching up fast. Parts record still stands, I believe Sophomore Sorrows and By The Sea both have 5? By The Sea might have 4.... Yes I need to update that fic, it's still my favorite romance
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I just looked up my old journals to get some allergy dates for my student, who will be doing a paper on my disorder including an interview with someone who has the disorder. My favorite status was "Veggie dogs taste like sadness."This is still true, I only eat turkey dogs now and I only eat plant-based meats that are well seasoned or going in something well-seasoned:/ Also I was so optimistic back then. Little ol' baby Chrys was in for a ride, poor thing. I went from knowing I can have cheese pizza to the point of eating a supreme pizza I took the meats off of [*stares in allergy*] to not putting ketchup on my turkey dog unless I want to feel like trash for a day or two-__- What a ride, huh? It's only been a year and a few months too. Also that's why I haven't gotten back to some of you, private student is in full swing and I've been working 6 days a week to give her my time. It's annoying, y'all deserve better.
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Hey Chrys,

Just wanted to see how you were doing. I haven't heard from you and I'm not hearing from a lot of people. Admittedly I've been leaving nothing but negative journals and status posts.

Then I thought of Hurricane Ida and forgot that you possibly were in it. Ida affected the Gulf Coast and the Atlantic (going by my unreliable memory.)

Maybe my watchers are going through things, not ignoring me per say, and this world is crazy and so much mess is going on whether it's the pandemic, the natural disasters, or whatever. There's always something!

Anyway I hope you are doing alright, you and everyone else.

I've been doing alright I'd say, busy but good. Ida was a pain but it wasn't too bad here. I think the rain we've had for the last week (which is driving me nuts, I'm tired of going in for work) is from a front or something idk, but we've been safe from the worst of things. I think I've made some posts recently (haven't checked my watch page in ages though, I know I've missed stuff). I know the frog thing you might not be interested in because it's Halloween, but I've made some status posts I think? Every time I think to check I'm at work and the site is partially blocked and I can't see lol. But I've made a ton of journals I need to post. I just have a lot of time that's empty but going towards things I have to do, you know? That has been frustrating, but idk, I feel good and I hope all is well with you. Oh! I meant to message you the night this happened, but I had a crossing dream! It was scary but it was a first for me so it's fine. And technically the crossing didn't work, the lights glowed but nothing flashed and yeah, scary but kinda cool too. I still haven't worked a crossing into Secrets either but I think I'm going to. I mean, I've talked about trains as a means of travel, why not include a crossing scene? Anyway off to work I go. I'm not excited about it though, it's been so quiet and I've had to go into the most boring room ever. I've been coloring and listening to podcasts to help pass the time but like...yesterday afternoon my brain started begging me to leave and I'm just like "Nope, and you've got to be here tomorrow too!" So I better leave while I've got myself talked into going lol, staying home is too tempting! (I do love my job, it's just been quiet and I'd rather do nothing at home you know?)

I know what you mean on not wanting to go to work! And I almost wish I could trade places with you as far as the rain goes, I actually like the sound of the rain! Well maybe not a downpour or deluge but I find the sound of the rain calming! Of course, I won't like a hurricane!

I should check your posts. If I want people to read my post I should read others!

I've had some crossing dreams lately. Gotta say having them isn't always fun, or it is but not completely fun. I had a crossing dream Tuescday into Wednesday and it took place on Lake Street in Miller Gary, Indiana. There were two crossings on that one street (there actually really are, check Google Maps and Street View to see!) The south crossing is on an electric commuter rail line called the South Shore Line on Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District, and the one further north is on a CSX line. Both crossings have gates and cantilever signals and are all lit with LEDs. Anyway, I was south of the NICTD crossing and saw it and the CSX crossing in action, the lights were on as I like them to be. Later I went up to the CSX crossing to get a closer view, I like being close but not too close to crossings! I walked up to the tracks to see if a train was coming and saw a westbound train in the distance. I saw the white lights. Then I got away from the crossing a little. Afriad the lights wouldn't flash and the gates wouldn't go down, I imagined the signals in action but unfortunately trying to use telekinesis in my dream didn't work, I was trying to activate the signals with my mind and making things work with my mind doesn't always work in my dreams. Thankfully what I tried to do wasn't necessary, the signals did activate! YAAAY!

Unfortunately railroad crossing signals don't always work in my dreams even with a train coming, lights not flashing, bells not ringing, gates not lowering, they just stand there doing nothing as the train rolls through. And sometimes the warning devices are missing or look distorted and I hate all that!

Then yesterday I dreamed I was at this crossing here in town

Main Avenue Facing North

This one is on Main Avenue. I was on the south side of the crossing as I was when I took this photo. Just about the same signals as these but the arms were longer. The crossing lights activated for an eastbound train but a truck that was crossing hit a wire at the crossing causing the lights to turn back off before the train came! After the train left, or right before, the lights started flashing again and for no reason! Also somehow one of the cantilever signals was laying face-up on the ground. Seemed like the truck from earlier knocked it over though I didn't see or hear it happen!

I wonder what my next crossing dream will be and where it will be? I just hope the crossings in it have good-looking and properly working signals and gates that will always flash, ring, and lower for every single train!

I've gotten used to hurricanes and severe storms I guess. I just don't like patterns like this because flash flooding is scary and becomes a huge possibility. I actually had to drive in some pretty awful conditions after I replied to you, and I can handle it, but I'm sure others would find it upsetting. I just got tired of leaving the house. I had to do things every day last week so I didn't get a day off, then I had to go in for work each day. Not a good combination. But I only have to work 3 days next week, and I'm hoping to get Sunday off too, so things are looking up. But I tired lol, I very tired.

I need to check my Watch list. After this I'm going to go game for a few hours though, I need to clear my head. I don't remember what all I posted tbh, I've been on a profanity kick too so yeah, whoops^^ I try but it's helped me blow off steam, it's been a tough few weeks.

I'm glad the crossing in your dream activated, that's so cool. I don't have much control in my dreams, and in mine, the lights worked but not really. I think that incident I had where I crossed over and looked right to see a train scared me enough that it came back to haunt me a little (that train was stopped btw, I just should've looked more when I crossed but there is a curve there. Not an excuse but just something I've noted to make sure it doesn't happen again). But my dad was also in the dream with the white truck he had when he'd mess around for a while, so it was just an icky dream anyway. It's fine though, I had a plane crash dream a few nights ago (I think? I've been sleeping weird, must be the rain). Those are scary, but I have myself to blame. Black Box Down is an aviation disaster podcast that I really like, but I've listened to it too much. And I also watched Air Disasters on the Smithsonian Channel last night, so that'll probably happen again. Oh well, my dreams have been so mismatched lately I barely noticed. I do want to know why I threw my hair thing in my sleep whatever day that was:/ I noticed it wasn't on my arm, so I figured it got caught up in my blankets. Nope, found it by my dresser/on top of my clothes pile, and I was like ???? I don't remember throwing anything, but idk. It was weird and I'm working on figuring it out.

See that's what my brain does with light switches. Flip them on and nothing happens. Really upsets me, I hate that half-lighting look. It's so spooky.

I think I've had some dreams like that. Things look right, then something flashes and suddenly things are different somehow. Sometimes the flash is bad stuff so I get why things are different though, but other times things just carry on, especially since I have no control over things. I don't even know what I'm going to say half the time.

Like, oh this was funny. I had a dream I was at some dinner show, and suddenly the Latina sisters in the show started arguing and calling each other names, and it was quite entertaining despite the language (profanity. I have had Spanish dreams though. I don't know Spanish:/ I barely ever hear Spanish:/ My brain is weird). I wish I remembered what they said, I need new driving insults lol. I like dreams like that, but I hate the "not permanent" part because I'll probably never have a dream like that again. That was already a new location, situation, etc. I blame those Alma's Way promos lol, the Latina ladies had the same accents lol.

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Thanks for the llama!

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