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In the old cellar master and apprentice were pouring the wine. As they finished, the master was contentedly rubbing his hands together: This wine is dense, of excellent taste and high quality. The apprentice said: Certainly we will sell it and earn well.
But master shook his head: This wine is not for sale, it is just enough for two of us, for the rest of our lives. If we sold it now, people would not value it or make any difference from those diluted wines in their taverns. Then he added: You see that empty barrel in the corner? Pour in two drops of this wine and fill it to the top with plain water.
The apprentice then said: This is really smart, master, for this we are going to earn much. The master raised his hand to interrupt him: That is not for sale. We leave it for some distant future generations. Do as I said.
The apprentice poured two drops of the good wine in the barrel and filled it with water. Then he sat back and after much thought he said: What if, in the course of time, some thieves break in, or some other terrible thing happens and the barrel with water and two drops of the wine gets destroyed? Then there will be nothing by which future generations would know us.
Master replied: Well, it would not be a pity, because those who engage in dilution do not deserve their names to be remembered.
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