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An Itchy Situation by Scyrel An Itchy Situation :iconscyrel:Scyrel 63 31 Sonic Forces Hannah Meets Sonic by sonichannah Sonic Forces Hannah Meets Sonic :iconsonichannah:sonichannah 2 0 SRMTHFG Wallpaper by terrmedia SRMTHFG Wallpaper :iconterrmedia:terrmedia 20 9 Digimon Sora by AliciaSoraFiora97 Digimon Sora :iconaliciasorafiora97:AliciaSoraFiora97 8 0
Good Idea Bad Idea
It’s time for another Good Idea Bad Idea
Good Idea:Share your food with friends
Bad Idea: Share your food with a bully *punch his skull head off*
Good Idea: Watch the Amazing Spiderman *spidey swinging his web*
Bad Idea: Becoming as the Amazing Spiderman *swinging his web but snap & fall down to the ground*
Good idea: Making snow angel
Bad Idea:Making snow angel in the mud 
Good idea: Grab the Chaos Emerald*chaos emerald jingle*
Bad idea: Grab the Master emerald *Angel Island fall into sea*
Knuckles: Grrrrrrrr  *Jump & chase Mr. Skullhead around the island*GIVE ME BACK THE MASTER EMERALD YOU SKULL THEIF
Good Idea: Paying the electric bills
Bad Idea: Paying the internet bills
Good Idea: Feeding the fishy
Bad Idea: Feeding the piranha*piranhas jump & eat mr.skullhead*
Good Idea: Working on the job
Bad idea: Sleeping on the job
Good Idea: Buying honey in the market
Bad Idea: Buying honey in the hives *bees comes out of the hive*
Good Idea:Riding on the p
:iconprettyshadowj28:PrettyShadowj28 12 3
Romi con su replica del emblema del conocimiento by XerneasHeart32 Romi con su replica del emblema del conocimiento :iconxerneasheart32:XerneasHeart32 3 0 Sector V Digivices by surviorlaura Sector V Digivices :iconsurviorlaura:surviorlaura 2 0 Operatives' Digivices by surviorlaura Operatives' Digivices :iconsurviorlaura:surviorlaura 2 0 David's Digivice by surviorlaura David's Digivice :iconsurviorlaura:surviorlaura 2 0 Bruce's Digivice by surviorlaura Bruce's Digivice :iconsurviorlaura:surviorlaura 2 0 Erika's Digivice by surviorlaura Erika's Digivice :iconsurviorlaura:surviorlaura 2 0 Constance's Digivice by surviorlaura Constance's Digivice :iconsurviorlaura:surviorlaura 2 0 Lenny's Digivice by surviorlaura Lenny's Digivice :iconsurviorlaura:surviorlaura 2 0 Run Monkey Team_Animation by Sprx-77AntauriGibson Run Monkey Team_Animation :iconsprx-77antaurigibson:Sprx-77AntauriGibson 46 27 Otto and Hayley by MietzeSayuuki Otto and Hayley :iconmietzesayuuki:MietzeSayuuki 10 0

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closer to the edge lyrics
I don't remember one moment I tried to forget
I lost myself yet I'm better not sad
Now I'm closer to the edge
It was a a thousand to one and a million to two
Time to go down in flames and I'm taking you
Closer to the edge
No I'm not saying I'm sorry
One day, maybe we'll meet again
No I'm not saying I'm sorry
One day, maybe we'll meet again
No, no, no, no
Can you imagine a time when the truth ran free
A birth of a song, a death of a dream
Closer to the edge
This never ending story, hate 4 wheel driving fate
We all fall short of glory, lost in ourself
No I'm not saying I'm sorry
One day, maybe we'll meet again
No I'm not saying I'm sorry
One day, maybe we'll meet again
No, no, no, no
No, no, no, no
I will never forget
No, no
I will never regret
No, no
I will live my life
No, no, no, no
I will never forget
No, no
I will never regret
No, no
I will live my life
No I'm not saying I'm sorry
One day, maybe we'll meet again
No, no
No, I'm not saying I'm sorry
One day, maybe we'll meet again
:iconsrmthfgfan724:srmthfgfan724 0 0
Reisuke by srmthfgfan724 Reisuke :iconsrmthfgfan724:srmthfgfan724 1 1 Ryuki by srmthfgfan724 Ryuki :iconsrmthfgfan724:srmthfgfan724 2 0
reisuke,saskia and lori's bio's
name: reisuke
species: possum
age: 13
fur color: infra-red
eye color: light blue
hair color: one side cyan blue, one side aqua green
abilities: speed, has ghost powers
clothes: a grey shirt with a hood, orange shorts, dark green and white shoes
powers: fire, making plants grow, telekinesis, super strength
birthday: july 19th
likes: chinese, pizza,ice cream, running a race,music, doing models
dislikes: people taking his 2 sister's, spicy food,bad foes,blood,
allergies: dust,fish, has an inhaler
love interest: one at the moment
pokemon: none at the moment
digimon: none at the moment
theme song: none at the moment
name: saskia
species: possum
age: 10
fur color: orchid purple
disability: autism
hair color: sandy tan with a pink headband
eye color: dark blue
clothes: a yellow shirt with light blue pants and lime green and dark blue shoes
pet chao: blossom
abilities: speed, has magic abilities with her wand and can make force fields
birthday: march 6th
likes: chinese,noodles, pizza, cake, co
:iconsrmthfgfan724:srmthfgfan724 0 0
VT oc's bio
name: amber the orange
age: same age as junior asparagus and laura carrot
personality: a happy personality
disability: autism
likes: baking desserts and listening to music also drawing
dislikes: people shushing, big crowds, loud noises, needles, spicy foods
name: anthony the green apple
age: same as junior and laura
personality: he has a shy personality and he speaks shyly
disability: autism
likes: making drinks, doing puzzles, playing video games, playing with stuffed animals
dislikes: people shushing, loud noises, needles, heights, when his food gets cold, darkness.
:iconsrmthfgfan724:srmthfgfan724 2 1
song request
( franklin's friends start playing the music for his theme song as franklin sits in a chair watching them sing)
bear: *sings* Hey, it's Franklin( music plays)
beaver: *sings * Coming over to play( music plays)
snail: * sings* Growing a little( music continues)
goose : * sings * Every day (music continues)
fox: * sings* Here he comes with all his friends
rabbit: *sings* He's got stories, got time to spend with you
raccoon: * sings* Hey, it's Franklin( music starts playing faster)
skunk: *sings* Coming to your house ( music continues)
badger: * sings* Hey, it's Franklin( music continues)
otter: * sings* Coming to my house( music slows down)
the whole group : *sings* Hey, it's Franklin
franklin did clap his hands that he really liked the song
:iconsrmthfgfan724:srmthfgfan724 1 1
list of power ranger's kids oc's
mighty morphin power rangers
zeo team
in space
lost galaxy
yellow: yumi landors
green: alan landors
pink: sianna landors
notes: alan,yumi and sianna are siblings
lightspeed rescue
red: marc grayson
blue: kenneth lee
green: liam grayson
yellow: abby grayson
pink: kristy mitchell
titanium: ritchie mitchel
notes: marc,liam and abby are siblings
time force
blue: clyde kendal
yellow: kendra bly
pink: megan scotts
green: ralphie gale
notes: kendra has a brother on a different ranger team, clyde has a sister on another ranger team, ralphie has a twin brother on another ranger team.
wild force
red-blazing lion:
blue-surfing shark: corey
black- iron bison:
white- noble tiger: alise
yellow- soaring eagle: lydia
silver- howling wolf: lenny
notes: alise and lydia are twin sisters
ninja storm
red wind:
yellow wind:
:iconsrmthfgfan724:srmthfgfan724 0 0
ryuki,sakura and satsuya's bio
name: ryuki
species: meerkat/fox in videos
gender: boy
fur color: navy blue
hair color: dark gray like a dolphin gray
eye color: orange
ability: speed/ can turn super
age: 12
birthday: february 18th
siblings: 2 autistic twin siblings
likes: science things, plants, marine life, any of the international foods,mechanical work, running on a track, roller skating, ice cream, brownies without peanuts,cooking
dislikes: seeing his siblings kidnapped, blood, bad guys, when his food gets too cold, plain tomatoes, anyone getting hurt or killed, orange cheeses
clothes: a light blue shirt,brown pants, dark green shoes
allergies: peanuts
pokemon: tidus the shiny squirtle
digimon: none at the moment
voice actor: shawn ashmore
love interest: none at the moment
theme song: like a stone by audioslave
name: sakura
species: meerkat/bunny
gender: girl
fur color: a coral reef type orange
hair color: aqua green
eye color: left eye gray,right eye purple
ability: speed,can use magic attacks with her wand
pet c
:iconsrmthfgfan724:srmthfgfan724 1 0
Ask Calisa by srmthfgfan724 Ask Calisa :iconsrmthfgfan724:srmthfgfan724 1 0 Ryuko And Uriah's D Tectors by srmthfgfan724 Ryuko And Uriah's D Tectors :iconsrmthfgfan724:srmthfgfan724 3 3 sonic arcade game blastball by srmthfgfan724 sonic arcade game blastball :iconsrmthfgfan724:srmthfgfan724 1 0 my 25th birthday cake by srmthfgfan724 my 25th birthday cake :iconsrmthfgfan724:srmthfgfan724 2 5
ryuko's bio for digimon frontier
name: ryuko weston
age: 15
hair color: black hair with some blue mixed in( not hair dye)
eye color: dark blue
spirit: moon
clothes: a dark grey shirt with a blue star, wears a dark blue light jacket,blue pants and dark grey and black shoes. he wears a red retainer since he had some overbites when he was younger
birthday: january 20th
birthplace: a lab in the woods but now living in new york
he carries a dark purple book-bag, inside there is his orange retainer case,some pencils and notebooks,first aid kit, a journal, water bottles, and some fruit snacks
likes: chinese, pizza, foxes,hedge-foxes , watching young kids, roller skating, listening to music, playing his electric guitar, collecting purple rocks for kasumi
dislikes: bad guys, people arguing,spicy food,gross stuff,being sad about hurting someone,bugs that bite or sting,dark places,deep water
allergies: peaches,penicillin and pecans
d tector color: dark blue on the device and moon silver on the handle
human spirit: lunarmon
:iconsrmthfgfan724:srmthfgfan724 3 8
caspian and stacie's bio
name: caspian
species: cat in stories/fox in videos
fur color: cyan blue
hair color: dark blue
eye color: dark gray
age: 4
clothes: a red shirt with a green star, dark green pants,purple shoes
family: trina is her adopted mom, stacie is his sister
birthday: july 25th
likes: drawing,sweet treats, chinese, hamburgers,hot dogs,veggie sushi,ice cream, building models, dot to dot worksheets
dislikes: broccoli,any dark green veggies except for kale, spicy foods, gross stuff, bad guys,blood, scary movie's, foes taking her sister,needles
allergies: penicillin
name: stacie
species: fox in stories/bunny in videos
fur color: purple
hair color: red with a pink headband
eye color: light blue
age: 4
clothes: a lime green polo shirt,dark blue pants,aqua green shoes
family: trina is her adopted mom,caspian is her brother
pet chao: fizzy
birthday: august 9th
likes: veggie sushi,sandwiches,pizza,ice cream sundae's,anything with cherries, coloring books,stuffed animals, video games,crossword puzzles
:iconsrmthfgfan724:srmthfgfan724 0 0
amika's bio
name: amika
age 6
species: one tailed fox/bunny in videos
fur color: magenta and purple hair with an orange headband
eye color: dark blue
birthday: march 5th
pet chao: peach
ability: flight
likes: things with strawberries, fudge,ice cream, chinese food, drawing, building and mechanics, pokemon,digimon, working on her magic spells
dislikes: when her food gets cold, when her magic spells mess up, dark green vegetables, spicy foods
family: sebastian
allergies: wheat and gluten
voice actor: still thinking
pokemon: still thinking
digimon: still thinking
backstory later:
:iconsrmthfgfan724:srmthfgfan724 1 0
reena's bio
name: reena/ reena storm
species: arctic wolf/bunny
age: 6
abilities: flight but she has ghost powers
fur color: ice blue/ ghost color/ light green
eye color: pink, ghost color:  dark purple
pet chao: blizzard
pokemon: none at the moment
digimon: none at the moment
likes: science things, drawing, things with dairy-free chocolate, lemon or lime scented things, being with ricky, flowers, practicing her ghost powers
dislikes: blood, bad guys,gross things, getting hurt,being picked on, the color brown, when her food gets cold, dark green veggies, spicy things
allergies: anything with dairy and penicillin
clothes: she wears a purple shirt with light orange pants and hot pink shoes, she wears a black headband. her ghost costume is like a gym uniform, she has a black t-shirt with red bands on the sleeves and black gym shorts with red bands on the bottom, the initials are RS with the top of the S shaped like a ghost. her headband changes into a dark red
powers: flight,intangibility,invisi
:iconsrmthfgfan724:srmthfgfan724 0 0
rules about my gallery

no bad comments otherwise they will be deleted
respect my oc's and my friends oc's
also respect my teammates
leave only good comments
you are allowed to fav my work

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SRMTHFG - After a bad dream
It was 1:30 AM, but Lara was in her bed, sobbing into her pillow. She just had a nightmare where she was unable to save her brother and the Monkeys from the Skeleton King. As she cried, Chiro came in to check on her.
"Hey, Lara..." he said. "Are you okay?"
Lara looked up at him, and then hugged him tight.
"Hey, hey...What's wrong?" asked Chiro.
"I had a nightmare..." replied Lara within sniffles.
"What happened?" asked Chiro.
"You and the Monkeys...You were all executed by the Skeleton King, and I couldn't save you..." said Lara within sobs.
"Oh my God...Lara, I'm so sorry..." commented Chiro. He pulled Lara into a hug, as the wolf pup cried into his nightshirt. After a while, Lara began to calm down as she started to feel sleepy.
"Do you want me to stay with you for the night?" asked Chiro. Lara nodded in response, before the boy goes to lay down next to his sister.
"I love you, Chiro..." said Lara.
"I love you too, sis." said Chiro. "And don't worry, the Skeleton King will have no ma
:iconlara12anos:Lara12anos 2 0
Cute? by melodeycooper Cute? :iconmelodeycooper:melodeycooper 8 11 Spova Shipping Stamp by MockingjayBases Spova Shipping Stamp :iconmockingjaybases:MockingjayBases 5 0 Michael and Betamon by sableyefan Michael and Betamon :iconsableyefan:sableyefan 4 2 Digimon Card Blank Template by xuza Digimon Card Blank Template :iconxuza:xuza 48 8 . : O t t o _M y_ B a b y : . by XxTove-Love99xX . : O t t o _M y_ B a b y : . :iconxxtove-love99xx:XxTove-Love99xX 16 2 SRMTHFG OC: Crystal by Shinzu99 SRMTHFG OC: Crystal :iconshinzu99:Shinzu99 9 2 DBZ - Hoi Poi Capsules by camarinox DBZ - Hoi Poi Capsules :iconcamarinox:camarinox 51 14 Shaochung Lee Rider Card Custom by eduardocordova123 Shaochung Lee Rider Card Custom :iconeduardocordova123:eduardocordova123 2 0 Makoto Rider Card Custom by eduardocordova123 Makoto Rider Card Custom :iconeduardocordova123:eduardocordova123 3 0 Ai Rider Card Custom by eduardocordova123 Ai Rider Card Custom :iconeduardocordova123:eduardocordova123 2 0 Digieggs by Zowater Digieggs :iconzowater:Zowater 11 6 Team for my fanfic by MelonTart-mlp Team for my fanfic :iconmelontart-mlp:MelonTart-mlp 7 6 BlackNyaromon by hopeisrising BlackNyaromon :iconhopeisrising:hopeisrising 1 0 Reliability Crest by lilreddragon11 Reliability Crest :iconlilreddragon11:lilreddragon11 7 0



Oct 20, 2018
7:01 pm
Oct 20, 2018
5:50 pm
Oct 17, 2018
2:01 pm
Oct 15, 2018
2:35 am
Oct 13, 2018
4:19 pm

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september end of summer and updates

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 6, 2018, 7:00 PM
Hey everyone summer is almost over which means fall is coming soon and also halloween, thanksgiving and winter holidays will be coming up. i've been starting to get a cold maybe possibly a scratchy throat. i've been taking some tea and some vitamin c. also bowling has started for special olympics and the bowling alley's has bowling balls that look like pool balls which is kinda neat. i've been using the 7 pound and the 8 pound balls which has been helping me a lot.

now a few updates. this sunday me and my mom will be gone for most of the day cause i have a volleyball tournament and my first game is at 9:15 and we have to get there by 8:30 and since my mom and I does not go the highway. we have to get up early since it's near zionsville indiana. also i have a deep teeth cleaning on wednesday for the right side since they did the left side earlier this month.

now for my videos. i've been slow on getting the pictures on my computer and getting some music for them. i still need someone for my srmthfg oc's ryuko,calix, soren, adam and alina and a few lovers for some sonic oc's. i would like to get a phone with a video camera but it costs a lot of money. also i'm debating on remaking my oc monkey tribute but i may not do it cause my last one on my old youtube channel didn't get a lot of likes.

now i might try to do something since this month mark's srmthfg 14th anniversary.  maybe something involving the team and mine. i've been working on writing some books that i got from united arts and education which is an art store and i'm on my 4th book and it's about the hyperforce2's life before they met the hyperforce. i will write some books about my team meeting the hyperforce as well

also i bet a lot of people will be getting some rain and storms from tropical storm gordon so i hope everyone will stay safe

Background by Shimaira

  • Listening to: youtube music
  • Watching: srmthfg
  • Playing: pokemon ultra sun
  • Drinking: tea and emergen- c


tanya or tan
Artist | Varied
United States
age 23
birthday may 8th
star sign; Taurus
pokemon partner; flame the chimchar
digimon partner; lopmon
digivice; purple season 3
monkey color; green
hand transformation; saws
powers; fire,super strength,ghost
team: hyperforce2
likes; srmthfg,danny phantom,pokemon,digimon,sgt.frog,video games,music
dislikes,water,heights,butterflies,poison snakes,someone calling me a fire-freak, all melons,raspberries,blackberries,
veggies( except for carrots,celery,lettuce,pickles, and sweet potatoes.)
love interest: chiro
disability: autism.

me and my first members darren,tim,jim,timmy and jimmy were put into a foster home because our parents died,got killed or disappeared. then we received watches that allowed us to transform into robot monkeys and darren into hypermode. but then we were beamed up to a red planet that had a base called R7 and that was where lewis,bridget,elliot and sabrina was created and my adopted son lucas and darren's adopted daughter mica came to live. but a few years later R7 got destroyed and we had to move to shuggazoom and that's where we met the team and i had a love interest in chiro. but me and my team and chiro had school so we moved to earth until we got out of school in amity park and that's where me and jimmy got to live with danny and his family. we also learned that danny had ghost powers. but when school was out. danny's parents died and my team now lives on shuggazoom with chiro's team

best friends
:iconjessiedraws8910: my rp buddy
:iconjswarrior: my other rp buddy
:iconlockjawfan2020: best rp buddy
:iconcave-cat-87: my best digimon story writer
:icondeannaphantom13: my danny phantom friend

Current Residence: indianapolis, in
deviantWEAR sizing preference: 3x
Favorite genre of music: rock
Favorite style of art: anything animated or drawn
Operating System: windows xp
Shell of choice: fire
Wallpaper of choice: black or glitter
Skin of choice: red
Favorite cartoon character: chiro, otto,tamama,chimchar,lopmon,cream the rabbit,taruru
Personal Quote: i will love and protect chiro from harm

can you guys help my eggs hatchParty image

my teammates songs and battle cry

lewis: blizzard jet 20 go
bridget: wind jet 19 go
elliot: comet jet 18 go
sabrina: razor jet 17 go
timmy: foot crusher 16 go
tan: foot crusher 15 go
jimmy: fist rocket 14 go
jim: fist rocket 13 go
tim: brain scrambler 12 go
darren: torso tank driver 11 go.
robot activates
dar: super
tim and elliot: robot
jim: monkey
timmy: team
tan/bridget: hyper
jimmy/sabrina: force
lewis: 2
all: GO!

theme songs for my teams
darren: life is a highway by rascal flatts
tim: burning up by the jonas brothers
tan: it ends tonight by all american rejects
jim: never too late by 3 days grace
jimmy: what's left of me by nick lachey
timmy: halfway gone by lifehouse
lewis: bless the broken road by rascal flatts
bridget: what about now by daughtry
elliot: away from the sun by 3 doors down
sabrina: beautiful by Christina agulara
rover: be like that by 3 doors down
ivan: follow through by gavin degraw
hailey: pocket full of sunshine by natasha betting-field
andrea: whatever it takes by lifehouse
lucas: when i'm gone by 3 doors down
mica: what hurts the most by rascal flatts
daisy: she's so mean from matchbox 20


either give me a llama,points or a :+devwatch:


Happy Birthday Tan
Mon May 8, 2017, 11:24 AM
Thanks for the watch,dude! You ROCK!
Thu May 12, 2016, 10:26 PM
Thu Jul 9, 2015, 6:23 AM
*throws Chiro at you* :3
Fri Mar 6, 2015, 6:13 PM
thanks for the fav! :3
Wed Jan 28, 2015, 2:11 AM
thanks for the fave :)
Sat Nov 29, 2014, 7:59 PM
thnx for the fave
Wed Oct 1, 2014, 12:30 AM
Thanks for the favs! :D
Wed Feb 19, 2014, 8:14 AM
Thank you for the watch! Yaaay
Fri Jan 31, 2014, 2:32 AM
THANKS FOR THE FAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tue Jan 28, 2014, 2:48 PM


srmthfgfan724 has started a donation pool!
1,204 / 16,000
i really need premium membership i do not want to deal with these ads. the journal skins i would like to use as well. my membership is about to run out. i'm trying to get the 7 year membership

anyone that donates will be given a drawing of themselves in robot monkey form or there very own made pokeball.

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sonichannah Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
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i'm sorry but could we hold off of the rp, my srmthfg and sonic oc's needs to have there pokemon and digimon
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sonichannah Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Pokemon oc is the champion of Ahola
ST Sophia Rose Diamond is the daughter of Pink Diamond
STH Hannah the Hedgehog is a hero with a phantom Ruby (From Sonic Forces)
Digimon She is the DigiDestined of Kindness with her partner Impmon
srmthfgfan724 Featured By Owner 3 days ago   General Artist
anything i need to know about your oc's?
sonichannah Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
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ok there will be some ninja oc's and just for your info i'm in love with chiro, there will be more of my teammates coming in as the rp goes along
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