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Listen [Akashi x Reader]
You were reading a new novel a friend lent you, sitting at your place by the window, when a shadow covered your figure and an assumptive voice called your name.
[Your surname].”
Raising your head, your [eye color] orbs met a red and a gold one.
You immediately avoided his gaze and tried to focus on his other features.
“What is it, Akashi-kun?” Your voice came out louder than you wanted, but it didn’t seem to bother him since his lips arched in a smile.
“I need you to help me with some papers.”
You arched an eyebrow, sincerely concerned. “And why is that? I’m not part of the Student Council.” Your harsh words didn’t make him flinch.
“The other members are busy, and so am I.”
He handed a pile of papers and you took them instinctively.
“Why do I have to do it?”
He sighed and turned his body away. “Because your grades in Japanese are the best after mine, and I want a work well don
:iconindigoskycaller:IndigoSkyCaller 160 15
Kiss It Better - Seijuro x Reader
"And studies show that an authoritative parenting style is the best style to raise children," the professor instructed the class. "Children under this style displayed higher levels of happiness and confidence."
"Well, that explains why Momo turned out that way," Seijuro chuckled to himself as he flipped through the pages of his textbook.
As weird as it may seem, the red headed swimmer actually enjoyed his university life.  The classes were interesting, the professors' were friendlier than they looked, he didn't have to wake up at 6 am to catch the train to school, the campus had a pool bigger than Samezuka's, and best of all,
"We gotta keep this in mind once we start our family!" Seijuro lightly nudged your arm and winked teasingly.
You were right here with him.
Your cheeks turned bright red at his comment, "Sh-shut up Sei!"
He chuckled and gave you a quick peck on your cheek, causing you to become even more flustered.
"Just teasing! But I do want kids you know."
Thank goodness th
:iconamayashi418:amayashi418 259 30
|Baby no Basuke| Akashi x Reader
It wasn’t too often you got to spend some quality time with your lady friends, what with being married to the Akashi Seijuro, and all. On top of that, you now had a newborn to look after, so these kinds of outings with them were few and far between.
Luckily you got the opportunity to chat with Momoi and Riko, and just happened to be chatting about the very topic that kept you from your friends; the babies.
“It’s the most infuriating thing, believe me.” Momoi sighed, looking forlornly at her coffee. “One minute you’re asleep, peaceful and calm for the first time in weeks, and the next you’re up and feeding the baby! It happens every other hour...I don’t think I’ve ever been this exhausted in my entire life.”
“Tell me about it.” Riko agreed with her (for once), happy to down another shot of espresso. “Junpei and I take turns trying to take care of the baby but it just doesn’t work out.”
:iconyarikoi:yarikoi 455 58
[RQ]Just A Little Too Much.(Akashi SeijuroxReader)
'Baby, I'm a sociopath, sweet serial killer...'
You hurriedly banged your door shut, leaning against it with your hand against your chest. You subconsciously began breathing through your mouth, taking deep breaths. You wiped away the balancing tears in your eyes before they could streak down your face.
You shouldn't have run.
You knew you shouldn't have, yet your instinct to flee kicked in, disabling your rational thought. Dropping your bag on the floor, you stumbled blindly into your kitchen and leaned over the sink. Having calmed your racing heart down, you could focus properly and think about what you should do.
'...On the warpath, 'cause I love you...'
:iconangiehimesan:Angiehimesan 173 28
The Wolf and The Swallow by Kayleyss The Wolf and The Swallow :iconkayleyss:Kayleyss 247 47
BTT x chubby! Reader ~Look at your cute face!~
"Stop poking me"
"Stop that..."
poke, poke.
"Stop that you guys..."
poke, poke, poke.
you flinged your current book you were reading to the table and turned to see the BTT looking at you with dreamy eyes. "Oh come (Y/n) just vne more poke?" Gilbert said smiling dreamily, "Si chica all we wanted to so is-a poke your face!" Antonio said right after. Only leaving Francis to go in for the kill. (His dumbass)
He poke your face...
You grabbed his arm....
You place it behind his back.....
You sat on it..
Maybe England could hear a girlish scream from there...
"I said no... and besides why on Earth would you want to poke my chubby face for?" You said with a raised eyebrow. "Its because we love the face you-a make after your mad or flustered!" Antonio said as he collected you into a big hug and placed you on his lap, which only left you blushing. "P-put me down Antonio! I'm too heavy..." You m
:iconiinamine:iiNamine 303 216
Mature content
America X !Chubby Reader :iconhowlsxremedy:howlsXremedy 157 664
2P!Canada X Chubby!Reader - My Little Maple Leaf
Warning: There is swearing involved and some fighting. But this is a 2P story, so what do you expect?
Everyone is the school winced as they heard the usual argument. As per usual, Chelsea was picking on you for your weight.
And as usual, you weren’t taking any of her shit.
A door burst open and you two stormed out, still yelling abuse at each other.
‘GO FUCK YOURSELF!’ she screamed.
‘LEAVE HIM OUT OF THIS, YOU PIG!’ She slapped you across the face, her long, pointy nails scratching your cheek, drawing blood.
‘OH THAT IS IT BITCH!’ You didn’t just slap her, you full on punched her. She stumbled back, her stupid heels not helping, and fell over, revealing her underwear for the whole school to see. You laughed, and she grabbed your
:iconsarah-layton:SaRaH-lAyToN 676 97
2p America x chubby! Reader ~It's time to cuddle~
 "ALLEN F. JONES! LEAVE ME ALONE MAN!" you scream as you run around your house hiding in various places from your best friend Allen who is currently trying to cuddle with you. "Aw c'mon doll face you know you want me to cuddle ya like a big fluffy teddy bear! Now come on out and let's cuddle like normal people." He said smirking.
 You always went through this, Allen comes (more like barge in)to your home, drags you to the couch, and cuddle while watching bad chick flicks for the whole day away. "NORMAL people don't barge into my home and cuddle me without a second thought man!" You said as you planted yourself in the bathroom barricading the door with your chubby body. Sometime its times like this a chubby body is useful.
  Al banged on the door hard almost trying to break the door, (Y/n) open the door girl! I want something to grab. Something that is cute fluffy and adorable, and its going to be you one way or another!" You blushed madly, 'did h
:iconiinamine:iiNamine 570 102
Slenderman x Chubby! Reader!
Come little children I'll take thee away,
Into a land of enchantment,
came little children the time's come to play,
here in my garden of shadows.
Follow sweet children I'll show thee the way through all the pain and sorrows..
     You where seven years old and you and your mother where walking on the edge of the woods. You and your mother always do this, the towns people tell you to stay far away from the woods, due to some children getting lost. But your mother says as long as she is here there is no worry's. As i was saying, you were walking looking at all the tree's again, you loved nature and couldn't get enough of it. If your mother every asked you if you wanted to go anywhere you were already at the door dressed before she could even ask. You run your hand against one of the trees trunks your small hands tinnier then they really are compared to the giant trunk. When you look up you feel so small.
       Not even relie
:iconkriskitt:Kriskitt 190 45
Star, the Tawny Owl by Earth-Hart Star, the Tawny Owl :iconearth-hart:Earth-Hart 95 23 Torpor by NataliaDrepina Torpor :iconnataliadrepina:NataliaDrepina 329 18 Re:zero by BOMHAT Re:zero :iconbomhat:BOMHAT 137 14 Hosico cat by ArtVorteX Hosico cat :iconartvortex:ArtVorteX 289 31 Animal Spirit by Enigmasystem Animal Spirit :iconenigmasystem:Enigmasystem 188 4 COMMISSION #18 by OtakumiArt COMMISSION #18 :iconotakumiart:OtakumiArt 133 6



I don’t know who’s, well if anyone’s, going to see this…but I thought that I’d share my artwork on here as well as on Deviantart…

I’m nervous of doing this. Scared even. And I’m anxious about it. But I’m also depressed that I am.

I thought that by doing this, it would ease some pain and take my mind off of some things. But it’s not that simple… Nothing’s ever that simple.
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