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Rival-Gates: Job 5 Prologue (See Description)



Official update for :iconrival-gates:

Warning update contains occasional loud noises.

Download the visual novel here!



Video recording version:

Job 5

And here it is guys! We thought it would be really cool to try and branch out and try a different approach for this update! So for this one for the best experience, I would recommend playing through the visual novel yourself so you can read and enjoy it at your own pace. But if that's something you rather not do, you can watch a play through I recorded by following the above link. Like our videos, this took a lot of support from everyone to make so bellow I would like to give proper credit to everyone who helped!

TeeterGlance: Provided art assets for the upcoming journal banner and VN
katterboxes: Provided the Reward item icons and a good number of bgs for the VN
Novern: Provided some character icons, a bg, and helped test and proof-read the VN
emlz: Provided two bgs for the VN
Zero-Zivan Helped test and proof-read the VN as well as provide written descriptions for characters
Srarlight Provided character icons, bgs, did the coding for the VN, area refs, key ref, and character refs.

I hope your teams are ready to take on the Moon Pool :moon: 

 #631 Heatmor #698 Amaura 
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