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September 30, 2012
[Stock and Resources] A nicely-written tutorial on twisting methods to use with your wire work! The Jeweller's Guide to Twisting Wire by ~pixie-trick
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The Jeweller's Guide to Twisting Wire

Edit #2: You can use your twisted wire to wire wrap stones! Learn how in the second tutorial here: [link].

Edit: Wow- a totally unexpected DD! Thank you very much Piratelotus-Stock for featuring. I hope this is helpful, and I also hope I get around to fixing some of those typos....

Phew... It's finally done! It took a great deal longer than I expected. Warning: this is 5MB download.

If you use or re-post this tutorial anywhere, please credit me (srtoltonart) and link back to this page. I'd also love to see anything that you guys make with this! I teach locally once in a while and its amazing to see what people come up with when handed the same material. :)

Have fun!

Check out wire wrapped jewellery of all types! Visit my site: [link]
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Thank you for this informative data. I have begun a foray into wire wrapping and this will be an added technique for my journey. 

SRTolton's avatar
Happy to be able to help!
Awesome, this is just what I needed (I don't feel safe using power tools, lol)  -  simple & to the point, can't wait to try it out later. :)
NiftyMumzy's avatar
Great tutorial....thanks :)
Excellent, clear and concise. Cant wait to use this!
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You have been featured here: [link]
ggarte's avatar
great!!! this is amazing!!! thank you very much, I can't wait to start twisting
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Jayetta's avatar
This is really interesting and nicely done. Thank you!
Sipper-Paws's avatar
Wow, this is amazing! I'd love to give this a go ;)
SRTolton's avatar
Definitely give it a go! Thank you. :)
Fioletowooka's avatar
What a lovely tutorial, I have to look into it more one of these days! :)
GeoBerserker's avatar
I have no desire what so ever to twist wires or the like. But these are simply well done and beautiful instructions. Well deserved DD, congratulations, the effort that went into this is obvious!
SRTolton's avatar
GeoBerserker's avatar
Most welcome and most deserving!
BlueberryCrazy's avatar
This is going to be very helpful, thanks! :)
SRTolton's avatar
Glad to be of help! You're welcome.
Larkynn's avatar
All your pictures are very crisp and clear which adds to the ease of your tutorial. Thank you very much for creating and congrats on the DD.
SRTolton's avatar
winddancer23's avatar
This is so pretty!!
SRTolton's avatar
Hatty-hime's avatar
Wow! Thats so cool!
Great tutorial! Congrats on the DD! :3
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