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Remember that one time....

When the Ice King kidnapped Princess Celestia? No? Oh, okay...
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There is another art where Celestia fights and sits on ice king after he is defeated.
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cant fnd it thou
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Ahhh :3 Thanks
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This is why crossovers are funny.
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if they are done correctly/well, like this one 
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Don't you dare lay a finger on Princess Molestia!

We don't want to encourage her!
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If he was sane enough that day to remember how to properly to use the powers of the crown, the single item that can freeze the world for 600 years, as well as how to use his other artifacts of power he shown to have, he could do this easy.
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Just in case, we need Finn and Jake.
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I tell what Celestia's saying by the look on her face.

Princess Celestia - "What the f*** do you think you're doing you fat-ass jerk?!"
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best episode ever
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He left behind his horse costume after snagging her...
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