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Furniture Shop 6.2 (Opening Item added!)

exchange value
:damphyr:x1 =  :sushi:x50

Here you can find 
the Templates if you want to create your own furniture -->… :target:
:damphyr: Remember when purchasing
- tell me the location of the item.
- If you want tell me the direction facing (otherwise i choose the best on my own)
- Check the color of the items, you will be able to try diferent combinations.
- :bulletblue: Blue Items can be spot above a Red Item :bulletblue:
- :bulletred: Red Items can hold up to 3 Items above them :bulletred:
- :bulletgreen: Green Items can be inserted in Gray Items :bulletgreen:
- :bulletblack: Gray Items can Mix with green Items :bulletblack:
- The bed location can't be changed, (unless you get a new one) you can change the location of your furniture at anytime.
- You can place an object in the door spot, but remember it might look like you can barely enter your room.
- If you purchase a Lamp icon, you can turn the light on or off any time, just tell me.
* If you locate an item close to a wall, it will be get closer to it.

The Shop for the Academy Building RP Academy (If you want a room, just ask for it) by SrGrafo

:icondf-coins::damphyr: *** Prices *** :damphyr::icondf-coins:

:icondf-room: Single [:sushi:500] :icondf-green1:
:icondf-room::icondf-room: Duplex [:sushi:10,000] :icondf-blue1:
:icondf-room::icondf-room::icondf-room: Trio [:sushi:50,000] :icondf-red1:
:icondf-room::icondf-room::icondf-room::icondf-room: Vip [:sushi:100,000] :icondf-yellow1:

:star: Members Designes :star:
You can find the folder with the members designes here -->…
:damphyr: The following deviants have added furniture using the templates :dummy:
:icondragondeplatino: taking pixel furniture requests.
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:icondf-updated: sorry for the delay uvu"
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:icondf-coins: -2500:sushi: for guild construction
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:icondf-updated: updated in map too
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:icondf-coins: *Rebuys Room 30*
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:icondf-updated: updating right now

+500:sushi: from the undo.
-1000:sushi: for duplex
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:icondf-coins: Purchase Room 15 again.

:icondf-suriyawong: *Walks into the empty room slowly* [[This place... It smells like Zerro...]]
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:icondf-coins: buying 1x HH1 .....-100:sushi:
please update for's just gonna go in the sushi tower room...*goes to map to specify where*
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:icondf-coins: Screw dis. Kari needs more room, yo. Gimme dat VIP room! :icondatfaceplz:
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:icondf-coins: updated

:target: First Vip :target:
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:icondf-coins: Buying the following:

Wallpaper 4 for both walls (6 sushi)
H3 Bed on Tile 3 (50 sushi)
G1 Door (5 Sushi)
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Total 61:sushi:. Updating once it is done.
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:icondf-coins: Buying Room 2, please.
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:icondf-coins:F18 on the middle tile
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