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Rapunzel's Tower

Digital painting I made for a class of Rapunzel in her tower.

It’s not completely accurate, it really shouldn’t be seen at a high resolution, and it could definitely be improved, but I don’t want to work on it any more. It was good practice, I suppose.

Fanart from the movie Tangled, which is not mine.
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That is so pretty!!!!
GeraldII's avatar
Outstanding, your talent is really exploding. I really like how you got the shadowing placed, and I new right away who/what it was (I also like that movie).
squirrely-chan's avatar
Thank you! Your comments and encouragement always brighten my day. I also really like the movie, so if I did justice to the picture and you could tell what it was, than I'm very pleased.
MirageFlames's avatar
I... I have no words. Only a multitude of heart emoticons to express my sheer joy at the loveliness of this.
Seriously though, I'm so jelly of this. SO BEAUTIFUL.
squirrely-chan's avatar
AAUGH, THANKS. ALL THOSE HEARTS. JUST FOR ME and the picture. What ever will I do? I think I'm swooning.

But really, thank you. I didn't think that this was that wonderful, so I'm quite happily surprised at the positive feedback I'm getting on it.
MirageFlames's avatar
Bwahahahahaha, more hearts for you!

You're welcome, lovely. And it's really quite beautiful! >w<
Lumin-Hara's avatar
This looks really amazing. I especially like her hair and how the shingles on the tower are done. *_* Great work~
squirrely-chan's avatar
Thank you! I'm pretty happy with how her hair looks, too. :)
Doreans-Call-Me-Dor's avatar
I LOVE X3 My favorite movie~~~ :iconstillcantgetitplz:
squirrely-chan's avatar
Yeah! I love that movie! I would probably watch it at least once a week if I owned it.
Doreans-Call-Me-Dor's avatar
I know right! I'm glad I have Netflix or I would never be able to watch it XD
allyssinian's avatar
Dude I really love your tower!! Its awesome looking :>
Also I agree with DrEvilPickles.. Your art is better than what you give it credit for!
squirrely-chan's avatar
Ah, thank you! ; u ;
AcronaSilverfox's avatar
This is really awesome! I love the work you put into this, even showing the detail and showing Rapunzel herself in the tower.

Awesome work again. ^^
squirrely-chan's avatar
Thank you very much!
AcronaSilverfox's avatar
^^ You;re so welcome!!
DrEvilPickles's avatar
You put yourself down too much. This is really good. Keep up the good work.
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