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Mission 3 Epilogue pt3



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Sorry again for the wait, we are super close to having everything! As a quick note, this used to be more of a script for a potential comic, but in order to get this update out sooner we drew some illustrations to go with it so enjoy!

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Several teams make their way up a steep path, Rift City still visible in the distance. They mull about, grabbing supplies from Wren. Many are dragging their feet, annoyed at having to leave home so soon after returning, but others are excited for the new task at hand.

Tiva is pulling along Glitch by the claw, with Konjac riding once again on the strange Pokemon’s head. Twitch floats silently beside them.

The scraggy fidgets with his suspender. “This is going to be soooo cool! I haven’t been to Atwell before! What kind of books do they have?”

Tiva giggles, glancing up at him. “I don’t know! I haven’t been to Atwell either!”

00100000 01101100 01101111 01100011 01100001 01110100 01101001 01101111 01101110 00100000 01000001 01110100 01110111 01100101 01101100 01101100 00100000 01110101 01101110 01101011 01101110 01101111 01110111 01101110.”

Glitch swiftly deciphers Twitch’s code, stating, “Coordinates for location: Atwell. Not Found.”

Tiva removes her hands from her ears, still wincing from the sound that rings in her ears. “Ouch. Aw man, guess you guys haven’t done much traveling either, huh? Or maybe you have? No worries pal, we’ll still work on getting them good ol’ memories back…”

Tiva gives Genesect an understanding pat, but is cut off as a loud voice shouts in the distance.

“Izel, girl! I can not believe how long it took for you to come by!! I mean really, it’s been a good five months, and you finally drop in and it’s just to get my big butt to work, haha!”

Down the dirt path, the crowd parts and gives way to the sight of Izel walking down with both Nur and Jay in tow. Floating beside the mayor is an elegant musharna, who’s soft plumes of sweet-smelling smoke leave a lavender trail behind them.

“I know I’m not being the most polite here, Esther, but well… It really means a lot to me that you’re volunteering for this job.”

“Of course! Do you know how boring that post job you set me up with is? About time I got a vacation, honestly!”

Izel looks guilty as she stares at Esther, and then down at her taloned feet as she stops walking.

“I'm sorry Esther. You do understand that this isn't a-”

The musharna gives a huff and nudges Izel’s shoulder in a friendly manner. “Oh please,” they sigh, “I know, I know! It’s not as if I’d ever let you down Izel, goodness. Just promise me you'll get some sleep though, won’t you? You can't receive my dreams if you're too busy staring into the void!”

Izel smiles and looks sadly at the horizon as Jay and Nuri stand beside her.

“Yes, of course.. Um. Good luck you three out there. If anything happens in Rift City, I should be able to communicate with Esther about it.”

Jay gives a big goofy smile as the two guild leaders turn and give a quick bow in Esther’s direction.

“Aw yeah, Esther! It'll be awesome to work with someone as cool as you!”

Esther giggles. “Oh, and aren’t I flattered that the great Jay thinks so highly of me!”

Nuri eyes the two of them, prematurely tired of their enthusiasm. Turning to Izel, she gives a quick nod to the Xatu before walking forward towards the crowd. “We’ll keep in touch, Izel.”

The mayor nods. “Thank you. Good luck, all of you!”

As Esther gives Izel one last hug, Nuri climbs to the uppermost section of the path, followed by Jay so that they stand above the others. Both leaders look down at the teams, and Jay is the first to speak. He stomps one foot and calls out, “Well guys, I know we just got done with a lot of running around, and who could forget that walk back from Neve, haha. But Izel needs us - the city needs us! We’ve got a gate to open!”

Nuri nods, arms crossed behind her as she stands tall. “Correct. This gate has presented some unknown fate upon us, and as much as things have gotten a bit sidetracked these last few months, recruiting Konjac was equipped us to properly deal with this strange object. Whatever happens from here on out, know that it is for the benefit and the security of the pokemon of Rift City that we press forward once more!”

“Yeah! If there’s anything to get from this gate, we’re gonna be the ones to get it! Now, who here’s ready to get that dang thing open!?”

A mixed response of cheers and half-asleep groans erupts from the teams, and the leaders nod, taking what they can get. “Alright then,” Nuri says, turning to lead the way with Jay at her side. “Time to get to it.”

Together the teams push forward, leaders at the helm, as they embark on their next mission.

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