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Well, the time is here... i have to say good bye to dA and all my friends... I am leaving this community because of some personal and family problems.
Thanks to everyone who supported me! I will always remember you..

I dont like to make a long journal to bore you and yeah my English sucks lol



    * Plugin: Movie Recorder removed
    * Plugin: KML importer updated
    * Plugin: Place Finder Loader (Supports more geocoders)
    * Plugin: New WMS importer with GetCapabilities support
    * Plugin: Atmospheric halo replaced with sky gradient
    * Plugin: Waving Flags (3D version of the flags of the world add-on)
    * Plugin: GPS Tracker added
    * Plugin: Anagglyph 3D added (true 3D using Red/Blue glasses)
    * Data: New NRL data
    * Data: Boundaries served by WMS
    * Data: WFS placenames
    * Core: Added what's new in 1.4 page to configuration wizard
    * Core: New accurate sunshading
    * Core: Support for 3D models
    * Core: Atmosphere (Improved with atmospheric scattering)
    * Core: Added widget support
    * Core: Internal HTML Browser
    * Core: Camera shakes/jitters/jumps fixed
    * Widget: New scalebar
    * Widget: Time controller
    * Widget: 3D compass widget
    * Installer: Removed background
    * Installer: Mars, Moon, SDSS icons removed
    * Installer: .Net 2.0 check
    * Installer: Added command line tags NODOTNET, /NODX, /NOMDX) to skip detection of .NET, DirectX 9.0c, and Managed DirectX, to skip checks respectively

Download: NASA World Wind 1.4 (Freeware)
Your desktop background comes to life with Windows DreamScene™. When you download this Ultimate Extra, you can select a video for your desktop background the same way you select a stationary picture. You can choose one of the high-quality looping videos that we’ve included, or use a video from a company that produces content for DreamScene. You can even use your own video as a background.

To download Dreamscene, click the Windows Update or Ultimate Extras shortcut on your start menu, and click the 'Check for new updates' link.

News Source:
After quite long delays on its release, since it was originally planned around the first beta release of Windows Live Messenger 8.1, Patchou finally put the final touches on the latest version of its popular Messenger Plus! add-on. Dubbed as version 4.10, the new version offers, among other improvements, support for 8.1's public beta, completely new translations, made from scratch, and a bunch of bug fixes.

There's no guarantee that this version will work with the final build, or eventual updates to the Beta of Windows Live Messenger 8.1. The improved version still works on Windows Live Messenger 8.0 and above, so it isn't limited to the upcoming 8.1 version.

Download: Messenger Plus! 4.10
Source: Neowin