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The Moon Pool (Rival-Gates: Reference)




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The Moon Pool is a frightful realm that can only be accessed from an ancient facility on the outskirts of Asteria's territory. The facility has been banned from entry to normal citizens for as long as anyone can remember and is said to be a noted area of activity during the Great War of Huana. To get the the Moon Pool within it's concrete walls, one must first journey deep into its chambers where they'll find the remains of an odd structure left to rot. The structure itself is shaped like an odd triangle that is completely filled by an odd purple liquid. Above the liquid floats the remains of a damaged orb that glows like a pitiful moon above it. 

If one travels within the waters they will come to find themselves in the Moon Pool realm. The realm itself is surreal in appearance with the whole of the realm warping in on itself like a giant tube. One can walk the length of it forever and find any number of bewildering things. For one the gravity is unnatural. A Pokemon can walk the surface of the Moon Pool realm and never fall. However gravity has a tendency to fluctuate so Pokemon might feel heavier or lighter at any point. The realm is also filled with pristine relics from the ancients. One might find perfectly persevered homes, electrical lights, cars, and other common items still functional in this place. Attempting to damage or move most objects outside of the realm proves impossible as if they were frozen in place by reality itself. Despite their perfect condition, no actual Pokemon live here except for the one and only resident of this realm: Ghost Pokemon. The one true thing to fear in this realm are the ghost Pokemon trapped within it. Not all of them mean harm and most are dealing with some fading memory of past traumas, but the realm itself seems to have a negative effect on ghosts, even those from the guilds. While here, ghost types gradually lose their sense of self and suffer from great bouts of confusion that cause many to lash out in fear or frustration. No one understands how the ghosts came to be here, not even the Ghosts themselves, but one thing is for certain: They don't like this place and they don't like you.
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this has got to be one of my fave rival gates pic ever.
its so beautiful and weird at the same time.