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Halo Defy Tutorial

I hope you can all learn from it.
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Wonder what is C4D mean for?

Sorry im new to it~ I want to learn how to make one like this.. Can you tell me more about it??
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A C4D is a well an effect or render made on Cinema 4D (a program). C4Ds are used for graphic design etc. You can find some C4Ds on deviantart and if you want to learn more join SigRsource! :D
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so you're saying to use a completely different program for this PdN tutorial?
seems ...counterproductive...
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No... I use PDN for everything bro
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ok well just trying to follow your instructions is all...
1: start w/ render
2: add BG
3, 4, 5: place c4d render
6: add wireframe
7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13: add c4d render
14: add effect render
15: add lighting + dodge/burn
16:add text

10 out of 16 steps involve Cinema4D, seemed to me as if you were saying C4D is the program you were using for this tutorial...
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Ah i see~!

SigRsource ? In here?
Okay i try~! ^^

Thanks for reply~! :)
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wow great tut! I didn't know really great sigs came out of
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