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Male!Belarus x Reader: Paparazzi
Male!Belarus x Reader: Paparazzi
“I’m your biggest fan
I’ll follow you until you love me
Promise I’ll be kind
But I won’t stop until that girl is mine
Baby, you’ll be famous
Chase you down until you love me
This isn’t the first time you’ve been stalked by Nikolai, you see he likes to ‘see’ if your okay even if that means scaring off people or just being plain old creepy, he’s been trying to get you to  date him for 2 months, you went out with him 2 times only 2 times! And he’s already asking you to date him?! What kind of sick person is he?   
“Hey, Nikolai! Can I ask you something? “ You walk up to him one day.
“Of course you can, my beautiful (Name). “ After he said ‘My beautiful (Name). ‘  you started mentally shaking.
“Why do you always stalk me? “ You asked.
“Stalk? No, no I just follow
:iconinsanematryoshka:InsaneMatryoshka 219 73
Nekotalia! Male!BelarusXReader
"Do you want to go see the sunflowers, da?" Russiacat looked at (name) happily. Nodding, (name) followed her best friend towards the flower field. Unknown to them, deep blue eyes followed their every move.
"Wow! There're so pretty! and big!" (name) jumped around, admiring the tall, yellow flowers. Russiacat smiled. "My master plants these each year. It's normally very cold so they only bloom for a little while."
"Aww.. that's so sad! Thanks for showing me, Russiacat! You're an awesome friend!"
Blue eyes peered out of the shadows. "Why that little!! stay away from him!" Belarus hissed under his breath, his eyes narrowing. "Brother is mine!" He couldn't understand why she spent so much time with him. Russiacat belonged to him, Belarus, not her! Everytime he saw them together, he felt angry. Another feeling pulled at his heart, he just didn't know what it was. Growling, he stepped out into the sun. "Oh, big brother..." He cooed.
Russiacat froze,
:iconstarrocket12:starrocket12 427 55
Eren WIP by Brilcrist Eren WIP :iconbrilcrist:Brilcrist 2,823 218 Guniek Adoptable by Shinerai Guniek Adoptable :iconshinerai:Shinerai 5,181 380
SwedenXReader: Chapter 8: Finale - His Confession
Chapter 8: Finale - His Confession
Berwald was petrified upon my confession. I could see the shock in his face, the doubt it held.
“No, no. . .no.” I muttered to myself. “What have I done? Vladimir, why did you make me say this??”
“You said it by yourself. You could have chosen not to.”
“That’s. . . No, it wasn’t like that! You lured me in! You manipulated me with your words to make me confess this. As a revenge for my ignorance towards your words! You did not have the right to.” I ferociously said. It was all obvious in his face. I wanted to punch him but, I didn’t. There’s only one thing I can do now. Hide. Hide myself somewhere; anywhere is fine.
And so I did. I ran up the stairs to my bedroom.
In the living room, Vladimir was both enjoying his little mistake, but also regretting the fact he couldn’t take me.
“This. . . was the worst idea I’ve ever had. I guess.” Said Lukas trying
:iconsweetjustabit:SweetJustABit 18 48
Sweden x Reader: A better life [Ch.7]
Chapter 7: What else could go wrong?
Since our talk, my and Vladimir’s story wasn’t brought up in this house. And I felt happy that they stopped and that apparently they didn’t get my reference.
On some random day, we were all home and I didn’t even imagine who would come here.
“Dinner.” I said. “What do I have to cook for dinner?”
All of them shrugged leaving me without choice.
“I don’t know, do whatever you feel like eating tonight.” Replied Lukas as he was ready to leave.
“Leaving?” I asked.
“Yeah, I’m going to take a friend here to dinner.”
I stood in the kitchen and stared at him for some seconds. “So we have visits. Why didn’t you tell me? What does your friend like?”
“Food.” He replied. “Cook some meat with fries or something like that.
He’s not really picky about food.” And without any other words, he left.
“Great. . .So, d
:iconsweetjustabit:SweetJustABit 8 25
Sweden x Reader: A better life [Ch.6]
Chapter 6: The truth
I was dying of curiosity. Days went by and no one told me a thing. I almost forgot about it until I heard the Nordics talk in the living room.
“He’s been strange since a long while. Six months I think.”
“Yeah, it was when ____ arrived here. Since then, he controlled himself around Nadya.”
My heart skipped a beat. How could they know about Nadya? And is it a coincidence that the “he” they’re talking about controlled himself when I left? Are they talking about Vladimir? “Who the hell are these guys?”
The conversation kept going on until Mathias went out and saw me. “Jeez, ____. How long were you here?”
I hesitated a little but I ended up saying: “Long enough.”
“Long enough for what?”
When Finland heard this, he stood up and went to the door. “____?” Sighing, he said.
“You’re really a curious one, aren’t you? Come in. I’d ra
:iconsweetjustabit:SweetJustABit 23 17
Sweden x Reader: A better life [Chapter 5]
Chapter 5: Living with the Nordics
“MATHIAS! GET YOUR LAZY ASS OUT OF THE BED RIGHT NOW!” That’s right, I’m living with the Nordics. It’s been half year since I was here and they asked me if I wanted to live with them so I wouldn’t have to stay at the hotel alone. I accepted, but I just didn’t imagine that Mathias could be so lazy. He does the same the same every morning, at least, as far as I remember.
“Just 5 minutes more! It’s Saturday!” He yelled as he turned to the other side of the bed. I was in his bedroom trying to awake him, as I always have to do.
He quickly stood up and looked at me surprised. “IT’S WHAT??”
“Friday! The breakfast is almost ready and we all want to leave but you were sleeping like a rock! You better be careful next time! I don’t really feel comfortable when yelling.”
“Then why do you yell?” The Da
:iconsweetjustabit:SweetJustABit 23 36
Sweden x Reader: A better life [Chapter 4]
Chapter 4: Scandinavia
[Your POV]

Some hours after, at lunch time, Mathias came in and sat on the chair in front of my desk; the same from this morning.
“Hello, hello.” The Danish man greeted as he smiled. “Ready for lunch?”
I saved the file and looked at him. “I wanted to work for a little more, just to review the documents—“
“But I have everything ready, besides, my friends are already waiting. Just c’mon already!” He didn’t let me finish my sentence. Is he always like this?
“I have no choice, do I?”
“No, you don’t.” He smiled. “Now come on, I’ll take you with me.”
We both stood up and looked at each other for a little then we went out and I locked the door.
“And, how is the first day here going, ____?”  The tone held on his voice was quite curious, as if he cared about me. Maybe he does?
“I guess is going okay. I don’t have any reason
:iconsweetjustabit:SweetJustABit 24 72
Sweden x Reader : A better life [Ch.3]
Chapter 3: I got the job

“Miss, ______, I thought about your case and already made a decision.”
My heart was beating so fast now, would he say “yes” and I would get the job or would he say “no” and I’d have to search for something else?
Mr. Bondevik was still searching through the files and making me wait until he finally looked at me.
“We’d be glad to have you in our company.”
For a little, just for a little while, I felt my heart exploding in happiness. “T-Thank you very much, Mr. Bondevik.” I said a little nervous.
He simply smiled for a little before asking some other questions. “When do you think you can start working?”
“Whenever you need me, I could even start tomorrow if you want so.”
“Tomorrow already?” He asked as he sat on the chair. “It would be great if you could.”
While looking at him, I grinned and said: “It’s really fine fo
:iconsweetjustabit:SweetJustABit 24 24
Sweden x Reader: A better life [Ch.2]
Mathias Andersen = Denmark [Yes, I know he’s known as “Mathias Kohler” in the fandom, but I thought Andersen suited him better.]
Lukas Bondevik = Norway
Chapter 2: The interview
[Your POV]

I waited patiently for my turn while reading a book that I took with me from the hotel. When my turn arrived, I closed it and went to talk with the man who was there.
“Good morning, sir.” I said when I entered the office.
“Oh, a foreigner.” He smiled. “How can I help you, miss?”
“You see, I’m looking for a job.”
“Oh” He smiled. “Take a seat.”
I walked towards and sat on the chair. “Do I have to take something? Maybe some documents?” I asked as I searched in my bag. The man looked at me and said it wasn’t necessary, not now.
The man took a deep breath and asked: “So, what are you exactly looking for?”
“I was thinking at a
:iconsweetjustabit:SweetJustABit 61 24
Sweden x Reader: A better life [Ch.1]
Chapter 1: Problems
[Your POV]

After so much time searching, I finally found a decent apartment in the center of the city. It was used by students of the university so it’s not too big; one bedroom, one bathroom, one kitchen and one living room.
“This is enough for me.” I said as I added the page to my favourites. “Now I only need to get a part time job and save some money.”
I looked around worried. Maybe coming here wasn’t such a good idea since I know no one and I can’t speak Swedish very well.
“Uhh. . . “I muttered as I tried to think at a solution for this problem. “I know many languages, I could be a translator!” A big grin was drawn on my face after this idea came to my mind.  “Yes, it’s not a bad idea at all, _____. Now I just need to find a place where I could get that job.”
I looked around for a little, the walls were beige and the curtains were brown. Those 2 colors made me fe
:iconsweetjustabit:SweetJustABit 74 72
Sweden x Reader: A better life [Prologue]
[Your POV]
"Valorize what you have today before tomorrow comes and takes it away. It's tomorrow already. You lost me, Vladimir." These words haunt me in my sleep. How could I leave behind the person I loved the most? I don't know what to feel anymore.
I'm happy that I left to make a new life, but at the same time I'm sad that I left behind my friends and everything I had. But my decision is done. I have no time to regret.
"Goodbye my love." I woke up disturbed when I heard myself saying these words. I looked around a little as I tried to understand what happened. It was morning to so the light of the sun invaded the room throught the window.
I looked at the window and I almost closed my eyes as the light tried to cross them. "Such. . . strong light." I looked away since my eyes couldn't bear the light of the day. They are now fixed at my hands. In my mind, I couldn't help but have innumerous flashbacks of how Vladimir and Nadya were when I left. "This tim
:iconsweetjustabit:SweetJustABit 71 15
It kills me inside: Extra.
Extra: Here will be shown how the characters reacted to your decision.
What you should keep in mind:
- This has the points of view of 4 characters: Your, Vladimr, Nadya and Ivan's.
- These opinions are given 6 months after your departure.

[Your POV]
When I arrived to Sweden I immediately tried to get a job. I improved my Swedish and got a job in my area. That was very good; I really enjoy what I do.
But I must admit, the first months were hard for me, I was slightly depressed and wondered how my friends were, if they still remembered me. They couldn't call me or anything because I changed my phone number to a Swedish one so they wouldn't bother me and ask to come back.
Anyway, I was still feeling sad until I met some really nice persons. They're known as "The Nordics" due to the fact that all of them are from different countries of Scandinavia.
I'm serious. The tallest guy is Swedish. The one who likes to drink and it's sort of annoying sometimes it's Danish. There's a
:iconsweetjustabit:SweetJustABit 43 120
Male!BelarusXReader: It kills me inside [Finale 2]
Finale 2: Alternate. Not official.
When suddenly I hear my name being called. I looked behind and saw Vladimir with Nadya.
"Don't leave us!" Nadya said. "You can't do such a thing!"
I turned at her. I couldn't contain my tears. "But I have to. I need a new life. I need a change."
"Just because of my idiot brother?? He really feels bad about what he did! Can't you forgive him??"
I looked around a little and shook my head. "It's not that easy. I'd rather never see him again than live with a fake love."
Vladimir's eyes were teary. Could it be? Would he cry? "Why don't you stay, ____??"
"Why would I? You don't love me."
"But I told you I changed my mind!"
"Words aren't enough for me." I said as I cried a little.
"What do you want me to do then!?" It was ture. He was really crying. "Do you want me to remind you about how we used to be??"
"That's the past."
"We can be how we were!"
"It wouldn't be the same."
"It would be better! But you refuse to believe!"
"You don't give me reasons t
:iconsweetjustabit:SweetJustABit 60 96
Male!BelarusXReader: It kills me inside [Finale 1]
Finale 1: Goodbye Forever
When suddenly I hear someone yelling my name. I looked behind and I saw Nadya with Vladimir.
"____! I can't believe you're really going to leave!" Nadya yelled as she started to cry. No one looked at us, everyone was busy.
"Nadya. . . " I said as I looked at her. "Please don't cry."
"But you're going to leave! I need to cry! I mean, what will I do now? Who will protect me? Who will be my best friend?"
I looked to the side a little. I do feel guilty but. . . I need to leave.
"I'm sorry, Nadya. I need to leave."
"It's because of me, right?" Vlad said seriously as he started into my eyes.
"It is." I said. "I can't live like this anymore. I need a change."
"But are you crazy enough to do this!?"
"I said I was going to disappear, to make things easier to you. I will do that. I'll leave and you'll finally get rid of me."
"But you know I love you!"
"Again. You really like to lie. I know you don't. You never did. You don't even consider me your friend anymore."
:iconsweetjustabit:SweetJustABit 85 179



I don’t know who’s, well if anyone’s, going to see this…but I thought that I’d share my artwork on here as well as on Deviantart…

I’m nervous of doing this. Scared even. And I’m anxious about it. But I’m also depressed that I am.

I thought that by doing this, it would ease some pain and take my mind off of some things. But it’s not that simple… Nothing’s ever that simple.
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