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Welcome! (Please read before submitting!)

Welcome to #SRMTHG-Fans, the first and largest DeviantART group dedicated to Disney's Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!

If you don't know where to submit your deviations, go here!

Anybody who is a fan of the show is allowed to join and submit! All submissions to the club need approval by the founder. To avoid your submission being denied, please read the rules carefully, and be nice to your fellow members!

How to
:pointr: Submit something to a group: Tutorial

Links of interest
:pointr: List of Contests/Events - to be created
:pointr: SRMTHFG Plz Directory
:pointr: AMVs! (videos by members)
:pointr: SRMTHFG on FanFiction

Current events

:bulletblue: Rules :bulletblue:

:pointr: Submissions that break DeviantART rules will not be permitted. This means screenshots from the series are not allowed.

:pointr: Traced work from screenshots is not allowed. Art with copied poses from screenshots may need verification (see full info).

:pointr: If you use a Base, you have to credit the owner of the base. (see full info).

:pointr: Please keep all submissions (and discussion) at a PG level, this means keeping suggestive content, drug use, and language to a minimum. However, PG-13 content may be submitted due to thematic elements or violence, and this will be determined on a case by case basis.

:pointr: You are free to submit as much as you like at a time, but submissions need approval of admins. Please be patient! Reasons for your submission being delayed include: avoiding overwhelming members, the founder having a life (sorta), and going through written submissions carefully for content. If it has been over a month, please submit whatever it is again.

:pointr: This group is free of slash/yaoi/yuri of any kind.

:pointr: Due to the heavy amount of OC (Fan Character) focused artwork received by the group, we have a specific folder with a limit of two submissions per artist per week. Please submit your OC artwork directly to this folder. If your submission features official, canon characters along with OCs, it is not subject to this rule and should be submitted to the regular gallery.

:pointr: Members are allowed to submit Blog entries to the group, as long as said blog is about the group, the show or something that can create discussion and is of interest to our members. Self centered posts such as "Check out my gallery!" will not be approved. Blog posts that include rumors should be backed with evidence. If you have a rumor with strong backing, you may submit it for consideration, but please make sure the blog post is clear about the information being taken with a grain of salt.

Be nice and have fun!

Gallery Folders

Chiro by Delijz
Chiro by capcappucca220
nyeh by honeycrisps
chimp!chiro by Trans-Karamatsu
Hyper Force
. : A n n d  i t ' s  S e p t e m b e r : . by XxTove-Love99xX
. : N U M B : . by XxTove-Love99xX
Orange Eminence by HezuNeutral
.: N O V A :. by XxTove-Love99xX
SRMTHFG - Valeena by Shadatanish-Divine
Fashionable Velina by XxTove-Love99xX
Valeena (REQ) by WhiteLombax
SK Colored by SKsDarkWizard2284
Other characters
enormous love...XDD by ZoeViolin
Commission: The Alchemist by NCDTS
Chrio Heart Jinmay (Lineart) by SpaceTimeDream
[SRMTHFG] Johnny Sunspot -sketch- by Jade-Encrusted-Bugs
Sirena - My SRMTHFG's OC by adelita03
Starry Eyed ANIM by PumpkinaChai
Maintenance by PumpkinaChai
Just Runa by Ly-sany
Monkey team literature club by XxTove-Love99xX
Humanization, Anthros, etc
SRMTHFG Sims Version by GiLawTheSparky
I DIG FOR MOON ROCKS!!! by DefectLisa
Nova by renge-mamory
Gibson by renge-mamory
Lost by MeloScribbles
The Smallest Moments of Life by EmeraldOfTheOcean
S.C. ep52 part 2 p38 by HezuNeutral
S.C. ep52 part 2 p36 by HezuNeutral
Otto and Gibson pixel Animation by DigiHopeheart
Gibson Doll by SakuraSim
Razor Stamp by II-Art
Other deviations
Art trade with Jenthemonkey by Tweetheartkelly
Hey, just a few reminders about the group rules since I've been getting a lot of submissions that break them lately.

1. Submissions that break DeviantART rules will not be permitted. This means works that include screenshots from the series/animated GIFs are not allowed.

2. Please submit works to the proper folder, NOT to featured. Works are added to the "Featured" folder by admins only.

Thank you!
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We love our affiliates!

Members of affiliate groups (who are not members of our group) may submit one deviation to our group a month. However, contests are solely for members of our group.

Of course, we'd love to see you join us as well! :D

We accept account-based clubs as affiliates too, of course. But unfortunately, we can't extend the monthly submission offer to clubs that are not under the official group system due to technical limitations.










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Montiessor Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Greetings fellow SRMTHG comrades

I have a news that will cheer you up!

My friend :icongshepherd17: is working on a story called: War of the Undead: Chrio's Forgotten past.

This a non profitable project that she and several loyal fans have been working for years now. This is in hope to ignite or spirits for this awesome cartoon so that it once again been renewed and give the proper ending it deserve.

All we ask is that you support this project and to never lose hope that we can once again see our heroes in action.

If you wish to help here is the channel's link, so that you can enjoy some of the work that has been done…
MGartist Featured By Owner Edited Jan 26, 2016  Professional General Artist
I loved this show as a kid! I've been looking at one of my old comics that I made in middle school and was suddenly reminded that I started making it around that time (and onwards) when srmthfg was first aired.

I did some google searching and read the wikia to refresh my memory. As I read, scenes and some episodes came back to me and I realized how much I was inspired with creating my own characters and in storytelling from this show. (There were other cartoons that inspired me as well at that time and the cartoons I view today, but srmthfg is really high up on that list of shows).

I did some searching to see if there were DVDs so could revisit the shows, but there's nothing, except for that 2 episode GBA video that's super rare and expensive whenever there is an online offer. :/

With all that said, I have been thinking about Disney buying Marvel and Star Wars. Since Disney doesn't seem to have an interest in bringing back srmthfg, perhaps someone would be interested in sending Disney an offer to buy the rights to srmthfg and then give it to the show's creator, Ciro Neili?
I never heard of anyone buying property rights from Disney, only Disney buying properties from others, so maybe they're not interested in selling any of their properties then? It's still a thought perhaps. I haven't seen anyone mention this from the blogs and forums I've been looking at these past couple of days, only petitions that don't seem to be effective in terms of people signing them. Maybe something like this will get a lot of people interested? 
MGartist Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2016  Professional General Artist
Sorry for my long comment, everyone. ^_^''''
SenpaiObscura Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2016  Student General Artist
is this group still a thing?
Netbug009 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2016  Student Writer
Yep, still alive and kicking! There just hasn't been much to talk about lately. We're still receiving new art fairly regularly though!
SenpaiObscura Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2016  Student General Artist
im so glad this fandoms not dead XD 
Netbug009 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2016  Student Writer
Yep! ^^
(1 Reply)
MGartist Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2016  Professional General Artist
I hope it is!
SenpaiObscura Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2016  Student General Artist
MGartist Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2016  Professional General Artist
I miss this show so much! >_<
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