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My Bio


age 29

birthday may 8th

star sign; Taurus

pokemon partner; flame the chimchar

digimon partner; lopmon

digivice; purple season 3

monkey color; green

hand transformation; saws

powers; fire,super strength,ghost

team: hyperforce2

likes; srmthfg,danny phantom,pokemon,digimon,sgt.frog,video games,music

dislikes,water,heights,butterflies,poison snakes,someone calling me a fire-freak, all melons,raspberries,blackberries,

veggies( except for carrots,celery,lettuce,pickles, and sweet potatoes.)

love interest: chiro

disability: autism.


me and my first members darren,tim,jim,timmy and jimmy were put into a foster home because our parents died,got killed or disappeared. then we received watches that allowed us to transform into robot monkeys and darren into hypermode. but then we were beamed up to a red planet that had a base called R7 and that was where lewis,bridget,elliot and sabrina was created and my adopted son lucas and darren's adopted daughter mica came to live. but a few years later R7 got destroyed and we had to move to shuggazoom and that's where we met the team and i had a love interest in chiro. but me and my team and chiro had school so we moved to earth until we got out of school in amity park and that's where me and jimmy got to live with danny and his family. we also learned that danny had ghost powers. but when school was out. danny's parents died and my team now lives on shuggazoom with chiro's team

best friends

my rp buddy

my other rp buddy

best rp buddy

my best digimon story writer

my danny phantom friend

Current Residence: indianapolis, in

deviantWEAR sizing preference: 3x

Favorite genre of music: rock

Favorite style of art: anything animated or drawn

Operating System: windows 10

Shell of choice: fire

Wallpaper of choice: black or glitter

Skin of choice: red

Favorite cartoon character: chiro, otto,tamama,chimchar,lopmon,cream the rabbit,taruru

Personal Quote: i will love and protect chiro from harm

can you guys help my eggs hatch

Favourite Visual Artist
gavin degraw
Favourite Movies
the digimon movie
Favourite TV Shows
danny phantom, digimon, srmthfg, sonic, pokemon,sgt.frog
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
linkin park, all american rejects, 3 doors down, 3 days grace, the killers, goo goo dolls, coldplay, green day, simple plan
Favourite Books
Favourite Games
pokemon pearl and mario cart
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Other Interests
video games, writting, drawing, special olympics
i didn't know this but i've been on deviantart for 13 years
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the power was out for almost a half and hour because someone hit a transformer in my neighborhood probably cause of a fire and i was in the middle of my pokemon violet game and i chose quaxly for my starter. i named him huey after one of donald duck's nephews. i'm still looking for a fire type pokemon
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chirstmas wishlist here is the art things i would like for chirstmas a picture of my srmthfg oc and chiro my oc with my digimon partner lopmon and pokemon partner flame the chimchar my danny phantom oc tevin with his digimon partner leormon and his shiny chimchar auburn my oc tan and tevin in digimon frontier with a penguinmon and gatomon danny phantom with a gommamon for his digimon partner one of my autistic srmthfg or autistic sonic oc's a picture of judy or mint from animal crossing
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it's the special time of year the chirstmas gift art exchange. this is open till december 23rd what i will except song lyrics chibi humans or animals pokemon drawings( no legendaries or butterfly pokemon) characters or oc's singing a song a name in pokemon unown letters digivice or digi-egg designs food drawings veggie tales oc's srmthfg oc's pj masks symbols lava lamp colors mlp cutie marks animal paw-prints ornament design hamtaro oc's what i won't do blood/violence weight gain, flatulence, over 18 art, regular humans, weapons, rules don't rush me one exchange a person( december birthdays get an extra gift) don't get mad if i say no i'll let you know if the art will be late cause i'm not at home on wednesdays and fridays i might use a base if i don't have time to draw the object participants :iconchazkopa: sparx and nova singing silent night
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today another childhood singer has passed away aaron carter 1987-2022. he was a panelist on figure it out on nickelodeon and he was a musical guest on nickelodeon's all that. he was also nick carter's brother. i also have one of his Cd's rip aaron
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well with 2022 almost done i've been busy with life. this year has been really hard like my uncle steven losing his wife this year and 2 staff clients being fired at my day program which it's starting to hurt. my parent's 43rd anniversary is this month and i'm still drawing the food for digimon story and i've still working on my music videos but i got my chirstmas shopping done but i ordered something from redbubble that hasn't been here that i spent with my spending money and i still have 2 presents that hasn't come yet but my mom has ordered me a new bed cause the bed i have now the rails are starting to break and i had the bed for a bit over 8 years and my mom had to put a board under the bed but it's tough to get out of the bed but my mom said she can let me get some new bedding but while my bed is being moved i might have to sleep downstairs in one of the rooms. i'll have to take off the stuff off my bed but my bed will be a bit heavy to move i still miss my one friend and he
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happy birthday to one of my favorite voice actors kevin Michael Richardson who voices antauri from srmthfg, plato from the adventures of the book of virtues and rocko socko from the power puff girls movie and skulker from danny phantom
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i'll be going to a doctor tomorrow cause i've been coughing up a storm and my left side hurts when i cough. i'll be tested for covid and i won't be going to my day program on wednesday but one of my aunt's sent the chirstmas money and i have 150 dollars and i got 3 presents for my cousins so i still need to get 4 more
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sorry everyone the power went out and i was trying to make the mac and cheese and i haven't had dinner yet and one of my mom's dog ripped a trash bag near my computer which i was not happy about
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well my mom is off work this week and i still miss and . i've still been trying to work on my videos but i still need to figure out my new oc's birthdays
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I like role playing as well! Do you use Discord?

well i used to have a discord but i hardly use it

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Hey I saw you rp right?

yes but here is the shows i would do



danny phantom

super robot monkey team hyperforce go

sgt. frog

sonic the hedgehog

i do accept crossovers but i only play my oc's only and my oc's pokemon and digimon partners. i don't do any weight gain or anything rated R

Ah that's it with the shows you'll play?