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Amsterdam Rain

As soon as we got to Amsterdam it started to rain. My friend and I took cover under an overhang from a porn store (yea, yea, I know!)... and I looked across the street to see the perfect shot.

No photo manip.

*Enjoy in full view.

(On this version cropping and framing by TheDraperyFa11s.)
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How do I buy this?
Wonderful! Are those white dots real raindrops?
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wow, amazing!!
and i know the bike!! XD

it's the bike of a friend of my dad's
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i like the raindrops in there makes the photo really awesome, the only thing, i wish the bike was in the right of the picture more and the door on the left, instead of the bike being sort of centered. :sun:
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I just changed it this moring!! lol WOW you would say that.. sigh... I will have to put up the other one now and send you the link. DAMNIT! hahaha
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hard to make raindrops not look like a mistake. well done!
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;) I didn't know what I was doing back then.. lol... but I knew I loved taking pictures! Even in the rain! :D
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woow! i like it! its a wonderfull shot! i like also the effect (i know u dont manipulate the that's better!) and the focus ( i dont know if im saying it right, i mean how you take the bike appear on it -where it is in the photo-)
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thanks so much for your input on the shot! Much appreciated! :D
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Well... I came back! :D Just browsing my favorites and saw it and I had to take another look! :) It is amazing!! It will make my wish list as soon as I will start it! :nod:
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Thank you so very much!! :hug: you are too kind! :)
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No, thank you for sharing that! :D
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Wow! The water on the lens really turns this beautiful shot into something else!
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hehee.. and what might that be? :D Thanks for the :fav+:! :)
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Really nice photo.
Great colors and atmopshere.
Love the simplicity of it =]
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You're welcome m'dear =]
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Indeed this is a perfect shot! :) No manips needed, good timing, good atmosphere and lovely feelings! :D Keep it up!
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omggg I loveee this picture. Idk why, just something about it. good work :)
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I think this one is really awesome !You should be really pround with such effect and composition!
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now this is a shot that rite up my street, brilliant
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