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Client: Alexander
Errand Number: #6
Date Issued: 7/18/2014
Date Due: 7/22/2014

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Dint has some fun earning funding!

I finally finished the story that goes with this! It's a little bit of a read, but some stuff is addressed! Also please excuse my poor writing ability! I'm very inexperienced and this is more then likely riddled with grammatical errors, but this is the best I could do with my time and ability! Practice make perfect I suppose!


"We are having company over today Dint"


The Yanma jumped at the Exeggutor's words. Dint hadn't been paying much attention to his old tutor's presence. That morning they had gone out without a word from the tiny home and had returned again the same way within the hour. Dint was used to Tornonbor's silent leaves and thought nothing of it when they had gone. It was during these times without his tutor's presence that Dint would play games with his Lileep friend Norel, mostly those that Tornonbor had given them. There was checkers and tic-tac-toe to name a few along with a couple of other puzzles and things. Tornonbor had thought they would have been great mental stimulation for his feral pupil, but it had overwhelmed Dint at first.  Games were a foreign concept to Dint and as it went, Norel had much more fun chucking the tiny pieces about then Dint had trying to understand the point of all of it. He did eventually, and when that moment came, Dint and Tornonbor alike were surprised to find that Dint adored playing them. Every time he figured out a jigsaw puzzle or a maze, Dint felt something stir within him. He didn't know what it was, but it made him feel great and he was certain it was a sign of his abilities to help Norel were indeed improving.


That's what he had been doing when his tutor, who had been sitting around for a while within his corner of the wooden floor, finally spoke up. The booming voice caused both Dint and Norel to stop their game of Tower Topple in surprise and look over at the Exeggutor.


"Company? You mean like a Pokémon is coming here?" Dint had spoken with a bit of nervousness in his voice, nothing the three heads of the tutor hadn't heard a million times before and in no time all three had begun to sport a look of slight annoyance.


"Yes Dint, a Pokémon that you have never meet and probably never seen will be coming over to my home to meet with you."




Tornonbor gave a small huff at Dint's reply. They were starting to really despise the word "why" which was sad to all three of them seeing as that had been one of the words that had driven all scientific pursuits prior.

"That's the ticket always isn't it? That, and the how, the when, and the where. Well Dint, I'll answer that for you now!"


Without as much as a pause, Tornonbor began to scoot himself over to Dint from his position by the wall. Dint stepped to the side as Tornonbor came close to the game mound Dint and Norel had made together, almost plowing right through the incomplete block tower at its center. Whenever Tornonbor came close to speak Dint always got nervous. Tornonbor liked to lecture loudly.


"Dint, up until now we have not only been the sole Pokémon providing you with an education, but also the only Pokémon who has funded your education. You understand what a star coin is, correct Dint?"


Tornonbor paused expectantly, his gaze causing the silent Yanma to squirm briefly before acknowledging his cue.


"Yes sir. A star coin is made out of star pieces and is used to buy stuff from stores in Andalusst."


A look of satisfaction crossed Non's face as he nodded along to Dint's reply.


"Correct! Your education is made possible through the exchange of star coins. As it were, you need to start finding a way to aid in this payment as my brothers and I have specific uses for our own and your education is making quite the impact on our life savings."


Dint couldn't help but shy away at Non's words. He had done something wrong again that much he was aware of, but how still remained mystery to him as he struggled to understand. "Sorry, but what is it that you want me to do?"


Before Tornonbor could make a sound, a loud knock sounded through the mostly empty home. Tornonbor happily perked up at the noise which surprised Dint. Normally knocking was met with displeased sighs.


With rapid precision, Tornonbor rose to his feet and began heading towards the door, all the while talking to Dint, a tint of excitement sprinkling around the edges of his voice. "Our guest is here Dint. His name is Dr. Dome. What I want you to do is simple: Talk to him and ask him what he does to enjoy his spare time. This job is called an errand. If you complete it you receive a small payment. I am not allowed to work for money that comes from the Researcher’s guild, but you can so do your best to remember what it is that Dr. Dome tells you."


Dint nearly managed to get out a weak reply of "yes" towards his new job when the door flew open by the use of Tornonbor’s psychic power.


Standing in the doorway was indeed a Pokémon Dint had never seen before.  Dr. Dome was a strange black figure whose skin looked old and worn with visible cracks running up the side almost like it was made of stone. The Doctor himself sported weird stubby limbs (two that even floated about with no noticeable aid) and a ring of eyes around his head. Every other eye appeared to be crusted shut and unable to open while the others, baring pupils, continually twitched about as he proceeded to float into the room. Everything about this Pokémon seemed odd and crusty even the tie around what appeared to be his head, looked this way. The sight of this Pokémon absolutely spooked Dint and he backed up a bit out of habit. Norel, however, remained fixated on the spot eyeing the creature with great attention.


"Well it's good to be seeing you again Dr. Dome! Thank you for volunteering your time to help me with my pupil!"


Tornonbor's greeting was uncharacteristically jovial as it sounded off the walls around Dint, but he hardly noticed, he was too distracted by Dr. Dome who had finally stopped inside the home. His gaze went hurriedly about the room, resting on anything for only a few moments before moving on, that is, until it fell onto Dint. The sight of the large red eyes caused Dint to squirm instinctually and he found himself behind Norel, clutching her tightly between a pair of his limbs.


The Doctor began to speak.


"This must be your pupil now. Hello, my name is Dr. Dome. I am not a doctor. The prefix is merely there for vocal appeal. I understand you wished to interview me today? What is it that you would like to know?"


The voice was even more frightening to Dint then the appearance had been. It had a weird grainy feel to it, like someone who was screaming, trying to be heard behind a wall of gravel and sand. Worse yet still it was low in pitch and the way Dr. Dome said certain sounds forced him to stop briefly in between most words. Dint hated it.


The pause between the two began to get lengthy as Dr. Dome waited patiently for Dint's reply. The Claydol was standing rigidly, not even his floating limbs budged a centimeter as he stayed stagnated unnaturally in one spot. Dint himself began to arch up on his hinges his jaw hanging low, showing off his hooked lower jaw and his pair of white, blunt teeth. He was beginning to tremble slightly and Tornonbor, who had stayed behind at the door, had no trouble picking up on Dint's responses to fear. Quickly they shut the door and made their way to the game pile everyone had circles around. They stopped just behind Dint and silently sat down a few feet away. Their body swayed slightly as they turned their gazes on to Dint who, without any warning, began to feel a week twang of pain just inside his right temple. Norel squirmed from his grasp as Dint called out in pain, loosening his grip to fiercely rub his forehead. With each rub the pain began to clear taking his fear with it. Soon Dint was aware of what was going on; he had done something wrong and he was being punished by Tornonbor again, using a move Non liked to call extrasensory. There was nothing he could do except fix his mistake immediately.


Dint stopped. He striated himself out; adjusting his tie and pulling himself up in a way that allowed him only to stand on two legs, just as Tornonbor had thought him. With a quick cough, Dint cleared his throat and began to speak.


"Hello, Dr. Dome. I am Dint and my friend is Norel. The question I wanted to ask you is how do you spend your free time?"


With those words Dr. Dome came to life, shedding off his rigid stance as he began to move his strange circular appendages about all the while floating side to side, keeping pace to his own voice. "That is a good question Dint. Normally I am not asked such things for my studies are very specific and so too is how I choose to spend my free time. I am greatly interested in ancient structures, dungeons, and traps constructed during the lost eras of the fog. I wish to know about the origin of my people as we were not created in the beginning like most and I believe that my research of these structures will help me gain valuable insight towards this great mystery. In my free time I solve puzzles similar to what I would encounter during my times of exploration…"


Puzzles. Amongst the endless chatter coming from Dr. Dome, that one word stuck out to Dint. The pain had long faded from his mind, but he wasn't sure if should say anything more. His gaze fell to the floor where at his feet a pile of games still sat thrown about from that morning. Norel was there now staking an assortment of checker chips atop each other in a random alternating pattern of black and red. Dint imagined she had become bored of the strange creature and its odd talk after he had begun to ramble. Dint was starting to get bored too, the initial shock factor of this strange Pokémon having finally worn out.


"I like to do puzzles too sir."


It was a quick statement; not very impressive in volume or pitch, but Dr. Dome still heard it above his own voice and he stopped mid-sentence. As Dint and Tornonbor watched his head began to swerve back and forth as his gaze fell to the games thrown about. To Dint's surprise, the assortment of game pieces and boxes began to rise into the air, each one surrounded in a strange red aura. One by one they began to circle above the Claydol leaving behind an angry Norel as her tower floated off to join the rest.

Dint watched as the puzzles began to organize and merge together in the air in some strange, compulsive patterns. Boxes opened and closed, card decks shuffled themselves, and pieces and pencils found their places and within moments where brought gently down to earth once more.


Dint couldn't help, but look at Dr. Dome, confusion riddling his face. When Dr. Dome had finished, he repaid Dint's gaze with the sound of his raspy voice emitting from his core.


"Puzzles are good for the mind. Your puzzles are novice in level and will not provide me a challenge. However, I was asked to come in and help you advance your studies through this interview. Assuming Tornonbor is pleased, I suggest we perform an in depth analysis of both of our puzzle solving skills by working on some together.


Dint stayed fixated on the spot eyeing the Claydol in silence. The words that had been spoken to him ringed on in his head, devoid of meaning, being nothing more than gibberish sound. He turned expectantly to Tornonbor who was his savior when basic understanding seemed so far from his grasp. His plea filled gaze did not remain unnoticed and Tornonbor was quick to reply


"That's fine by us Dr. Dome. If Dint wants to play games with you he can."


Playing games! That's what the Claydol had wanted to do with Dint and boy was he excited to do so.


"Yes! Yes I like to play games!"




Dint found that he really didn’t like to play games with Dr. Dome. It had started simple enough with several rounds of tic-tac-toe. Dint would get to go first each time so he would have the advantage only to have Dr. Dome win or tie with him. He couldn’t stand the feeling that had come with each lose, a sense of inadequacy that bore down on his conscious with every move.  When they had finally switched over to other games, Dint had been relieved, but it didn’t last long. Each game that was competitive in nature resulted in him losing quite often and if it hadn’t been for the random team driven puzzles they had solved in between each of these games, Dint might have quit.


Game after game they played and Dint had found himself absentmindedly tracking the movement of sunlight in the room as the hours ticked on by. Norel had joined in on some games, keeping up her trend of making the tower in Tower Tumble incredibly unstable for the other players. This wasn’t enough to keep her entertained, however, and ultimately she spent the time off to herself, bathing in sunlight or clinging onto the silent, often snoozing Tornonbor.


Dint watched silently as Dr. Dome slide his piece over to the finish line, having effectively won another round of Ekans and ladders. Dr. Dome made an assortment of jumbled noise upon his victory while Dint managed to get out a week sigh before he abruptly flicked his game piece to the side. Dr. Dome tracked the piece as landed and proceeded to roll into the pile of discarded games that they had been playing prior. When it had finally stopped moving, Dr. Dome turned his gaze back to his adversary only to see that he was lying down, a look of what Dr. Domes mind processed as forlorn in nature.


In the absence of communication, Dr. Dome pulled out the last remaining game and set it up in front of them. It was a small thin board, its surface covered in a simple alternating pattern of black and white squares. When it was finally set up, several rows of red and black pieces could be seen on each respected end. On Dint's side, there were around three rows of red checkers. Dr. Dome's side mimicked Dint's in every way except he had vouched for the black pieces.


"This is the last of the data we need to collect in order to complete our analyzes Dint. After this game I will have successfully calculated your percentage of success when competing with a more advanced intelligence or trial."


Dr. Dome had spoken clearly enough, but Dint didn't give any signs of wanting to speak and merrily started the game by moving one of his red pieces forward.


"Your movement had been acknowledged. The game has begun. We will only need to play this one game to finish, so good luck."


Dint did nothing more than nod and watched as Dr. Dome proceeded to move his piece forward.


The game quickly caught the attention of both Norel and Tornonbor. While Norel seemed to be interested with the pieces themselves, Tornonbor had been enticed by the promising words that this long day of his pupils embarrassing defeat was about to come to a conclusion.


As they drew near to watch, Dr. Dome and Dint continued to move pieces forward on the board. It was apparent to everyone that Dint was not familiar with this game. He would make illegal movements and jumps only to have Dr. Dome reset the board claiming that Dints mistakes had warranted it. Again they would start the game, the promise of the "one game" now appearing to be a cruel joke from Dr. Dome. Although Dint continued to play out of obedience, he was rather fed up with Dr. Dome. He couldn't understand why he was so set on playing the game and every move Dint made was followed by the wish that Dr. Dome would do something to win and let Dint stop. He was feeling rather miserable with his incapacity to win or come up with strategies. Doubts continually flashed in his mind as to whether he really could become smart like this Pokémon. He was nothing like them, Dr. Dome or Tornonbor. He didn't have a large brain or psychic powers, he was just an insect; a dumb, weak, little insect.


Dint's dreary thoughts were abruptly interrupted when a strange almost gasp like noise was omitted by Dr. Dome. Dint hadn't been paying much attention to the game, but when he looked down he was surprised to see that Dr. Dome was almost out if pieces, with only two left in play. Dint was almost out as well, but a weird development with the game caught his eye. There, in the middle of the board, Dint's piece had somehow found its way into the perfect position to jump not only one piece, but both of the remaining black checkers. This was almost too good to be true and Dint was almost certain it was a trap or somehow illegal to jump those pieces. How could Dr. Dome let his last two pieces vulnerable to such a devastating jump? 


Dint proceeded to pick up his piece and shakily hover it above Dr. Domes pieces. A look of pure confusion came over Dint's face as he debated whether he should jump the pieces or move away from them. Dr. Dome saw his look and made a loud raspy sound that caused Dint to break away from his thoughts and look up at the Claydol.


"Dint, I have made a grave error in my approach and did not watch my left flank. It would be in your best interested to take advantage of my lack of foresight and jump my pieces, securing your victory."


Dint had no clue what was being said, but was startled by Tornonbor who had finally said something after such a long time of his silent spectating.


"You can't be serious... Just do it Dint, jump the darn pieces."


Dint watched as Tornonbor shook his head heavily and began to stare down Dr. Dome from his position at the sidelines. Dint didn't think much of it as an incredible feeling of excitement rushed over him. With two quick flics of his wrest, Dint had secured his victory. Triumphantly Dint raised the captured pieces in the air and let out a high pitched laugh. Soon Dint was gleefully shaking about and Norel joined in to by picking up the left over pieces on the board and with excitement filled screeching, proceeded to throw them at Dr. Dome's face. The throw didn't have much power behind it and they weakly bounced of Dr. Dome. He didn't seem to mind and in fact the Claydol had begun to sport his own look of pleasure.


"I see you are excited about your victory as you should be. I had a lot of fun analyzing and comparing our puzzle solving skills today. Please be sure to report these studies to your figure of authority to receive your reward."


Dint nodded quickly to the Claydol's words and gleefully smiled up to his tutor.


"I did it Tornonbor I won!"


The Exeggutor didn't seem impressed by the scene before him, but managed to let out a grumbled "That you did," towards the excited Yanma.


Dint was more than satisfied with his Tutor's response and began to celebrate with Norel once again in the sheer excitement of the moment. While the two Pokémon where distracted by celebration, Torninbor turned to Dr. Dome, aggravation spreading heavily across his face and tone.


"I am no fool Dr. Dome. I noticed how hard you were trying to throw the game. You allowed Dint to win unfairly. Why fill his head with a false sense of success?"


"Because, Tornonbor, this creature was being deprived of positive encouragement. It was apparent that he had zero drive to succeed after he lost some of the first games we played. His power to envision the rewards of his hard work and persevering, despite failing, was lacking at best. You said you were aware of this issue and wanted help.  That is why I did it."


"Of course I am aware of this! This Yanma quits after the slightest hint of failure. It's a pain in our behind to work with this Pokemon, but I don't want him thinking he's succeeded at anything when he hasn't. He'll begin the think his success will just magically happen and put forth even less effort than before to overcome challenges. I wanted him to see how far he had yet to go when faced with another intellectual in order to motivate him to work harder, not miraculously win a game against one. How will he ever wise up to the fact that quitting gets him nothing? Whenever he fails to understand something he just shuts down, yet he expects me to keep teaching him! Everyone does!"


Tornonbor had begun to visibly huff with anger as the conversation continued, but Dr. Dome merrily kept at it, unscathed by Tornonbor's fumes.


"I don't believe that is an effective method Tornonbor.  This creature is like a child mentally, negative emotions are much harder to understand and deal with then positive emotions. I have provided this Yanma with a monumental success from his perspective. He is indulging in that feeling of accomplishment as we speak. Why shame him with lose? Don't you think he'll be craving to better himself more now that he has gotten a taste of success? How often has he received that feeling?"


Tornonbor looked away as Dr. Dome's gaze fell expectantly on him. He was right after all. The Yanma had not succeeded much upon being tutored by them and if had met even a tiny victory, they hadn't let the Yanma delve in it to long before reminding him that he was light years away from being done and that they were stuck with him for all if it. Maybe using guilt as a stimulus to learn wasn’t the best method after all...

Dr. Dome eyed the silent Tornonbor briefly before turning to look towards the window. Dusk was well underway outside and any number of hours had past while he was playing games with the Yanma. It appeared to Dr. Dome that he had helped the Exeggutor long enough.

"I see you are considering my suggestion Tornonbor. I hope my help here today helped you hit two birds with one stone, as you put it. The best of luck to you."

 With those words the Claydol headed towards the lone exit of the house, not stopping a moment to give one last glance at the foreign insect and his adamant teacher behind him.


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Love the story you added. >3  Poor Dint,he's trying so hard and having such a hard timeunderstanding wellversed speach.