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The Jeweller's Guide to Baisic Wire Wrapping

A continuation of the "Jeweller's Guide" series- this time for basic wire wrapping. If you use or re-post this tutorial anywhere, please credit me (srtoltonart) and link back to this page. I'd also love to see anything that you guys make with this! I teach locally once in a while and its amazing to see what people come up with when handed the same material. :)


All you ever wanted to know about twisting wire: [link]


I do take commissions- if you are interested, send me a note!
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You and your work are awesome!  Thank you ever so much for your great work!!!
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This tutorial is awesome. I'm looking forward to using it. Any particular brand of wire straightener you recommend? 
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Thank you and nope.  :)  You're talking to someone who started by wrapping waxed paper around massive plumbing pliers for straightens, so using something specifically designed for it is just awesomeness, hahaha.
I'd like to use your tutorial in a class I teach. Is that ok as long as I credit you and link back to you?
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Hi justanotherwrapper.  No, it is not alright with me.  I would ask that you do not use this to teach.  As someone who teaches classes myself, I feel that using another instructor's guidance is not idea for the student for multiple reasons including clarity, and additionally, you would be earning a profit from my hard work.   However, plase feel free to send a direct link to the tutuorial to your students., and thank you very much for asking.  :)

Edit: One more clarification.  Please do not print it out and send it with the students either, even if it is not part of the teaching of the class.  Getting your student's emails is great, either before or after- I've never have someone decline as I send a followup email with links to inspiration, tutorials, magazine resources and so forth.  Additionally, you are able to keep in touch re: future classes and other promotional stuff they may be interested in.
No problem, I always check with tutorial writers before using their work. Many people assume that if it's on the internet, anyone can use it. As a writer myself I am very sensitive about this issue.

I'll send the link along. 
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Thanks again.  :)
You referenced "using the same technique as a bezel binding (3.3)."  Where would I find this referenced?  Can't wait to try this out! Thanks for your work.
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Apologies.  It should just refer to step 3 in general.  The whole "Make a hook and wrap it around" the bundle.
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Thank you for these tutorials!
That was awesome directions.
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Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful tutorial! Your work really does inspire me and I feel like I learned alot just from reading this :)!
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Thank you :) very well written
That is beautiful, you are very talented. I love how you make the instructions so easy to understand. I can't wait to try this. Thank you
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random question, how much do the wires cost?
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It depends on what type of wire you're using. Cheaper options than sterling, fine silver, or gold filled is silver filled, brass or copper. I buy a some of what I use here: [link] and you can see their prices. Copper can be a couple of cents a foot.
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okay, thanks :3 I really wanna try doing stuff like this sometime.
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Neat! You're totally more organized than me. I tend to have a more 'run with it' approach. The marking the wire never worked well for me! Lovely set up of the tutorial. I make mine with the numbers running straight through rather than restarting the numbers for each step, I think it looks less intimidating this way!
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Lol, I don't know if anything I made would turn out symmetrical if I didn't do the tape marking. I rush through the actual process really quickly (note the absence of more step-by-step photos after the bending bit... that's me losing track of things) so if I don't do that part I just think- oh, close enough, and I end up with a bail that's 1/2 cm to the side. X| I kind of like the breaks because when you're learning its easier to remember - now I bend- then the steps involved as opposed to a bunch of tiny things, but I can totally see how having 5 steps with minor steps can look intimidating too.
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I kind of freak out and take photos of every movement when trying a tutorial :giggle:
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wooow :D this was totally nice :D thanks for sharing :D
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You're welcome. :)
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