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My Bio
Hi everyone, my DA name is Megamink1997, named after my original cartoon series about a furry superhero, and the year he was created. :)

I'm a furry artist that likes to draw furry characters, mostly my original characters from the Megamink series which is kinda like a furry/manga series with some fan service, as well as the concept of good vs evil.
Sometimes I do fan art, mainly Sonic fan art, among some other things, and I like to write Sonic fan fiction.

I like most types of music, but mostly pop, classic rock and heavy metal.

I also do commissions during any spare time I might have, so please don't rush me if you want me to do any.

Here are the prices.
£5 for a shaded pencil drawing.
£10 for a drawing highlighted in pen.
£20 for a highlighted drawing coloured in with photoshop.
£30 for a highlighted drawing coloured in with coloured pencils.

If you have a PayPal account, you can pay me using that. And I'll do my best to carry out the commission. And I'll send the money back if I am unable to draw the picture.

If you're interested, please send me a note with "Commission" as the subject title. And let me know what you want me to draw, and I'll note you back if I am able to draw it or not. :)

I should also point out I no longer do requests, but if you can't pay for a commission, then an art trade can be the next option. :)

Favourite Movies
Home Alone, Zootropolis, Sing, The Lion King Trilogy
Favourite TV Shows
DragonBall Z, Power Rangers, Super Sentai, Doctor Who, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, Steven Universe, The Raccoons, The Simpsons
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Rush, Saxon, Kate Bush, Queen, Sweet
Favourite Books
Watership Down, David Copperfield, The Demon Headmaster
Favourite Games
Classic Sonic Games, the Ty Trilogy, Ecco the Dolphin
Favourite Gaming Platform
Playstation 2, Playstation 3 and Playstation 4
Tools of the Trade
Pens, Pencils, Colour Pencils and Photoshop
Other Interests
Drawing Cartoons and Writing, exploring places and getting inspiration

Megamink Comics

1 min read
I have started publishing the old Megamink comics, beginning with 2005. Any early comics that are already posted will be added to the yearly galleries when I get to them in the comic uploading. Some of the early comics might be rated mature, for example, there's a comic adventure where young Harvey Sleek develops a crush on his babysitter Fluffy, with some risque moments, but nothing too explicit thank goodness. Regarding my previous journal entry, the alternative to posting the comics by CD-ROM would be uploading all the comic folders onto the MEGA site, and I share the download link to anyone who is interested in reading the comics.
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It's been a long time since I tried self publishing my art on CD-ROMs, but a new idea came up, and I might probably try and publish an all new CD-ROM with all 100 Megamink Comic adventures. :) That could be the alternative idea to publishing the early comics here on DA, but I might change my mind, or I might do both. :)
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Stress Update

2 min read
Hi everyone. After a week away, I am now inspired to keep Megamink going, besides I keep reminding myself that trying to move on from something I really enjoy just causes more stress. What I haven't decided yet is to either do a new series of Megamink comic adventures, or begin a new serialised storyline, or go back to writing adventures. I kinda miss writing, but at the same time, the written stories don't show my true talent, especially when it comes to writing original ideas, and I do get some words spelt wrong. If I do decide on either writing adventures, or drawing adventure comics, it might something I'll do once in a while, so I can have time to work on other projects. Recently I have been practicing my art skills when it comes to texture and detail. This summer, I have started work on a folder of pictures called "Stephen Fox & Co: Summer of 2023." So far, I have only done a couple pictures, but I hope to do more soon between now and the beginning of September. Maybe by
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Hello, may I have a request?

Hello, may I have a request?

If you take requests: Have you ever drawn Lupe of the Wolf Pack from the Sonic the Hedgehog universe?

I don't think I have yet.

Hope you do soon. Would you like reference?

No I'll be okay. :)

I was going to draw Lupe today, but ran out of time, so I shall try tomorrow. :)

could you do mr wolf and diane foxington as jungle anthros