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By SRudy
This is the third drawing from my pointillism series
I've worked on this for a while, I took my time with it. I'm so happy with the result.

Ruthenium - Self Portrait by SRudy Dysprosium by SRudy 

© Rudy Chidiac 2016 -


Update: Uploaded a higher resolution scan
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Utterly stunning. A beautiful combination in the triptych as a whole!
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Thanks so much!
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You are a masochist and I love you :heart:
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I love you, too
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You have every reason to be happy with the result, this is great! The motive is so eye-catching and detailed, and the dragon (?) is stunningly well done 
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Dragon, snake, call it whatever you like!
Thanks so much :heart:
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The savage beasts upon which our modern civilization is built...
Love this work of art!
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And again, outstanding work ... nothing else expected ;)
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The pleasure is all mine ...
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this is amazing!! :)
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Bonnie is a Boss (Chat Icon)

Amazing art!!!
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Very nice.  I like the Jörmungandr imagery. Great patience in rendering those ripples. I'm not sure I'm of any calibre to critique but, if I were to enhance this at all, it might be by going even darker on the contrast in the lower right and left corners, just to give it some balanced weight.
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What is "Jörmungandr"? I'd like to know more about that :) (google didn't help)
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Norse mythology. The world serpent. Grows so fast that he starts swallowing his tail.
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Oh I see! I'm honestly very curious about Norse Mythology but I never read anything about it (yet)

The creature in my drawing was inspired by the Ouroboros (greek) it's a circular symbol of a snake/dragon swallowing its tail, representing wholeness and infinity.

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Yeah, I thought of Ouroboros and the similarities between the two after I commented.  In the mythology, Jörmungandr is said to swallow his tail and encompass the whole world as well but the depictions are usually of his battle with Thor at Ragnorok (ör…).  Anyhoo, the image is fantastic. Every time I try stipple (pointilism) I end up getting lazy and some of my points become 'commas.' Writing emoticon 
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