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6y by Squirrelwolf-6y 6y :iconsquirrelwolf-6y:Squirrelwolf-6y 0 0 Freaky, Poetic and 6y by Squirrelwolf-6y Freaky, Poetic and 6y :iconsquirrelwolf-6y:Squirrelwolf-6y 0 0
Freaky and 6y by NK by Squirrelwolf-6y Freaky and 6y by NK :iconsquirrelwolf-6y:Squirrelwolf-6y 0 0 NK FREAKY AND 6y by Squirrelwolf-6y NK FREAKY AND 6y :iconsquirrelwolf-6y:Squirrelwolf-6y 1 0 Freaky 6y by Squirrelwolf-6y Freaky 6y :iconsquirrelwolf-6y:Squirrelwolf-6y 0 0
I ask the judges, defense, prosecutors, jury members, and all those present in the courtroom who happened to be here by chance of entertainment, to put a blindfold and to fill their years with wax.
Now that you do not see and hear me, I can address the space, the air between us—the only thing that is still connecting us.  
The one we are invoking is not inside you, but in the numbers and in me because you invoked him to the number and I invoked him to the soul. That is the difference between us: you do not know the soul, and your numbers are alien to me. I honestly do not want to understand you, just as you do not want to understand me. But here we are, against each other—powerful and powerless
     Powerful and powerless
You cannot defend yourselves in front of me because you do not know what I am charging you for. Even if you could hear me, you would not understand. You cannot hear my defense and that makes me happy, because, if you
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Water Force by Squirrelwolf-6y Water Force :iconsquirrelwolf-6y:Squirrelwolf-6y 0 1
Today I woke up a little later. In such cases, I knew I would have pain in my head, spine and bones and sickness in my stomach. However, I felt good, fresh and strong. I was just afraid: if I got up I could spoil that good feeling. Finally I decided to get up. I almost jumped out of bed, moving easily and full of energy. I walked into the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and at first I thought it was a mistake, but then I realised that it was really me. I looked twenty-something—more than twice younger! I finally pulled myself together, got ready and went back to the bedroom. I was searching through the wardrobe to find what to put on. I saw a pair of colorful youthful boxer shorts. Well, that that fit me now! I decided to stay at home all day long in the boxers satisfied with my appearance.
I opened the living room door, walked in and heard a round of applause—a standing ovation. I was on the stage. I did not wonder why I was there and how that was possible, but I moved towa
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Through a hole in ground
he fell
into a faded room.
Many people are there.
All talking.
Some're gesturing their hands awkwardly,
distorting their faces -
to help the words.
Not a word could he understand.
They all became a hum,
that made his body shiver.
God, is there anything else?
Keep on looking.
Keep on looking.
In accord they all repeated.
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Rebel by Squirrelwolf-6y Rebel :iconsquirrelwolf-6y:Squirrelwolf-6y 0 0 Ethernity 1 by Squirrelwolf-6y Ethernity 1 :iconsquirrelwolf-6y:Squirrelwolf-6y 0 0 The Ethernity by Squirrelwolf-6y The Ethernity :iconsquirrelwolf-6y:Squirrelwolf-6y 1 2 Aphrodite and Adonis by Squirrelwolf-6y Aphrodite and Adonis :iconsquirrelwolf-6y:Squirrelwolf-6y 0 0 Squirrelwolf6 by Squirrelwolf-6y Squirrelwolf6 :iconsquirrelwolf-6y:Squirrelwolf-6y 0 0 Pray of Seraphim by Squirrelwolf-6y Pray of Seraphim :iconsquirrelwolf-6y:Squirrelwolf-6y 0 0 Squirrelwolf5 by Squirrelwolf-6y Squirrelwolf5 :iconsquirrelwolf-6y:Squirrelwolf-6y 0 0 Squirrelwolf4 by Squirrelwolf-6y Squirrelwolf4 :iconsquirrelwolf-6y:Squirrelwolf-6y 0 0 Squirrelwolf3 by Squirrelwolf-6y Squirrelwolf3 :iconsquirrelwolf-6y:Squirrelwolf-6y 1 0 Squirrelwolf 2 by Squirrelwolf-6y Squirrelwolf 2 :iconsquirrelwolf-6y:Squirrelwolf-6y 0 0 The Squirrelwolf 1 by Squirrelwolf-6y The Squirrelwolf 1 :iconsquirrelwolf-6y:Squirrelwolf-6y 0 0


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