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My Bio
Hi everyone, my DA name is Megamink1997, named after my original cartoon series about a furry superhero, and the year he was created. :)

I'm a furry artist that likes to draw furry characters, mostly my original characters from the Megamink series which is kinda like a furry/manga series with some fan service, as well as the concept of good vs evil.
Sometimes I do fan art, mainly Sonic fan art, among some other things, and I like to write Sonic fan fiction.

I like most types of music, but mostly pop, classic rock and heavy metal.

I also do commissions during any spare time I might have, so please don't rush me if you want me to do any.

Here are the prices.
£5 for a shaded pencil drawing.
£10 for a drawing highlighted in pen.
£20 for a highlighted drawing coloured in with photoshop.
£30 for a highlighted drawing coloured in with coloured pencils.

If you have a PayPal account, you can pay me using that. And I'll do my best to carry out the commission. And I'll send the money back if I am unable to draw the picture.

If you're interested, please send me a note with "Commission" as the subject title. And let me know what you want me to draw, and I'll note you back if I am able to draw it or not. :)

I should also point out I no longer do requests, but if you can't pay for a commission, then an art trade can be the next option. :)

Favourite Movies
Home Alone, Zootropolis, Sing, The Lion King Trilogy
Favourite TV Shows
DragonBall Z, Power Rangers, Super Sentai, Doctor Who, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, Steven Universe, The Raccoons, The Simpsons
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Rush, Saxon, Kate Bush, Queen, Sweet
Favourite Books
Watership Down, David Copperfield, The Demon Headmaster
Favourite Games
Classic Sonic Games, the Ty Trilogy, Ecco the Dolphin
Favourite Gaming Platform
Playstation 2, Playstation 3 and Playstation 4
Tools of the Trade
Pens, Pencils, Colour Pencils and Photoshop
Other Interests
Drawing Cartoons and Writing, exploring places and getting inspiration
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Hi everyone. First of all, I want to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday two weeks ago. :) We had a bit of a get together. The day before my birthday, my mother's sister in law visited, bringing along party decorations and a chocolate Birthday cake. On my birthday, we decorated the living room, and I arranged a Birthday Zoom meeting at 3 in the afternoon, and invited my cousins and my aunts and uncle to join in. The event went well and I got some good presents including a 40th birthday mug. A couple books. "The Art of Zootropolis", and a "Brony" note book. :) I also got a DVD. The Disney movie, "Inside Out". :) The following evening, we had a fondue, and after that we watched "Zootropolis" on Disney+ which I had planned in advance. In fact, the whole Zoom birthday party idea was planned since last summer, as I wanted to have a big celebration for my 40th birthday. I had another idea planned for my birthday, which would have been a small party held at the local village club.
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Ever since all these reports about Cancel Culture (which is now my most hated enemy) changing Lola Bunny's appearance and banning Pepe Le Pew from future Looney Tunes projects, I have been feeling a bit worried, especially towards today's world, full of Snowflakes and PC gone mad. This is exactly what I have been fearing for years, after becoming aware of changes in entertainment and culture etc. Now I fear that people will get into trouble for drawing fan art of Pepe Le Pew or even artwork of other characters, especially in a way that wouldn't be allowed on anything official. Then there's art of original characters, like the many original characters I've come up with. This also brings up the question title of this journal entry, regarding the Megamink series. It's my original series, and when originally created back in 1997, it was targeted towards kids, and later evolved into a more superhero/comedy series with some adult fan service, mostly inspired by anime/manga. Looking back at
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30 years ago today, the 4th season of the original "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" (or "Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles" as it was called back then) first aired on Sky One. I remember it like it was 30 years ago. :) It was Friday the 8th of March 1991. I was at school, and I knew the last two episodes of season 3 was repeated on Thursday. "The Big Break In" and "The Big Blow Out", which at the time I thought were the last ever episodes of the series. On Friday, I guessed they went back to the start of the repeated loop, beginning with "The Return of Shredder", and when I got back from school, I was expecting "The Incredible Shrinking Turtles". To my surprise, I saw a new series intro, and the episode was "Son of Return of the Fly II". I also found out it was a repeat of the morning episode. Starting that day they showed the same episode twice a day. And with new episodes, I was all hyped to see more new TMNT episodes. :) To celebrate the anniversary, today I watched the episode on
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Happy Birthday Godliek :D 1st Emoticon: Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Grin Birthday cake  icon happy DA B-day :3 Daisy happy birthday! Blower fella (Party) fella's Gobbler (Party) Cheers fella (party) fella Gift (Party)


Hey, I know it's been a very long time since we last spoke and I hate feeling like I'm only dropping a line for your birthday like I seem to do every year (like clockwork as usual) but because this is a fairly significant year/point in your life I would like to chat with you in a private note about getting caught up with things and some details about our lives perhaps for awhile the first chance I

Hopefully a little later today (on the 16th) if possible, if not then maybe a little later this week per

Sorry for the slightly belated birthday shout, I knew this particular year was going to be milestone for you and I don't know how to appropriately acknowledge that fact without worrying about making you feel bad in some way, so I try to simply point out today is your birthday and not mention the particular milestone year you've reached

..out of politeness..I suppose.

Grappling with this, being forgetful and generally not having been online or even being on my computer for much of the past week (among other things, including my internet briefly being down precisely as I'm typing at this moment, thus further stalling out my effort) is primarily why I took so long to finally get around to acknowledging this day for you

In any case you have a happy remaining (it was still late on the 14th when I wrote this) nonetheless, regardless of what age you've reached or how it makes you feel personally, I hope to chat and/or talk again with you soon, if I'm not around feel free to try and reach me through a private note and I'll be sure to eventually respond! ..later Stephen..bye! :)

Happy Birthday mate,

Here's for you:

BG: Gear up the Vixen

Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday, Stephen.

I Thank You-kindly for putting Me on Your Deviant Watch.

You're welcome. :)

I look forward to seeing more of your Raccoons fan art. :)