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Ghost Stories
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Published: November 21, 2012
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Another old tumblr post which was inspired by this [link] <--post

Here's the story for each character:

Ember. During a live, onstage performance, something went wrong with the pyrotechnics and the lights and caused a huge fire. Most of the fire surrounded Ember in a ring on stage, where due to smoke inhalation, she fainted and the fire consumed her.

Ghostwriter. He slowly drove himself mad because of deadlines (that’s what the big DEAD in the background means—deadlines), stress, being late for his work, not having enough done, maybe even being poor and needing money but just not being able to earn it…l eventually he had a stroke because of all the stress and died while typing.

Kitty and Johnny crashed while on Johnny’s motorcycle. They were both mortally wounded and were surrounded by fire and wreckage. They died together while holding hands.

Technus. While working with some highly explosive chemicals over a bunsen burner, he accidentally dropped the chemical over the fire and caused an explosion. He was thrown back into a wall that contained more dangerous chemicals, causing them to get knocked down into the already raging fire. He died by a mixture of smoke inhalation, fire, and a deadly combination of chemicals.

Poindexter. After being bullied for so long and so horribly, he just couldn’t take it anymore. He hated that he was treated differently. So he decided to make a point with his death. He’d show all those popular kids’ exactly what happens when you drive a kid to where Poindexter now was because of bullying. So with all the popular kids on the courtyard, Poindexter walked off the top of Casper High’s roof and died when he hit the ground.

Box Ghost. While Box Ghost was packaging some stuff to be shipped out, there was a malfunction with the machines behind him. A cable or a screw was loose and all the machines starting falling like dominoes. Box Ghost didn’t move out of the way fast enough.

Skulker. While hunting, Skulker set up many traps for unsuspecting animals. However, he forgot where some of his traps were. So as he was hunting in the woods, he accidentally set off his own trap. He was shot through the heart, lung, arm, etc, with his own poison arrows.

Lunch Lady. She never had that great of health because of her diet, and she was already getting on in her years. During her shift at Casper High, she began to feel somewhat woozy and dizzy. She had a heart attack an collapsed in the middle of lunch. None of the kids or staff noticed and she died behind the lunch counter before anyone called for help.

Walker was the head of one of Amity’s old Jails. Just as he was about to leave for home, some prisoners managed to escape, so he stayed and tried to get them back in their cells. But more and more prisoners escaped and he was losing control of the situation. One of the prisoners managed to grab a gun and shot Walker in the chest. He fell to the floor grabbing at his wound while the prisoners ran right over him, ignoring his calls for them to get back into their cells. He died on the floor before the last one left, crawling and grabbing at feet, trying to keep them from escaping.

Youngblood. Since he was born he was weak and ill, and had a terrible disease that couldn’t be cured. He used to watch the other kids play outside and wished he could be apart of that. So he used to play pretend with himself in his hospital bed, wearing a pirate hat and a fake hook. But he could never play for long because the little energy he exerted when he played was too much for his little body. He died as a child, watching the kids outside having fun.

Also, I KNOW EMBER DIED BECAUSE SHE WAS TIRED FROM WAITING FOR A GUY WHO STOOD HER UP AND DIDN'T WAKE UP WHEN HER HOUSE CAUGHT ON FIRE (which is the official story from the producers). This is just my interpretation of the original tumblr post. So please, don't point it out to me that this is incorrect, because I already know. And I know that Skulker is just a ghost blob thing inside the suit. Again, just my interpretation. (I'm sorry if I sound rude, but I've had several people correct me despite my saying that this is just an artist's interpretation of their deaths and not their canon deaths.)

so on that note, I hope you guys like the comic

I don't own these characters~
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Artman21Hobbyist General Artist
Please draw more ghost story deaths!
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you do know that Butch Hartman ( the creator of the show ) clarified that 'ghost' in his shown aren't people who died, they're monsters from another dimension he just used the term 'ghost'  because it was easier to say
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I call bullshit.  I know he said it but some like Ember, Johnny, and Kitty you can guess were probably alive at some point but it's clearly stated that Poindexter and Desiree DID die and become ghosts!  He probably rolled with that explanation up in later seasons due to the ghosts looking more like straight up monsters.
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YumaTheMinecrafterStudent Digital Artist
I.. Really like all of these stories..
And is that Embers official Backstory? (That is in the desc.)
..I think I actually like yours better.
Either way, This is amazing!
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wickedwizard1991Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is really cool,I like how u gave every ghost there own unique story,I also like all the detail put into each panel.
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MarieAngel04Hobbyist General Artist
All these stories of ghosts' deaths are so aweful and dramatical. It makes me cry and feel sorry for them. Pikachu Crying Plz 
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if it makes you feel better, the imagery of the first one can just as easily be portrayed as the confirmed back-story.
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MrChicoChaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Poor Youngblood... Excellent work!
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Jose-RamiroHobbyist Traditional Artist
Ouch... very good job here.
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This makes me want an episode where Danny lays them to rest! ;-;
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Something funny, Youngblood was voiced by a young Taylor Lautner
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ZoneRobotnikHobbyist Writer
I personally have Skulker being killed by a witch when he went for her ghost familiar to add to his collection. XD As for Ember's death, this is certainly more exciting than the truth, and maybe how she imagines her death went - since, y'know, she had a pretty depressing life. Seriously, she and Danny both had/have "can't fit in with anybody" issues. (At least Ember wasn't electrocuted to death. Why does Danny have ice powers, since he was electrocuted to half-death?)
Ghostwriter, in my stories, was never a human. Or at least he doesn't remember it if he ever was. He's an Old One, like Clockwork, and that's why he can alter reality that way he does.
I never much bothered with the stories of the others yet, but Kitty and Johnny talk about how they died in the show. Pretty sure this is close to it.
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O.O that's deep. And cool. I like Ghostwriters... Life? Backstory? Yea, backstory.
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ZoneRobotnikHobbyist Writer
Yeah, I like playing with the Old Ones - Clockwork, the Master of Time, Ghostwriter, the Master of Reality, and my OC - Gaea, the Master of Form. :) Clockwork and Ghostwriter make the best drinking buddies, and they both need it after a day or two or dealing with Danny's antics. XDD
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AbyssalLimeStudent General Artist
*cries in a corner*
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DLToonHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is the kind of stuff I wish the series had brought up more often. We get some at the beginning, especially with Desiree the Ghost Genie, but other than that we're often left to come up with our own interpretations such as yours. I guess some could defend it as an artistic choice but I personally suspect it was more about steering the show to a more lighthearted direction, which culminated in S3 where it almost completely turned into a silly Saturday morning cartoon with a "monster of the week" instead of, you know, a spirit of a dead person wreaking havoc.

This is good stuff :) I especially like your interpretations on Kitty/Johnny, Poindexter and Youngblood. I like my villains to have more depth.
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TemBrookHobbyist Digital Artist
You just gave me FEELINGS about EVERYTHING but especially YOUNGBLOOD and POINDEXTER.
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sry005Hobbyist General Artist
poor youngblood and poindexter. they both died so young.
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Aww this is so sad, some more then others (pointdexter and youngblood), but that's just my opinion XD oh! And I think Jhonny 13 and Kitty's deaths was really cute in a sad way, if you know what I mean.
btw. Good job with imitating Butch Hartmanns' style (I find it hard to imitate others work (sometimes))
godofwarlover's avatar
I like this. Makes Danny Phantom's ghosts a little more tragic
bubblybumblebee1's avatar
bubblybumblebee1Hobbyist Artist
I'm going to cry! To much sadness, but YoungBlood's the one that's making me tear up. They're all so sad!
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TheStalkerBunnyStudent General Artist
I'm going to die like ghost writer.... ALL THE STRESS. Good art though
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