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TRONY pack v1.0


TRONY pack v1.0


  • mane6 with TRON skin

  • bodygrouped helmets

  • 4 helmet props (mare, mare unicorn, stallion, stallion unicorn)

  • disc prop

  • the props have 10 skins: basic, mane6, wireframe, 2 FREE SLOT to make yours!


DL from Steam Workshop: [link]

Some info:

Tested on Garry's Mod and Source Filmmaker.
Based on PonySource V3.1 models.
Hex, helmet models, disc model and skins by :iconsrick91:
Picture made in Garry's Mod, and edited in Photoshop.
If I have to mention anyone else in credits, leave a comment! (Who made PonySource v3.1 ?)


  • lightcycles [DOWNLOAD]

  • tanks

  • lightjet

  • update with the new overhaul bodies

  • list closed.. :P That's enough :D

For more pictures visit my TRONY pack folder!

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hey... aren't you the youtuber who made the SFM rainbow factory?
SRicK91's avatar
Yup, I made that. :3
kittysin's avatar
awesome! my sub feels safe with you.
SRicK91's avatar
awesome, thanks :D
when are you updating this?
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Last time when I had problems with compiling I stopped to work on it. And.. it was quiet a while ago, I know.. But I'm on it again.
what is the estimated time it will take to finish the update?
SRicK91's avatar
I have no idea.. :/
GreenMint4265's avatar
If I ever get the chance of installing Garry's Mod/SFM then I mant get this. :)
SRicK91's avatar
Thank you ^^
Ask-TdaFluttershy's avatar
Can i upload this and the cycles to the gmod workshop for u?
SRicK91's avatar
Umm.. Yes. But put a link in the description to my DA page ;)
And give me the workshop link.
Ask-TdaFluttershy's avatar
Here you Go
Trony pack [link]
Trony Cycles [link]
SRicK91's avatar
Ok, Thank you! :)
when a new update comes out, can i trust you to put it on the steam workshop as well?
when you finish with the updates, can you put it on the gmod workshop for easy access to people who don't know how to install it the regular way?
SRicK91's avatar
I'll try, but I never used the workshop before.. lol :D
try to find a tutorial for it
gmcommander's avatar
do these work for the overhaul pack?
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