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Pulverzied Palutena Pancake (+ Slight Update)

As of late, I've been trying to have a bit more variety in the girls I flatten, I feel like I squash the same 3 girls all the time, but wouldn't you know, I got a huge craving to make a Palutena comic in the middle of making some of these comics that just wouldn't go away... funny how that works out, huh?

Hey guys! Thanks to the help of :icondistortingreality: the lighting in my comics has improved tremendously!
(Seriously DR, you're a lifesaver when it comes to this stuff.)
Anyway, if you couldn't tell, this means my comics will take even longer to make...while that might disappoint some of you, I really want to go for a Quality over Quantity path with my art. I will be trying to update my comics more though, because I'll admit that a good number of inactive days have been due to laziness and nothing else.

With that out of the way, some more fun news! I will admit I'm not the most diverse lady smusher out there, not just with Palu, but with other girls. I did mention that I wanted to make my comics have more variety, and I still stand by that! This year, I plan to make the flattenings I do have many more types of girls than last year, not only that, this year, I'm gonna make comics about some girls I wanted to smush for about 11 months. No joke. So keep an eye out for that!

Unless you are on the smushy Discord I'm on, then you probably already know what it is, but you guys on DA are in for a treat!
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Squishjunkie's avatar
This is awesome. Pit will get his just deserts. :D 
But for now. I need a Palutena throw rug for the den. ;P
SquishyPalu's avatar
Palu makes a good rug. :>
DistortingReality's avatar
Thanks for the shoutout!
I think this comic was alright but was way too 4th wall-breaking. Sometimes it's good just to focus on the actual action ^^
SquishyPalu's avatar
Too be fair, Kid Icarus Uprising broke the 4th wall way too much too...
DistortingReality's avatar
Pryzmus-MT's avatar
As someone who still squeals giddily over that dorky angel boy, my stance on seeing him get squished, even partially, is pretty obvious. >////> 

However, you stick to your preferences! Looks like you prefer (rather busty) girls to get squished, so I can't force you. Just letting you know my vote if you ever want to try something different...! (And besides, considering Palu's teasing-treatment of her adorable subordinate in the past, maybe this is just what she deserves for lovingly tormenting someone so innocent and cute. >w>)
AzurePhoenixDragon's avatar
Palutena definitely deserves all the squashing she gets. Karma for constant teasing/tormenting Pit over the years, and there’s a lot of it.
LoreSeeker4D's avatar
"Why is it always me who gets flattened? Why can't Pit get squashed for once?"

Would you like the list in alphabetical order? Honestly, with everything you've done to Pit, this is just karma.

Also, good job as always, SquishyPalu. And you too, Pit. ;)
SquishyPalu's avatar
Yeah, Palu is kinda a meanie to Pit, but she'll get what she deserves...
LoreSeeker4D's avatar
Indeed, and there are times when she is borderline mean-spirited and even abusive towards him, especially in some fan arts and fanfics.
samuelisback's avatar
the breast are too big looks horrible :(
SquishyPalu's avatar
Okay, first of all, I've been making big-breasted Palu flats for the last 6 months.
Second of all, I've seen you in melac28's comments. You pretty much complain about other people's commissions and try to coax him into making what you want instead. I have a question for you, what the fuck makes you think that complaining about what someone draws for other people is going to get them to draw what you want? I know why you are here, you want me to make something for you just like you did with melac28. What makes you think that I'd want to make anything for you right after you said my art "looks horrible"?
big breats looks like a tumor,sorry but its just true :(
thats looks so bad
KPcommissions's avatar
KPcommissions's avatar
Pretty spicy 🔥🔥🔥
SquishyPalu's avatar
This fetish art is really bodacious, wouldn't you say?
KPcommissions's avatar
milesprower690's avatar
You know my stance on flat pit
SquishyPalu's avatar
Yeah, you made it pretty clear what you think about flat Pits on Discord.
milesprower690's avatar
Yea I don't care if you don't want, but like as a one time gag it could work.
Kharitheblueanteater's avatar
I don’t wanna see flattened pit he’s out god and the best boi he’s pure and to wonderful he sould never be crushed and also I main him so I protect him I feed him and I take care of him he’s a wonderful little being
SquishyPalu's avatar
I thought Palu was the god.

Jokes aside, making a flat male is hard...a lot of people who follow me probably want me to make only flat girls. I could be wrong, and if people want to prove that they want me to make a flat Pit, I will, the issue is it's very back and forth...
Kharitheblueanteater's avatar
Oh Okkie personally I would prefer the flat girls and I would rather not harm pit he’s been through alot
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