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Flower Goth Girl

Stock photo used: [link]

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CREAZYLIKE MY ART--thanks so so much-AMAZING
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Très joli portrait!:)
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So effin beautiful!
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Oh my GOD!!!!!!! Would I love to kiss those lips. well, ... that probably won't happen, but still. SEXY!
narcarsiss's avatar
The photo is great but the skin as way AWSOME
artisalma's avatar
great shot, beautiful
eruecco's avatar
Gorgeous :) great photo
Jibril-Cosplay's avatar
The faceexpression is pretty.
Juvart's avatar
It's my FAVourite photo :)
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I've seen someone use this, on some other page , saying it's hers...
I don't know, maybe you gave premission..
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i love this photo! the contrast is pretty, i could never do people shots
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mm i agree, the red it always especially hot on someone with pale skin and blue eyes ^_^
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You are (assuming the picture is you) so lovely.
This picture are well done as well. The flower was a nice addition, but I wonder what a red flower would have looked like? No matter. This is beautifull.
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thats amazingly done but i cant see the stock pic for some reason, it says like 'your not aloud' or something but still you did a really nice job
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!!! oh... I don't know what to say... Reminds me of my first serious girlfriend... Beautiful on the outside, beautiful within but she was a little too broken to fix :( This is truly beautiful.
sinslave09's avatar
very beautiful
reject4lyf's avatar
she's beautiful, very. she has a look of defiant innocence, like she hasn't done anything wrong, but that's only because she didn't get the chance...
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This is awesome...she looks so beautiful...
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