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It means so much, if only those who never mattered, would understand.
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Can I use this XD

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It's so hard to do that, but I try lol

Not to annoy them, just so I can get over it and move on

edit: guys I'm sure they don't mean things like rape/murder etc. I think they mean like someone who's being a jerk, or you got in a fight with them, etc. Of course nobody should be forced to forgive their tormentor if it's something as bad as rape, but little things like someone cutting you off in traffic or being rude aren't really things to fuss about, unless they're constantly harassing you, then that's a problem.
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It's the last thing they ever expect, after all.
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No offense,but I honestly disagree with this.If someone did one bad thing,especially if it's by accident,it's fine and they should be forgiven,but they constantly keep on harassing you,keep saying bad stuff bout you,rape you,ect. You don't have to forgive them probably cuz they're bad people who should be kept away from.Other than that you have your beliefs and I have mine~
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My favorite quote from my favorite author. :D
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yes, if your enemy is a rapist and they sexually assaulted you, always forgive them!!!1111!!
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In other words... kill 'em with kindness!!! :hug:
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it would've been better if you mentioned it's said by Oscar Wilde.
i mean.. just look at my signature :3
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there are really people who have foregiven there enemies & would though it is very rare to find people like that. forgiveness is a very difficult lesson to follow
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I remember this sentence... Oscar Wilde said it, I think, and I loved it ^w^
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I disagree. Some things can't be forgiven.
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But if you really want to get on their nerves, be friendly towards them. 

Also, hello, Undertaker. ^^ 
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Be friendly towards a rapist or a murderer (in case, someone you love was murdered) ?

Fortunately these things didn't happen to me but I'm not a fan of " forgive your foes ".

That being said, even for " less " serious things (cheating, swindling, etc...) I wouldn't forgive people.

Hello, there !
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However you look at it, I suppose. 

But if a loved one was actually murdered/raped by this person, I would give them hell before I'd let them go. 

Then, I could throw him in one of your coffins! :3 
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Unless your enemy stops hating you, then you can forgive them. If they continue being your enemy, hate them.
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Read my signature.
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XD! Forgive your enemies, and hug them, and tell them that you don't really hate them! That's a sure-fire way to piss them off!!

Perry the Platypus: *hugs his nemesis*
Dr. Doofenshmirtz: WTF?!?!?
Dr. Doofenshmirtz: Perry the Platypus? GTF off of me!!!

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and after you forgive them.... HUG THEM! but make sure you hug them when they don't have a chance to kill you!
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I've been wait for a stamp like this, nice going :D
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this is cool. but I prefer a more active approach. :mwahaha: Muahahahaha.
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