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Jack-O Tifa

Yes, I had to participate in that challenge. XD
Bar is an irish pub from sketchfab.
Rest self extracted.

Rendered in blender eevee.        
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Now let’s see this while she’s in her original outfit! Please?

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I don't think I'll make any other version with this ._.

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Hello! :wave:

Okay, seriously. You and Tifa win the challenge. :heart:

Again, you put so much love into the art and all of the rendering with it that pulls me into your work. The lighting is perfect. I like how Cloud is in the background, and he knows better than to do nothing but look on with appreciation. I also can't help but notice Aerith behind the bar with that 'wow!' gesture to her hands. :D

Sending all my appreciation! :nod: :hug:

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Oh my goodness. You are so incredibly sweet !! I don't even know what to say, other than: Thank you so, so very much. ^.^

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idk where this challenge came from but i like it 🤤

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Ah, it was a thing people seem to have started on twitter! ^.^

Very happy that you like it. Also, thank you so much for all the ports you do!

A godsent = You are.

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I wonder what Aerith is saying to Marlene and Cloud at that moment.

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I am, honestly confused why this is a meme challenge...

I can feel the grey hair growing on me- WHERE DID THIS CANE COME FROM!?

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Twitter!! From Guilty Gear, Jack-O!

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Tifa knows how to serve and put on a show. Best customer service ever

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Tifa looks very gorgeous and a very sexy pose!:blushes:

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Damn, looks like everyone makes posts about this pose hahah

Nice render btw!

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Thank you very much!

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