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Weimar Forever - an Alternate History map



A map I've had floating around on my hard drive for a while - thought I should get around to finishing it. It's based on a larger scenario I want to do at some point centred around a surviving Weimar Republic. The idea was to figure out how far a democratic-populist Germany could push against Versailles and survive.

My contention is that a skilled politician could have pulled off remilitarisation, Anschluss (via peaceful plebiscite; anything else likely means war with Italy and probably the Western allies) and Memelland. Anything more requires something different to happen - my conceit is that German Sudetens declare a secessionist entity years before Germany is in a position to help, 'spoiling' that angle of expansion but scoring international sympathy for the German diapora (the Sudeten crisis is historically seen as spillover from the breakup of Austria-Hungary and not German expansionism).

As a consequence there's no Anglo-Polish treaty, and when Danzig votes to rejoin Germany in 1939, Poland moves in its forces to occupy it and is seen as the aggressor. The German Republic's Wehrmacht is nowhere near as effective as OTL but is still able to push into Posen and re-establish a link to East Prussia. The war ends in 1940, with Germany returning Polish-majority territories in Posen in return for a land corridor to Danzig with guaranteed sea access for Poland.
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I think in this timeline, a monarchical restoration might be likely. Perhaps Rupprecht becomes Kaiser?