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Captain Picard x2

By Squisherific
Commissioned by :iconpriestessofnox: for her and her sister.

To boldy go where no plushies have gone before! ^-^

Star Trek The Next Generation's Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Starship Enterprise. He's featured in two different uniforms. ^__^ Made of craft velour, suede cloth, and fleece.

I just LOVE plushying real people. It's always a fun challenge. ^__^
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Wow, so cute! I really like the expression! <33

For the skin, dude you use suede cloth or craft velour? <:3
Squisherific's avatar
Thank you! ^^

The skin is made of craft velour. I like that fabric for skin best because it's softer than suede cloth, and just a tiny bit fuzzy. ^__^
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Thank you so much for getting back to me! =3 The fabric looks terrific! Can you tell me where you get it from? <3
NaomiRomero's avatar
Oh wow, I looked at that store yesterday and wasn't sure if it was reliable or not. Its great to know it is! Thank you! <3
Squisherific's avatar
You're welcome! ^___^
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Riker: I find the resemblence rather striking. Wouldn't you agree, Number One?
Jean-Luc: Isn't there something more important for you to do?
Riker: I'll be on the bridge. (carries doll out of conference room)
Deanna: Will.
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What's better than one baldy? TWO BALDY'S ^^;

Squisherific's avatar
Haha! Indeed. ^^ Two is always better than one. ^-^
Azumizai's avatar
Ah, these are positively perfect. These are grand plushies and look like the ones you see sold in stores that sell exclusively Anime and Manga things. Or the plushies you see at conventions.

Awesome. 0__0

I love it.

Aww If only someone will commission a Data plushie. And all will be well... :]


This is awesome!
Squisherific's avatar
Thanks very much! ^^ I truly love plushifying real people. It's a trip. ^^ And yes, Data WOULD be awesome. I'd like to see one of him myself. ^-^

Thanks for faving them, by the way! :hug:
Azumizai's avatar
No problem! You got really good skill! 0____0
shadowleoparddreams's avatar
Wayyyyyyy coool! I love all of your detail in the uniforms. Love the facial expressions. Great job.
Squisherific's avatar
Thank you very much! ^-^
usako-chan's avatar
They came out great! XD
theheartfrost's avatar
OH MY GOD LOL I just burst out laughing for like ten minutes! LOVE IT!!!
Squisherific's avatar
lol! I'm glad you like it! ^-^ Thank you for faving them!:heart:
ichigo-pan43's avatar
wow, you did such a great job on the both of them~~ :heart::heart:
Squisherific's avatar
Thank you! :heart: And thanks for faving them! :hug:
SeltsamPlush's avatar
OMG!!! :wow: They are freakin' awesome!!!! You plushify real people real well!! ;p Excellent job :thumbsup: :thumbsup: I love his cocked eyebrows and both the uniform are wonderful!
Squisherific's avatar
Thanks very much! :heart: Glad you like him! ^___^ I've begun to find plushifying real people a bit easier for me than a cartoon/video game character, because I feel a little restricted with the original artist's version of the character. But, with a real person, there's lots more room for your own interpretation. Plus, it's fun to reimagine a real person in plushie form.^-^
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