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My Bio
Sam Raffa is an artist and graphic designer whose clients have included Book Of The Month Club and Dark Horse Comics. His paintings have hung at Le Jardin Des Arts Gallery and Royce Galleries Ltd in Colorado, and the International Art Expo New York.

Favourite Visual Artist
Abdul Mati Klarwein, R. Crumb, John William Waterhouse, Art Spiegelman, Jack Kirby, George Herriman, Lori Earley, Moebius, William Adolphe Bouguereau, Remedios Varo, George Tooker, Michael Parkes, Mark Ryden, Gustave Klimt, Neal Adams, John Byrne, Jim Lee
Favourite Movies
The Third Man, The Hustler, Pulp Fiction, The Incredibles, Leon The Professional, Aliens, The Godfather, Avengers: Age Of Ultron
Favourite TV Shows
The Sopranos, Deadwood ,The West Wing (seasons 1-4), Firefly, Cracker, The Daily Show, The Simpsons, Seinfeld
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Favourite Books
The Breaks, The Color Of Light, A Visit From The Goon Squad, The Shining, Prince Ombra, If You Could See Me Now, The Idiot, A Confederacy Of Dunces, Birdy, The Marriage Plot
Favourite Writers
Richard Price, Harlan Ellison, Lorrie Moore, Philip K. Dick, Fyodor Dostoevski, Joss Whedon, William Goldman, Stephen King, Peter Straub
Favourite Games
by Leonard Cohen
Tools of the Trade
Pencil, Brushes, Paasche Airbrushes, Eraser, Daz Bog Svaboda Blend
Other Interests
Friends, Art, Music, and Books.

Goodbye, Mr. Ed

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“Do not let the fact that things were not made for you, that conditions are not as they should be, stop you.  Go on anyway.  Everything depends on those who go on anyway.”   —ROBERT HENRI, THE ART SPIRIT The genuine magic of a first encounter with a work of art is in seeing all of the stages of prolonged struggle that were required to make it slammed into a single instant of viewing the finished work at once, as a singular vision. It's difficult to imagine the breaks and interruptions, the trips to the grocery store that pulled the artist away, the concessions to sleep that derailed those moments of righteous craftsmanshi
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If you've got five chances, throw four at whatever you can reasonably hit. But, as for the fifth… In 1991, in broad daylight, I'm pounding on the heavy glass doors of Spivak's Art Supply, a store that had been open for many years until this very day, the one day I really have to get inside. All of the windows and doors are papered over from the inside and the lights are out. My fist is meeting the glass with the kind of desperation that gets people arrested and put in jail, every day of the week. I don't hear any noise at all from inside. Boiling over all at once, I run around to the alley in back and up the short ramp where trucks
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Deviousness Award

Where to begin with the reasons for selecting SRaffa for this month's deviousness award. How about with his passion for all things art. If you want to see someone who lives and breathes the concept, you don't have to look any further. He has spent his entire life honing his unique and easily identifiable style. You can look at what he does and just get that sense that he is the type of person who wakes up needing to create something. His journals reflect that passion as well. Additionally they provide a bit more insight to the soul of this individual. Showing a compassionate and giving nature which can then be further glimpsed through his positive and supportive commentary.
SRaffa is the real thing and we are proud to add him as a recipient for deviousness this July!
Awarded Jul 2007

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Thanks for the llama!

Thanks for the FAVE on my Sailor Mars :D

Sailor Mars

You better still be alive, mister! I still owe you a Taro Bobba!

That really would be a pleasure, Al!

You gotta be kidding me... Lord, babyducks, how I've missed you! <3

:heart: The more things change, the more they stay the same...