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Team Drip: In2-Mind Melding

By Srarlight
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Team Drip/Patrimony intermission 2 video+written chapter!

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This video is OLD. I made this like almost a year and then some ago. I've learned SO much since then about animating and motion media that this looks super clunky to me, but I sure as heck don't want to redo it when I could be making other things so enjoy!!! The story was also written awhile ago but thanks to Candroo for proof reading it. Also The music used is from pokemon mystery dungeon blue rescue team game. The cave friend theme except reversed with some slight pitch and tempo changes. This being out now, I have to say it's unlikely I'll get another Team Drip related project out for a little bit or a long while.It all depends. I have a few things to tackle for rival-gates atm as well as a few other art projects but I'll work hard at it! 

Tornonbor said it would hurt. Dint had understood that it would, but he was expecting that same stingy headache he'd come to know from his mentor’s quick jabs at his brain. This was much, much worse.

An intense pain immediately burrowed into Dint’s head  when Tornonbor set his psychic gaze upon him. It was an utterly terrifying mix of icy stings and pulsating waves of pain which quickly began spreading through the rest of his body. The last thing Dint registered before falling to the floor was his tutor looking down at him. By this point, Dint wasn't that aware of much of anything except the pain and the oddity that was a flurry of blurred words and new understandings. This sudden onslaught of information seemed too great to comprehend, and Dint eventually passed out. This would have been a tremendous relief if Dint had the capability of appreciating the lack of pain with thought, but now he lay motionless on the floor; his mind churning slowly in its owner's absence as it processed what happened.

Tornonbor did the deed well despite the lack of practice over the years. They hoped that it worked, but the process exhausted them. Mind melding takes a tremendous amount of psychic energy to perform, and the old tree did not have much of that left in them. As tired as the act had made him, Non was disappointed by how much knowledge they could manage to force Dint's mind to retain. It was mostly trivial things: several dozen new words for Dint to use in his speech; a better grasp on pokemon typing; and to be safe they had managed to solidify Dint's understanding of basic writing principles. They would have loved to have done the same with Dint's other academic skills, but it was too much for them to keep going.

With a heavy grunt, the old tutors managed to push Dint's body across to floor, leaving him in a somewhat natural looking position next to Norel who had remained unconscious throughout the ordeal (a sad situation to be sure; Norel would have loved to see Dint squirm).

With Dint taken care of for now, the threesome returned to their corner of the house to rest and to think. Despite their exhaustion, they were enamored with the thought of finally moving forward. They had not accounted for all that was happening and some serious planning needed to be done if they wanted to see themselves beat the odds.


Dint woke up in shock. He wasn't sure what caused him to awaken so quickly, but he was fearful of it regardless. Looking around he saw nothing out of the ordinary. It was dawn and he was still in Tornonbor's house, which was as empty and quiet as it tended to be in the mornings. Only his tutor and Norel were present, so there was no cause for alarm. Realizing everything was normal, he tried to calm himself down.

He couldn't.

No, something was definitely off. Not with his surroundings, but with his head. It was fuzzy up there with a rather strange itchy ache embedded inside his cranium which really bugged him. Dint didn't get itchy very often if at all, but he knew he shouldn't feel like he had to scratch something inside him.

Wanting to stop this weird itch, Dint scurried up to the lone table that sat in the center of the room and began to rub his head against its tough, wooden leg. The loud, harsh noise of Dint's outer exoskeleton scraping against the wood did not fail to rouse a half-awake Tornonbor.

Tornonbor didn't speak at first, but watched curiously at Dint's behavior. It wasn't an alarming reaction for a first mind meld. Discomfort was expected at minimum, and with that thought he addressed the Yanma with a small smile and a shake of the head.

"I'm glad to see you are awake Dint. Do you recall what happened to you?"

Dint stopped rubbing his head and looked up. He was a bit unnerved by the sudden question and was having trouble conjuring up words in his head to respond with.

"I- We- it itches."

Tornonbor smile waned just a tiny bit at this, but he was quick to aid Dint in the wake of his first mind-melding.

"Yes, that certainly can happen. It's not dangerous though. However, Dint, do you remember what we did last night?"

Dint was taken aback by this question for only a moment before he began to realize that yes, they had done something important before he fell asleep. He hadn't gone to bed like he normally would have. Tornonbor had done something...

"Oh! I know now. We talked about you resetting and then you said you would make me- um... You would mind-meld me and make me smarter."

"Yes that's right Dint! Last night you had your first mind-melding session. It's important that we test it out to make sure you can recall any information I tried to give you right away! Ready for a question?"

Tornonbor in their entirety, was looking much more friendly and excited than ever before, and that made Dint a little nervous. He felt like he was about to disappoint them again and he certainly wasn't looking forward to that. To be honest he didn't feel any smarter, but he gave in and nodded in obedience anyways.

"Alright Dint, describe what you are."

What he was? That seemed like a very easy question to Dint and he was quick to answer.

"I'm a Yanma, the clear wing pokemon. My typing is flying and bug and I am weak to Rock, Fire, Electric, Ice, and Flying type attacks. Yanma are known for their large range of sight, speed, and  varied movement in flight.”

Dint ended his answer on a calm note. He really wasn’t sure why Tornonbor would ask something so simple. Dint was confused to say the least; it didn’t seem like a big deal. He wasn’t left much time to ponder it further before he was slightly spooked by a sudden loud laugh from Tornonbor.

“Oh Dint it worked! you recited the information perfectly!”

Dint cocked his head a bit to the side in response to the praise.

“But Sir, I already knew that.”

Tornonbor stopped his jovial cheers and gave Dint a mildly concerned look as he eyed him over. He looked disappointed now to Dint which was very unnerving for the Yanma.

“No Dint. You did not know that already. Every time you tried to give me that answer you’d always start with your name and other silly things like your favorite berry.”

Dint was getting quite baffled. He had always known these things right? That he was a Yanma; that he was weak to certain types and that he could fly rather well. That seemed right, but Tornonbor didn’t seem to think so. He felt a bit annoyed at this.

“I did not mean to.”

The response was hurried and defensively given and Tornonbor couldn’t help but give another small chuckle in the Yanma’s direction. The idea that Dint would soon never “mean to” again was just so satisfying a thought.

“Of course you didn’t Dint, but now that we know this works you’ll be well on your way to never making these kind of mistakes again. Let’s test out your other-”

There was a loud knock on the front door, effectively cutting off Tornonbor mid sentence. For a second the three of them were generally confused about who would be visiting them so early in the morning until an all too familiar “hello” sounded from behind the ricky wooden door to remind them of Chelle’s recent attack on their privacy.

“Right, Norel has issues now doesn’t she?” said Tornonbor with a sigh. “Hold on, I’m coming!”

Before getting up he turned quickly to Dint, who was standing a bit rigidly in response to the noise.

“Remember Dint, no matter the circumstances you must NOT tell anyone about what we are going to do ok? Especially Ckett. They’ll try to stop us and then you’ll never get what you want.”

Dint was alarmed by his tutor’s warning and proceeded to nod his head fiercely before quickly crawling over to Norel, who just seemed to be wising up to the fact that morning had come as she stirred a bit in her bed.

With that in check and with a heavy grunt, Non hoisted their tree onto unsteady legs and proceeded to open the door, revealing Ckett standing surprisingly alone in the cool moist air of the morning. He looked intimidated, but was trying to smile anyways as he held tightly to a number of sacks that Tornonbor could only guess held the most recent advances in medicine and medical tools. Tornonbor was looking rather unimpressed, glaring down at the medicham who coughed nervously before speaking up.

“H-hello Tornonbor. I’m here to check up on Norel. It’s important we- well just me right now, but anyways! It’s important that I see to her and begin testing her for possible diseases that could have caused her infliction last night. The faster we find out what the problem is, the faster we can probably aid her.”

Tornonbor gave a rather annoyed sigh at Ckett’s shaky drabble. He really had interrupted them in something very important and Tornonbor had been hoping to avoid Ckett as much as possible. The sight of him always made them feel ill, in fact they were already getting tired of looking at him. Turning their back to them, Tornonbor went and sat back down in his corner.

“That’s fairly obvious Ckett. Just get going already. Dint has a lot of work ahead of him today and the longer you stand there dawdling the less time he has to learn.”

Ckett flinched a little bit at Tornonbor’s response, but still managed to give a quick obedient nod before letting himself in and settling down next to Norel. She had finally managed to open her eyes, and she didn't look all that happy. In fact Ckett couldn't help notice how glum she seemed. In his attempt to find out why, he could only hope she wasn't too sick or hurt.

Dint watched somewhat cautiously as Ckett opened his pack besides Norel, shifting through its contents before pulling out all sorts of trinkets the yanma had never seen before. Most of them seemed to be sticks with weird bits on the ends. The remaining items were cloths and other soft looking objects. He wasn't sure what most of it was and it made him rather nervous.

Hovering over Norel, Dint watched anxiously as Ckett pulled out a strange jar and opened the lid. He waited as Ckett poured its contents into his open palm and after setting the jar down, began to rub his hands together quickly. With that done he proceeded to pick up a cloth and wipe away any remaining liquid. It was a strange ritual to be sure and it wasn't long before Ckett responded to Dint's confused gaze.

"Nothing to worry about, Dint! I was just cleaning my hands so I can help Norel. That's an important step to take because I don't want to get anything I was touching on her."

Ckett waved his hands for Dint to see how clean they were and this made the yanma feel better. Dint wasn't sure exactly why but it felt rather nice for him to know what Ckett was doing.

"Alright, now that my hands are clean, how about we start fixing up Norel? Before I begin I have some question for you about her. Would you be willing to answer them?"

Dint, backing off from Norel a bit, gave Ckett a nod which caused the medicham to flash another friendly smile his way.

"That's great, Dint. I want you to tell me as much about Norel as you can. Lileep are rather peculiar creatures and it would help me a lot to know things about her. Why don't we start with how long she was sick? Do you know?"

Ckett watched as Dint stared blankly before him as he pondered the question. He didn't know really how long she'd been sick. He found her this way as far as he could recall. Ckett was looking for answers though and Dint didn't want to keep anyone waiting so honesty felt better then no reply at all.

"I do not know how long she has been hurt. I found her this way when we met."

Ckett wrinkled his brow a bit at the answer and pulled out a notebook from his pack. He scribbled down something before turning back to Dint ready to pry answers from him.

"So where did you two meet? What was Norel like at the time?"

Dint took a long pause to think about what was being asked of him. When they had met seemed like it had taken place a very long time ago but he could still remember how scary it had been. He didn't really want to talk about it but if it was what he needed to do to help Norel, he would share a story.


Dint was hungry and tired. That wasn't really anything different in regards to his life, but he was getting desperate. The Lileep was there in the fog filled forest, face in the ground and appearing lifeless to the barely fed Dint. Whether she was a pokemon or a plant to be eaten, he didn't really know, but he was so terribly hungry and equally curious to see what this strange thing was.

He'd flown down from his perch amongst the sickly trees to hover just above the Lileep. It hadn't moved at his approach so he went down to stroke it, to feel it's shell and discover its edibility.

He never got to touch it. The Lileep jumped him and grabbed his tail. She wouldn't let go, she was squeezing him so hard. Dint was panicking, tugging, the Lileep squealing as Dint squirmed in her grasp. It was like she was playing with him by tugging at his tail and wings and it hurt.

He wanted out! He needed out! She was screaming now so terribly loud. She didn't look happy and she was screaming and Dint was afraid. He was so afraid he knew things would come. He heard the rustle it was coming! He needed out but she was too heavy too strong it was coming and he couldn't escape he was going to die he-


"Stop Dint! You don't have to keep going!"

Dint tensed up at Ckett's call, breathing heavily as his dribble of a story slowed to stop. He was shaking and very unhappy. He didn't want to tell that story he was glad he was asked to stop.

Ckett was frowning, he had been thrown off by the full on panic attack he almost induced. He knew he had to be careful, especially with a case involving wild Pokemon. It just surprised him how quickly a story involving meeting this pokemon's Lileep friend showed to be terrifying for the Yanma to recall.

It was obvious though that the Yanma could tell him very little about the Lileep's disease at hand, at least right now with his limited vocabulary and the anxieties related to these possibly useful memories. He wouldn't risk bringing up any unwanted feelings and memories until the Yanma could handle it.

"You're done, Dint. No more questions for today. I'll just look Norel over myself for a bit. We will get this worked out."

Ckett scribbled a few notes as he waited for the Yanma to calm down on his own. Dint's breathing had slowed and he managed to stop his trembling, but he felt crummy. He just wanted to help Norel and it didn't feel like he was being much help at the moment.

Tornonbor observed the whole thing. He was more than annoyed with the pace this was going, but avoided getting involved since Ckett started. He couldn't help but watch Ckett deal with the Yanma's issues. It was possible they'd learn a thing or two themselves on how to deal with the bug when he acted up. Truth be told though, the pitiful display was starting to wear him down.

“You know, Ckett, I thought Norel had been assigned three doctors? Chell was pretty clear about that and this could be going a lot faster if all three of you were doing your jobs.”

Ckett stopped writing and looked quickly towards Tornonbor. He was flustered and crumpled the notebook in his hands as he began to squeeze it. More than that, he looked ashamed as he stumbled over his own tongue to respond to the old tree.

“I’m s-so very sorry Sir! Actually, Kim and Brinn were supposed to be with me but there was this big announcement today in the research center about an upcoming dungeon expedition to Geoda. Aparently they found a direct route this time. Now, I told Kim we’d be far too busy with Norel to do something like that but she really wanted to at least hear what the trip hoped to accomplish. It seemed rather important so Kim is probably attending that right about now. I honestly have no idea where Brinn is, he does that sometimes. I mean- sorry I should-”

Tornonbor cut him off, "Wait, a dungeon? That goes directly to Geoda?"

Tornonbor couldn't help but interrupt at the mention of Geoda. They could recall some stories told about the place. Geoda was a vast dry area marked by sand and rocky cliff sides. He had never been able to go, the previous way there had been too difficult for them to make and the heat promised the presence of fire types. Geoda wasn't the real appeal for the Exeggutor though when it came to the idea of a new dungeon expedition. Expeditions ment there were jobs that needed to be done and rewards to collect and maybe, just maybe, he could use Dint to...

Ckett noticed his interest and calculating gaze spreading across the faces of the Exeggutor and he shrank back a bit in concern.

"Yeah I mean it has something to do with the great statue coming to life. Like I said, I don't know the details and we can't possibly go, right? Norel's condition is poor and you can't go unless they can. You're not thinking about it are you?"

Tornonbor flinched at Ckett's response. He was not happy at all with these accusations

"Well of course we can't go! I haven't been able to go on an expedition for years. Do you consider me a fool? I was asking out of curiosity alone, you should know this! Just stop making excuses and work harder then if your unresponsive team can't even show up for day one of the job. I'd fire you on the spot if I had the power to do so! I swear to the heaven's I would!"

Tornonbor had started to yell and Ckett looked sickly as he reeled back in response. He looked at the old tree for only a moment more before he turned sharply back towards Norel. He put some gloves on and started to get work. Tornonbor could barely make out faint whispers of what they understood as several apologies coming from Ckett.

Tornonbor watched him as he began to exam Norel. She put up a bit of a fight and so did Dint, but Tornonbor was satisfied to see things were finally getting underway. He had to hand it to Ckett though. He still knew them very well.


"You want to go to that place?!"

Dint was terrified of the idea of facing a dungeon, but as soon as Ckett had finished his work and said his goodbyes, Tornonbor was quick to present this idea to the Yanma.

"Yes Dint!” exclaimed Tornonbor, “This is a great opportunity for the both of us! The skills learned from field studies and expeditions are vital for a researcher and you would need to be able to do these activities at some point, so why not start now? With my help you could excel at this dungeon and get access to more resources to aid your studies and mine!"

Tornonbor was looking so eagerly at Dint and speaking so excitedly that Dint wasn't sure what to do. He absolutely hated the idea. He hated dungeons to his core and he doubted that would change now, but Tornonbor looked so excited he almost didn't want to tell him this.

"I do not want to do this. Please sir, do not make me! Norel is hurt we should stay here and-"

"You will do this!"

Dint flinched back as Tornonbor yelled out suddenly and cut him off. They didn't look mad, just annoyed, but it still spooked the shaken yanma.

"Remember mind melding, Dint? I'll do everything in my power to make sure you're prepared! I'll got out tonight and gather info about the dungeon and when I come back I'll supply you with basic knowledge of how to collect samples and fill out field notes and... Yes this is doable you must believe us, Dint!"

Dint couldn't handle the expecting looks Tornonbor was giving him and proceeded to bury his face into Norel's side. She had passed out in her bed once more after Ckett had finished, still completely exhausted from the trauma of the night before. She did nothing as Dint tried to hide a few tears from his tutor's all seeing gaze behind her bulk.

He was fumbling desperately in his mind to come up with anything that might convince Tornonbor this was a terribly bad idea. In a muffled voice, he managed to cry out at his tutor from behind his Norel-made-wall.

"B-but you are exhausted? You are not well and Norel is not okay! Ckett would not let us, he would stop us and get us in trouble because we have to stay!"

Tornonbor huffed angrily at his pupils pathetic complaints. Ckett certainly was the last person they'd let stop them from taking this open door before them. It had been far too long since they’ve caught a break and he wasn't going to miss out.

"Everything will be fine and Ckett will just have to come with us so he can keep helping you two. He would try to stop us, but we would only have to leave without him knowing and place a note to follow us here after we have left. When he sees it he will follow, that much I am certain. Ckett cares too much for us to just let us go and do this without his aid."

Dint sniffled and Tornonbir stopped briefly as the Yanma weakly cried from the corner of the room. Eventually the Yanma raised his head and Tornonbor could see the anxiety scarring the face of his pupil. He didn't let that bother him though. Tornonbor could fix this anxiety after all now that mind melding was on the table, and they more than likely had several nights to prepare.

"Please sir... I do not like this."

Dint's reply was barely audible. Tornonbor scoffed to himself and gave a small smile, deciding that it didn't matter that it was still early in the day. Right now was a good of a time as any other for the basics.

"We will just have to make you like it."

Dint's mind began to burn.

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Omg Dint nooooooooo
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XxBloodsbanexXProfessional Digital Artist
AW MAN SRAR this whole situation is really shaping into something super interesting! I find myself so worried for Dint and Norel though ;o; Tornonbor has too much power over the little guy now >~< Hopefully Ckett and the others can help with the situation...

Great work though! Hah, I remember seeing some of this old animation forever ago. 
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I always find situations like these really cool and thought provoking so I thought I would give it a shot myself and see if I can't make something interesting with it so I'm really glad you think so! 

And thanks! Yeah It was really was quite a while when I finished this. I'll be playing the catch up game for a long time coming but I'm fine with this fate :'V 
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Tornonbor is a...uhm, what is the right word here, fellas?
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Wow, this is so unbelievably amazing! I can't even put it into words how well written and thought out this is!
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Thank you a lot for the comment! I'm really glad to know you think so ;v;
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