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Squishy and Squashy Part 15

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Published: June 15, 2014
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FakskisHobbyist Digital Artist
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Wow, Squishy's a BITCH.
I mean, teasing her brother, making him evil, dropping the freakin' MOON on him, without Luna's permission, mind you, and now turning him into an crystal pony old fart and banishing him. Just plain cold.
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AltrunchenHobbyist General Artist
Yeah but as messed up as THAT is. He attacked her and her friends who don't get to have any dialogue for some reason. I'd say that a declaration of war means that the gloves are off.
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TheMysteriousSpyHobbyist Digital Artist
Well that escalated quickly...
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Oh my god.

Did she seriously cause ALL THIS by bullying her brother?
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Twylite-SparkleHobbyist Writer
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male versions of Celestia and Luna's conflict...i'm hip
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Serefin99Student Writer
I can't decide if this is the best comic ever, or the worst comic ever.
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Best of the worst?
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Apply this ending to every movie fight you've ever seen, so disappointing. 
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AutumnLeaf167Hobbyist General Artist
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...Why didn't she do that first?
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graou13Hobbyist Digital Artist
because she prefered to kill him rather than see him suffer the rest of his life.
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That last panel makes it look like he's got crystals sticking out of his ass.
Drakua-Toa-of-rahi's avatar
And then Tirek takes away Squishy and Sonic's power and uses their crappiness combined (mind you, I DON'T think Sonic is crap) to TAKE OVER THE WORLD! And be loved for doing it.

FullmetalRainbowDash's avatar
Oh my God, Imagine if she let him keep the bones of the bat wings (still colored black). Now that would be awkward.
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Don't get ahead of yourself. Yes, you've got a lot of magic, but you shouldn't be calling it "my country" until after you've successfully overthrown 'Tia and Luna. You're counting your chickens before they hatch.
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Serefin99Student Writer
Have you forgotten what she just did? She'd probably use some sort of crazy Mary Sue powers to get rid of the sisters. Plus, she's the(quote) "bestest princess"(end quote), so technically it is her country. Or at least, partially.
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Certainly it looks like she's got it in the bag if she approaches the problem of eliminating the remaining princesses intelligently. But there's no position so secure it cannot be undermined with sufficient overconfidence. Should she tip her hand hoof and not realize it, 'Tia and Luna may yet be able to take her down with a surprise attack at a time and place advantageous to them.
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Serefin99Student Writer
True, but you forget that, in the presence of a Mary Sue, even the most competent character is reduced to a blibbering idiot, so as to ensure that the Sue will always be the 'bestest, most perfectest' being.
fotland42's avatar
Certainly true. But that only applies as long as she remains a classic Mary Sue, and I have a feeling there's a subversion coming up. I can't remotely prove it, but my gut says something surprising is going to happen. And if that something turns out to be a defeat at the hooves of the remaining princesses, I want to be able to tell Squishy "I told you so."
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Serefin99Student Writer
Such is the way of the Mary Sue. You can never truly predict what is going to happen.
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