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She does Magic

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Thistle does MAGIC, not potions...or at least, I imagine she is much better at magic than potions.  I don't really know.  That's why you should become a Patron on Paetron and support Meg and her AMAZING webcomic, Daughter of the Lilies.  Once you've done that, you can ask Meg all the questions your little heart desires!  And who knows!  Maybe you'll get lucky and she'll answer one of your questions with a drawing!  Meow :3 

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I thought I recognized the characters from the thumbnail! And I was right :D

lol that's pretty funny!
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haha  Yeah, I figured Thistle would either be a whiz or a failure at alchemy.  I mean, she reads all those books and is super smart, but that doesn't necessarily mean she'll be good at it...   Wink/Razz