A glimpse into Baroque Art

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♕ Introduction:

Baroque is an art movement from the 17th century, that resulted from the religious wars of the Protestant Reformation and the Catholic Counter Reformation. Religious faith reached an emotional height and the intense feeling, which inspired both faiths, produced a rich expression in art.

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The term baroque implies a certain roughness, and the stormy paintings and dramatic music of the Baroque period often possessed the rugged torment of emotion. The French used the word "Baroque" to mean "a painting in which the rules of proportion are not observed and everything is represented according to the artist's whim." In the 17th century, art was naturalistic rather than ideal, and emotional rather than rational-art of movement, vitality, and brilliant color. Subjects could be chosen from daily life, as well as antiquity and the Bible, and presented to achieve maximum emotional impact or intense observation.

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♕ Characteristics:

♠ Baroque art is usually characterized by the dramatic contrasts of light and shade.
♠ Mythological subjects and decorative compositions of weighty forms in dynamic movement.
♠ Free application of paint and light effects for greater emotional and psychological insight.
♠ Portraits have a somber and brooding quality.

♕ Features:

top by SRudy
Joan of Arc by DonatoArts
Crocefissione by InTheNameOfArt
Jupiter and Io by armusik
Frate che legge by InTheNameOfArtVanitas by InTheNameOfArt
Saint No.44 by Doc-HammerThe Temptation of Christ by armusik
The Sirens by PinkParasol
left by SRudyFiorenza by KristinaGehrmannOdysseus and the Sirens by armusikright by SRudy
white shadow by SRudy

Troll by SRudy
Baroque Obama by SRudy

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That piece featuring Obama should have been his official presidential portrait.
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Awesome article :D
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This is beautiful! :love:
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Nice feature and great nod to the baroque masters... I was going to said you should have credited the classical paintings, but then I clicked on them and found the authors.

Velazquez, Caravaggio, Rubens, Bernini... principal exponents of the period...
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They're masterpieces :heart:
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Wow, that was cool!
All of those pictures are strongly sexually charged!:iconshockplz:
Well, except for the last one I guess..^^;
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Hmm, as I said In the article, Baroque artworks are usually religious/mythological themed. Mythological subject might seem sexual but I personally don´t see them that way. :shrug:
Thanks for the feedback dear :3
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Then it might be only in my messed up mind. Not like sexually charged is a bad thing, btw^^

You're welcome, these posts are always so interesting:la:
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Thank you :') <3
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Good article! It summed it up a lot more succinctly, and interestingly, than the art history course I took in school. I hated that course. If it ain't baroque, don't fix it.
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Haha I love art history, though I will have to take the course all over again in university >_>
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Well, so long as it floats your boat, you should ace it!
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If it ain't baroque, don't fix it.
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