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Application for the RP Chat world


This Application is no longer needed, in order to register just send me a note to -> :iconsrgrafo: with an image of your oc, and a drescripion.

But if you want the old method, yes, you can use this application and suggest it as a fave in the group, in both cases send me a note.


Add this to your description




Fear Of:

Always wanted:

-dont need to be too much, fill as much as you want

After finish, dont forget to add the Icon of the Group


And submit it to Favourites/Featured ^w^

For any question just Note me =u=

After Filling this, and adding the Icon you will use in the description, Go to the Chatroom in the group, once there a Random Nation will be selected for you.

Wait for the chat to be able ^w^

Thks for waiting
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May I use this and send it as a note to you? (Mostly because I really want to use dis yo)
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Um, Do I have to send you first a drawing of my O.C. or this App (with my O.C. in it and the other stuff)? I'm not really sure D:
BeadGCF17's avatar
i know we don't need this anymore, but that pet box makes it look like a pet is required.. is that so?
SrGrafo's avatar
oh no no, its not obligatory ^w^
becky0220's avatar
Doe sit have to be a anime character?
MissXuilan's avatar
I'm a little confused on how your system works, but I'd like to learn.
Should I submit an application anyway, and learn as I go along? Or am I expected to totally understand first? :c
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oh dont worry , its a process of first being in it and then learning, anyway most of the learning is pretty simple, everything that is related to the battle system is on hold (a friend is creating an interactive interface that will make it simplier, so its on hold until the release) and you can just normaly rp, if you want access to the features a good way to start is reading about the rp quests ouo

about the app, making it and submiting it as favourites, or sending me a image of your oc in a note, both work ouo/
OoxXShuIkXxoO's avatar
uuh just asking wheres the NEW applacation? owo I am going to finally make the applacation with motavation OwO or can i just use dis?
SrGrafo's avatar
there wont be application peach, an editor is being created
OoxXShuIkXxoO's avatar
alright! (I cant wait to join Da-fight again!)
SrGrafo's avatar
still peach, we only accept origianl characters
OoxXShuIkXxoO's avatar
of course...:iconotlplz: and hey...about that note...yeah i noticed that comment but if you see it see...ugh how to i put it... i didnt want to say anything because i was puzzled plus i dont really know who melony is but she seems pretty nice and i wasnt plan to attack or anything...dawso is a traitor and he is like the rudest of the rude and i felt like i got stabbed in the heart when you gave me that note..(no offense to you dawso probably tricked me..)
Im-a-Barnicle's avatar
:iconnotsureifplz: I think... I want to color
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just in case, there is a new way of registration (more faster an easier uvu/)

just make the drawing of your oc and send it to me in a note ouo
heartparasite's avatar

Just want to ask if it's necessary to color my OC, I really like it as ease :XD:
SrGrafo's avatar
show me the oc you want to register ouo
heartparasite's avatar
hey there, sorry for the delayed reply. Here ya go: [link]
MaxumBlue's avatar
im wondering about the dragon slots do i still have to fill this out or what
SrGrafo's avatar
its optional, u no longer need it, you can just join the chat , and while you are there your registration is being made uwu
Ziniari's avatar
Lol i dont get it ?
SrGrafo's avatar
lol u dont have to
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