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DaFight Rp Rule Book

You can Find all, Shops, Creatures, Maps, Spells, etc, In the main page of the group :iconda-fight:

:damphyr: **Rules To RP in DaFight** :damphyr:

:iconalcoholicguymeme1plz:My oc is so powerfull that she will---
"-- we dont allow mary sues"
:iconalcoholicguymeme2plz:mary? but..
:iconalcoholicguymeme3plz:my infinite powers...

:earth: DaFight :earth:
:bulletblack: DaFight its an Rp Group kiiind of different, In DF [DaFight] all your progress will be saved in the general ranking, you can go into missions and hunting creatures to obtaing items from them, then the items you gather will be saved in your personal bank account, in there you will be able to sell and buy items from the store or other members, doing all of this will make you earn :damphyr: and with it, you will be able to obtain :sushi: [both are Currency] with Sushi you will be able to purchase your own room[s] in the academy map, and getting the furniture you want [you can even designe your furniture and post it to get it added to the furniture store].

:earth: Who is accepted in the group? :earth:
:bulletblack: Anyone, Anyone that has been in DeviantArt for more than a Month [we dont like new deviants with one week in deviantart and no deviantations, no avatar, no nothing, for us they are troll accounts, so if you are not a troll you can join]
<<< There is exceptions where you prove that you have other account in DA, so we can accept your New account ouo >>>

:damphyr: if you are not an artist at all (a writer or photographer for example) you can use this… to create the reference of your oc ^w^

:earth: Activity? :earth:
Is not an Art Based rp, so you dont have to submit every while to be `active`, just visiting the chat from while and while its more than enough [anyway art work suggestions are accepted]

:earth: Entrance to the chat :earth:
:bulletblack: Click in the "join chat" button, if it doesnt allow you the entrance, dont worry its normal, we usually close the chat for visitors most of the day, its only full open for members, just keep trying (we are usually open for visitors at night)
:bulletblack: Feel free to try to enter the chat at any moment, meaning that dont worry about being interrupting something or bothering, we like talking with visitors, and if you have doubts any member will glad you explain you ouo.
:bulletblack: If you joined this week, (like you are a reaaally new deviant with only few days in da) sorry you are not allowed to enter the chat, we dont allow new deviants, unless the account has deviantations and its clearly not a troll account or some people we dont like.
:bulletblack: If you are in the AtTheDoor tab, you can talk with us, but you cant use Icons also you cant rp.
:bulletblack: If you are in the Slenderman tab, you wont be able to talk.
:bulletblack: The chat is most of the time closed for non-members, only at nights at some moment we open it for visitors*

:earth: Behavior :earth:
:bulletgreen: Be Nice, other wise you will be Kicked, and for sure banned by me.
:bulletgreen: Rated "Pg13" Sexual themes are not allowed.
:bulletgreen: Keep OOC (Out Of Character) at minimun.
:bulletgreen: Advertisement is Highly prohibited.

:earth: How to RP :earth:
:bulletred: Use )) When you are talking and not your Oc.
:bulletred: Use the Following example to Rp Properly in DaFight:

So-Ra v.2 by SrGrafo (Cafe) *Walks in, searching for a table* "humm Anyone here?"
[Avatar (you get one free)] + (Location) : *Action Being done* "Text or voice spoken"
:bulletred: To know about the locations, check the map --> Unamed Continent by SrGrafo

:bulletred: Some Icons that you can use to help others see whats going on

:icondafightplz-enters: Show that your oc Just enter the RP
:icondafightplz-leaves: Show that your oc Just left the RP
:icondafightplz-afk: "AFK - "Away From Keyboard"
:icondafightplz-busy: Show that you are still in the chat, but also doing something else.
:icondafightplz-black: Show that you are asking for a vote, or looking for players online.
:icondafightplz-white: Reply to the black ballon
:icondf-green: "Green" [show that your oc is hanging around and able to rp with anyone]
:icondf-orange: "Orange" [show that your oc is already rping with someone]
:icondf-scarlet: "Scarlet" [your OC is kind of busy, might not be able to rp with people]
:icondf-blue: "Blue" [show that your OC is Sparring with another OC]
:icondf-black: "Black" [show that your OC is in a real battle with other OC]
:icondf-void: "Void" [show that your OC is inside a Void]

:target: What to do in DaFight?

Pretty much whatever you want, you can have just an OC that walks from place to place and sometimes interact with people
if you want to go deeper, you can start hunting some creatures to obtain items and then purchase better weapons and armors,
or you can stay away from battles and earn items doing "rp quests" that are quests that you can complete just chatting,
or you can do both, and get experience, make a clan, start expanding the domination of your clan in the map
fight battles in pvps, do missions, get a furniture and things for your room, and pff its up to you -w-

:snowflake: Members Rules :snowflake:

- Only the commands //get and //give are allowed in the RP Room, any other command must be done in the OOC room.
- Spamming is not allowed
- You cant double post, wait until someone rp before*
- The ooc talking must be avoided in the RP Room, that room is only for RP.
- All links are prohibited unless its a deviantart link or a youtube song only.
- Members are only able to have 1 oc and later if purchased 1 npc, rping with unexistent characters will lead to a warning
- Constantly doing things against the rules will gather warnings, if it continues I reserve the right to remove your access from the group.

How can I know if I am breaking the rules?

:iconthegloryofplz: I will personaly tell you

:target: How to Quest with the Bot :target:

The bot have a Different list of commands you can use.

//inventory Show all the items you have.
//armory Show all the battle items you have.
//equip Move a weapon/armor item from inventory to armory.
//unequip Move a weapon/armor item from armory to armory. 
//stats Show your stats for PVE enviroment.
//market Show all the items that have been sold to the market. [you can purchase from it]
//use If the item is edible, it will be consumed and provide more stamina.
//del delete permanently an item from your inventory.
//buy Let you purchase from the Market [cost per item :damphyr:x1 ]
//sell Let you sell to the Market [cost per item :damphyr:x0.1 ]
//give Let you give an Item(s) to another player.
//craft Let you Craft an item if you have the required items.
//mission Let you do a Mission from the Mission Board (Currently WIP)
//quest Let you do a Quest from the Quests Board

:target: You only have in an start 

5 Slots
25 cap each one
20 stamina (renenerates +1 each 2 minuts)

Example to get an item
    //get grass 10

Example to give an item
    //give grass 5 [username] <-- Dont forget Caps*

Just when using item  related commands, dont forget to add the amount ater the name*

- It sounds complicated, but the thing is that,... you pretty much dont do nothing besides rp, only admins and updaters need to know this stuff, you just do rp quests and normal rp, we do the work uvu/

:target: The next part is really advanced stuff, forget it xD

:iconyayhanatamagoplz: serioussly stop right there, you dont need the part below, its really advanced xD

:target::icondafightfire1: The following section its only used when a battle or a quest is happening:icondafightfire1::target:

This is only for the battle system
:target:** Starting Battle **:target:
both players (or team captains) //dice 100
:star: Lowest number start
:star: Captains can choose another team mate to dice
:earth: Players can define if they want highest number or lower (before the dicing)

:target:** Making Lines **:target:

Simple Quest 20:damphyr:+1upgrade
Mission 80:damphyr:+1upgrade
PvP 80:damphyr:+3 upgrades

:target:** Sushi Bonus **:target:

First Time making the mission (Boss Killed) +20:sushi:
Repeating any mission (Boss Killed) +50:sushi:
In PvP (team battle) each player joining doubles the amount of :sushi: for winner team (half for looser team)
In PvP (free for all) each player joining increase in +10:sushi: for last standing oc (all the ko get half)

:damphyr:** DaFight Battle Dictionary **:damphyr:

:icondf-attack: Show that you are making a Normal Attack. (with a Effect Item show Magic Attack)
:icondf-counter: When a Normal Attack is done succefully, the attacker receives This amount of dmg
:icondf-recover: Increase the Hp With this amount of "Recover". (cure status)
:icondf-evade: Increase Evasion % (eva+8%)
:icondf-heavy: Increase Heavy % (hvy+6%)
:icondf-critical: Increase Critical % (Crit+3%)
:icondf-blocked: Show that a Normal Attack has been Deflected or Blocked.
:icondf-hp: Total amount of HitPoints of an Oc or a Creature.
:icondf-tush: Show that Damage from anykind of attack has been received in the Hp.
:icondf-stats: Show the stats of a Oc or Creature [Attack/Recover/Counter].
:icondf-stats2: Only for Elite or superior (Show advanced stats [Evade/Heavy/Critical].
:icondf-ko: When the Hp Reach "0" This icon shows that the player is unable to keep fighting. (KO)
:icondf-autoheal: Each time you play your turn, you gain this amount of +Hp Points.
:icondf-poison: Show that you are under Poison effect [-5hp each turn you play]
:icondf-burn: Show that you are under Burn effect [-10hp each turn you play]
:icondf-slow: Show that you are under Slow effect of another Oc.
:icondf-charm: Show that you are under charm effect [another Oc/Creature controlling you]
:icondf-hide: Has been removed from the system. (Unable to use it on battles)
:icondafightplz-drink: Show that a drink has been drooped, and players can grab it.

*:target:*How to make your lines?*:target:*

:iconsofia-normal::icondf-thief::icondf-ninjasword::icondf-cathelmet::icondf-shield::icondf-ninjacape::icondf-stats:[10/5/1]:icondf-hp: 33/33 <:icondf-hp:x2:icondf-recover:>

:iconsofia-normal: Plz Icon of your Oc
:icondf-thief: Your Oc Job
:icondf-ninjasword::icondf-cathelmet::icondf-shield::icondf-ninjacape: Items used in the current battle
:icondf-stats:[10/5/1] Current stats dmg/rvr/ctr (Items and Upgrades raise this stats)
:icondf-hp: 33/33 Current Hp (Items and Upgrades raise this stat)

<:icondf-hp:x2:icondf-recover:> Upgrades used (3 upgrades per battle)


*:target:* *Upgrades Values* *:target:*
(Player choose one of the upgrades each time there is a LVL-UP)

:icondf-attack:--> Damage +2
:icondf-hp:--> Hitpoints +10
:icondf-recover:--> Recovery +3
:icondf-counter:--> Counter +1


*:target:*How to Play the Turn?*:target:*

:bulletblack:Choose between Attack:icondf-attack: , Recover:icondf-recover: or end your turn :icondf-end::bulletblack:

:bulletblack:To attack a Player show the ---> :icondf-attack: + To who are you attacking.


:iconsofia-normal::icondf-thief::icondf-ninjasword::icondf-cathelmet::icondf-shield::icondf-ninjacape::icondf-stats:[10/5/1]:icondf-hp: 33/33 :icondf-attack: :iconraven-normal:

:bulletblack:Wait until the attacked player receive the dmg using the :icondf-tush: icon:bulletblack:

:icondf-tush:10! and the attacked player reduce his/her amount of :icondf-hp: 40/50

*:target:*When is my turn?*:target:*

The list at the right side of the DeviantArt Chat show the turn order.

When its a battle between teams, one of the blue teams plays, then one of the red, then one of the blue, and alternate.

:icondafightplz-order:Captains can define turn order at the begining of the battles
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star: Impact

Vision: This is what we call... Exquisite. Everything here is perfect, to me, at least. You really cast the light about what this group is about and how you use it. Good job!

Originality: Man, this is actually VERY original. I like what you did. You took just an basic format, then advanced it into your own! Love it!

Technique:You used Icons in such an perfect way, and made this clear to new people at this! I'm sure most understand!

Impact: At first, I was wary. I'm definitely going to make an form now. I wasn't at first, but... Nice!
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:star::star::star::star::star: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star: Impact

Wow! All I can really say is- I'm impressed! This group (especially this rule book) seems very well organized. Plenty of detail for those who are new, creatively designed, and seems to be quite active. The rulebook itself was really interesting because I've never rp'ed before, but you guys are the first that has drawn may attention!

Vision: 5/5 you guys used a lot of icons...

Originality: 5/5
Wasn't quite sure how to mark this one, but its awesome so wtv 5/5 wont hurt lol

technique: 5/5
Being disorganized is a pet peeve for me, but this was very clear and appealing to read and I just really enjoyed looking through everything <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="391" title=":) (Smile)"/>

impact: 5/5

awesome job guys! <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":D" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="366" title=":D (Big Grin)"/>
SrGrafo's avatar
woooa, thks! ouo, I didnt expect a critic on the rule book xD
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np but it was REALLY good and interesting
i wanna join but i dunno how ;w;
SrGrafo's avatar
oh we are getting members and starting from scratch (the opening was not too far, but this hours are laate xD its almost 4am here, i am going to bed now, try to join the chat early, right now is closed, it gets open until a while ago, ^^"
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crud, i would join, but my main three characters are pretty powerful even though they don't use it all the time... nice place though.
BobMcEggy's avatar
Man, this looks really interesting and I'd love to join. I only have two concerns: 1. If I were to join, would there be anyone willing to guide me through this all works. 2. All the character icons involve faces. Does this mean my OC icon shouldn't involve the bag he always wears?
SrGrafo's avatar
thks, 1) yeah, members are always helping tho its actually really simple, 2 no, it could keep the bag

tho all of this group its moving soon a different website :0
BobMcEggy's avatar
When are they moving?
SrGrafo's avatar
first seasons and opening of the website its this march RpVoid Era of Ashes by SrGrafo
BobMcEggy's avatar
Alright, I think I'm gonna sign up. Expect a note very soon with my OC's info. ^^
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Awesome..... : O
nauna00's avatar
i wanan join but it sounds so confusing and im slow lol XD
SrGrafo's avatar
I hear that often but its actually extremely simple xD

in any case, you can see it yourself, visit us whenever you feel like you can spectate the rp owo…
nauna00's avatar
oh kay. just one last thing, when i note you the oc and stuff can it be traditionally drawn and not digitally, only if its colored 

((sorry for late reply T-T))
SrGrafo's avatar
yes sure, it can even be a photo ^w^
PandaOnDA's avatar
Looks fun :D, so all i need to join is sending you an note with my oc?
SrGrafo's avatar
yes just like that, and visit us often in the chatroom to get your avatar before others ^w^
Rune-Shard's avatar
Looks it's fun! :meow: 
I would like to join, though I am still quite confused on how to join ^^;
SrGrafo's avatar
sorry for the late reply, didnt see this comment :0

also if interested in registering just note me about it owo
Rune-Shard's avatar
haha its alright :meow: 

Ill do that ^^ :D 
megaLun8's avatar
When u enter an OC,do we have to make an icon?

i like DaFight,like a video game,its cute and im so eager to join
SrGrafo's avatar
oh no you get an icon for free by the group, you just need to send me in a note the oc you want to register (headshot of it* )
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