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! Torturing Memory !

- Later.
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Aw man! It was not cool!

OMG poor Zack! 😱 This is so Angsty but I am here for it. XD

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I just want to protect the precious cinnamon roll and make him well
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Agreed. Gosh.. I wonder what we'll see in the remake.
HolleyParadox's avatar
i don't even want to think of it
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Poor Zack :'(. Would you draw the same sort of scene but with Cloud ? It would be great.
Sreliata's avatar
I don't think Cloud has been in the same situation, since he's mostly been unconscious during their time in there. But at one point, I'll do one with Cloud in the lab as well, yes! :la:
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Great angle and composition!
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Thank you so very much for this comment. :la:
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Is this a SAW movie reference? Because it similarly looks like it...
Sreliata's avatar
It actually isn't- but yeah, SAW is very similar to all such experiences x___x
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FFS. I love this ;x can you do one like this with Seph and Hojo? Since he did the same stuff to his own son too ;-;
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Oh thank you!! :la:
This picture took quite a while to make.

Since I am not a fan of Sephiroth really, I don't think I'll get to it  ;_;
But maybe one day, I will ja.
guardianofrebirth's avatar
That's alright no worries hun! I bet these are very hard! I'm def a fan of yours for life ;)
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Doctor that is not the Kink zack wants.  

very excellent work 
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Very happy to hear that you like it. :la:
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This is fantastic!! I mean, I hate seeing Zack hurt, but dang this really is great! I especially love the stitching on his ribs, it looks real. And the shine from his earring, little details like that really add more to it! Great job!! :D
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Uhhh.. thank you so so much for this comment!! :la:
I will try to make more like this in the future.

Given your icon, I can see that you're a Supernatural fan?
Are you all up to date with the show? :heart:
em0SkittlEz's avatar
Ahh, sorry if my comment came off weird Dx

Yes, I am! haha
Sreliata's avatar
Oh you are? Awesome!! :la:
Excited for the next season?

Did you like Ruby 1.0 oder 2.0 more?
em0SkittlEz's avatar
Yess! I'm extremely excited!!

I liked Ruby 1.0 better! :D
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Zack! ; ; Oh Hojo so needed to die so much sooner! ; ;
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