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RP Academy (If you want a room, just ask for it)

:target: Pirate Ship arrives to the castle! :target: :sushi: Go to Guilds ->…

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Secret Bottle by SrGrafoLava Room by SrGrafoProhibited Castle by SrGrafoA Pirate Ship Arrived the academy! by SrGrafo

:damphyr: Shop. --> Furniture Shop 6.2 (Opening Item added!) by SrGrafo

*Academy Entrance* The very top of the building, see that big door, there, leads to the entrance living
*Entrance Living* Once you take the elevator, you will be in the Entrance Living
*Central Hall* Leads to the Pool and in the other side to the Dragon Restaurant
*Story Library*Leaving the living room, there you will find the Story Library
*Living Room*Room with a big Clock and couches
*Pool* Warm pool and changing rooms for the girls and boys
*Stairs Room*Leaving the Library walk straigh, you will enter the stairs room
*Yellow Park* Between Room 7 and Room 6 there is a Yellow door that leads to the Yellow Park
*Coffee Shop* Best know as the "Cafe", most popular place in the academy, entrance behind Room 13
*Dragon Restaurant* Once you leave the pool, walk straigh and in the left you will find the big Dragon Restaurant
*Crystal Bank* If you are in the yellow park, you should be able to see the entrance, deposit your items here
*Pumpkin Park* Cross the bridge to Green Flowers zone, close to room 19 there is a path that leads to the Pumpking Park
*Secrets Bottle*Behind the Pumpkin Park, there is an ice path over the water, follow it to reach the secret Bottle
*Deco Park* In the living room, enter the door below the clock, and you will find the Deco Park
*Lava Room* In the Right side of the Deco Park there is a way to enter the Lava Room
*Prohibited Castle* Old castle constructed long before the academy was created, the entrance is close
:earth:++ Zones ++:earth:
*Main Center* Rooms [5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13]
*Green Flowers* [14,15,16,17,18,19,29,30,31]
*Yellow Lines* [20,21,22,23,24,25,26]
*Orange Garden* [27,28,32,33,34]
*Circle Forest* [35,36,37,38,39,40,41,42,43,44,45]

:damphyr:---------------------------- BADGES -----------------------:damphyr:
(Floors, Wall colors (1 to 8), Initial Beds and Doors Dont count as Furniture*)

:icondf-green1: For getting a Single Room (Allows you to have 1 Pet)
:icondf-green2: For getting 5 Furnitures
:icondf-green3: For getting 8 Furnitures
:icondf-green4: For getting 8 or more Furnitures and at least 1 Tree (D7 - D-)
:icondf-blue1: For getting a Duplex (Allows you to have 2 Pets)
:icondf-blue2: For getting 8 Furnitures in a Duplex
:icondf-blue3: For getting 15 Furnitures in a Duplex
:icondf-blue4: For getting 15 or more Furnitures and at least 1 Tree (D7 - D-)
:icondf-red1: For getting a Trio (Allows you to have 3 Pets)
:icondf-red2: For getting 15 Furnitures in a Trio
:icondf-red3: For getting 25 Furnitures in a Trio
:icondf-red4: For getting 25 or more Furnitures and at at least 1 Tree (D14 - D-)
:icondf-yellow1: For getting a Vip (Allows you to have 4 Pets)
:icondf-yellow2: For getting 25 Furnitures in a Vip
:icondf-yellow3: For getting 30 Furnitures in a Vip
:icondf-yellow4: For getting 30 or more Furnitures in a Vip and at least 1 Tree (D17 - D-)

---------------------------- ROOMS -----------------------:damphyr:
[key] = Only owner can enter
[open door] = Any can enter

-----:damphyr:*Main Center*:damphyr:-----

:icondafightplz-house::icondf-green1:(Empty) [Key 1]
:icondafightplz-house::icondf-green1:(Empty) [Key 2]
:icondafightplz-house::icondf-green1:(Empty) [Key 3]
:icondafightplz-house::icondf-green1:(Empty) [Key 4]
:icondafightplz-house::icondf-green1:(Empty) [Key 5]
:icondafightplz-house::icondf-yellow4:(Empty) [Key x]
:icondafightplz-house::icondf-green1:(Empty) [Key 6]
:icondafightplz-house::icondf-green1:(Empty) [Key 7]
:icondafightplz-house::icondf-green2:(Empty) [Key 8]
:icondafightplz-house::icondf-green1:(Empty) [Key 9]
:icondafightplz-house::icondf-blue1:(Empty) [Key 10]
:icondafightplz-house::icondf-green1:(Empty) [Key 11]
:icondafightplz-house::icondf-green1:(Empty) [Key 12]
:icondafightplz-house::icondf-green2:(Empty) [Key 13]

-----:damphyr:*Green Flowers*:damphyr:-----

:icondafightplz-house::icondf-green2:(Empty) [Key 14]
:icondafightplz-house::icondf-green1:(Empty) [Key 15]
:icondafightplz-house::icondf-green4:(Empty) [Key 16]
:icondafightplz-house::icondf-green2:(Empty) [Key 17]
:icondafightplz-house::icondf-green1:(Empty) [Key 18]
:icondafightplz-house::icondf-green1:(Empty) [Key 19]
:icondafightplz-house::icondf-blue1:(Empty) [Key 29]
:icondafightplz-house::icondf-blue1:(Empty) [Key 30]
:icondafightplz-house::icondf-blue1:(Empty) [Key 31]

-----:damphyr:*Yellow Lines*:damphyr:-----

:icondafightplz-house::icondf-green2:(Empty) [Key 20]
:icondafightplz-house::icondf-green1:(Empty) [Key 21]
:icondafightplz-house::icondf-green1:(Empty) [Key 22]
:icondafightplz-house::icondf-green1:(Empty) [Key 23]
:icondafightplz-house::icondf-green1:(Empty) [Key 24]
:icondafightplz-house::icondf-green1:(Empty) [Key 25]
:icondafightplz-house::icondf-green1:(Empty) [Key 26]

-----:damphyr:*Orange Garden*:damphyr:----- (Only Trios and Vips)

:icondafightplz-house::icondf-red1:(Empty) [Key 27]
:icondafightplz-house::icondf-red1:(Empty) [Key 28]
:icondafightplz-house::icondf-red1:(Empty) [Key 32]
:icondafightplz-house::icondf-red1:(Empty) [Key 33]
:icondafightplz-house::icondf-yellow1:(Empty) [Key 34]

-----:damphyr:*Circle Forest*:damphyr:-----

:icondafightplz-house::icondf-green1:(Empty) [Key 35]
:icondafightplz-house::icondf-green1:(Empty) [Key 36]
:icondafightplz-house::icondf-green1:(Empty) [Key 37]
:icondafightplz-house::icondf-green1:(Empty) [Key 38]
:icondafightplz-house::icondf-green1:(Empty) [Key 39]
:icondafightplz-house::icondf-green1:(Empty) [Key 40]
:icondafightplz-house::icondf-green1:(Empty) [Key 41]
:icondafightplz-house::icondf-green1:(Empty) [Key 42]
:icondafightplz-house::icondf-green1:(Empty) [Key 43]
:icondafightplz-house::icondf-green1:(Empty) [Key 44]
:icondafightplz-house::icondf-blue1:(Empty) [Key 45]

-----:target:*Private Rooms*:target:-----
:icondafightplz-house: (Private Sushi Tower Room) (Empty)[Key a1] [:sushi:2000] :icondf-badge-5:

If you want me to create an empty room, just coment in the furniture shop*


DaFight RP ChatRoom  ( SHOP ) by SrGrafo
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Damn I miss the VIP...
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Whats all this? o3o
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could i have a room then~? anyone will do
Soulenite's avatar
This will be later on or so he plans. I used to have room 1 and I think room 32 (it was one of the VIPs XD).
:iconheplz: all the hours of working on this..... 
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Wait, is this being brought back? I just got an inbox with this.
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yes, also the rp quests, a lot is being updated *just finished the first update of the main page, will keep working today ^^)
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can i have a room? :3
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sure but, there is a new map being worked on ^>w< and will be diferent
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:iconcannotevenplz: All of this Habbo stuff....
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Haha habbo/habo hotel or blip :D
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What's this for? :3
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Its the map of the academy of this rp group :iconda-fight:

Allows members to have rooms and purchase/create furniture in their rooms uvu/
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:icondf-coins: takin the waterfall out of the tower room, putting a cot in it's place
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:icondf-coins: okie im gonna put :icondf-x015: in the Tower Room in blockkk 1
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:icondf-coins: updated* ouo
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ahh ty *runs to collect from rp quest*
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making more quest cause you are advancing fast uvu
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:icongtthplz: sorry bout that
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rp quests board updated*
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