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minimal icons 1.8.6



This is a very minimalistic general porpouse icon pack based on minimal icons for miranda. Each icon uses the least possible number of colors, so they are easier to customize.


1.0 Initial release.
1.1 Tweaked close folder icon, added alerts, trash, locks and weather (inspired on gnome stock icons) icons, and alternate colors for some.
1.2 Some icons tweaked (alert and floppy), many others added (home, star, snow, fog, pencil, eraser, full trashcan and smaller versions of sun and waterdrop).
1.2.1 Repositioned some icons so they'd match the rest.
1.3 Added pin, clip, bell, music, magnetl, key, wrench and cut.
1.3.1 Retouched pin, bell, star and key icons.
1.4 Added run (awfully similar to whistler's old run icon ;) ), beer, puzzle, raised pencil, plug, compressed folder (yeah, it's ugly, i know), mic and color picker (again ugly, give me a break).
1.4.1 Made contrast icon divide vertically instead of diagonally (thx C00I90WN for the tip, pesado :P ).
1.4.2 Added a few more icons.
1.5 Added some more icons (like the chekboxes and copy) and fixed others.
1.6 Added another bunch of icons (windows logo, shell, turtle, egg, bomb, partial weather, radio, question), fixed some others (folders, fish) and removed some more (lifted pencil and anotherone i dont remember right now).
1.6.1 Tweaked most of the icons, and removed some. In some cases it was for the better, in some, for the worse, but i hope you'll get along with them.
1.6.2 Added some text format icons, quite ugly too.
1.6.3 Made an exception for the partially clouded weather icons, hope they are more distinguishable now (i might regret doing this later).
1.7 Remade plus, minus, check and cross. Added cam, equal, clipboard, broom, birefcase, book, hand, lightbulb and arrow variations. Removed more icons.
1.7.1 Changed question, clipboard, mail, cd, lightbulb and picker icons. Added zoom, screen, network hd/folders and open.
1.7.2 Added more arrows, everybody loves arrows, right?
1.7.3 Tweaked audio icon, added version with crappy soundwaves. Added world icon, second exception i make.
1.7.4 Tweaked open and settings icons. Added exclamation. Added text increase and decrease. Added bugs.
1.7.5 Tweaked rotating arrows a bit. Tweaked hand.
1.7.6 Added shuffle, turnright/left, shield and hierarchy.
1.8 Added many of the icons from the miranda set.
1.8.1 Added some icons created for the filezilla3 set.
1.8.2 Added sync, tweaked some arrows.
1.8.3 Tweaked world, limit, snow, partial weather, clipboard, exclamation and question. Added lips, brush, paint bucket, windows, and some overlays. Tweaked windows.
1.8.4 Added airplane, car, mouse, picture, disabled, news, movie (all ugly). Tweaked shell, hand, broom, ballon, star (yes, again).
1.8.5 Tweaked picture (now uses greens too), disabled, paintbucket, shield, cd, floppy, airplane. Remade settings. Added person (another one with multiple colors), vertical tile. Made disabled follow the same style as run. Tweaked airplane, clipboard, sync, overlay stop and brush, added shadow to car. Added a 3-windows cascade icon, paper stack. Added shared and arrows overlays. Tweaked floppy again. Added filter, pen, tweaked pencil. Tweaked cd again. Added mobile. Cleaned mobile, tweaked print. Added battery. Tweaked lightbulb, battery and filter. Redid information. Modded screen so it wouldnt look like apple's old plastic monitors.
1.8.6 Tweaked disabled, battery, alert, settings, folders, hd, floppy, filter. Added folder stack, zoom right, merge.

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