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HA _Wallpaper_ - Only The Good

Whoops! Forgot to upload this version.

In case you guys wanted something more wallpaper size.

I believe its 1440x900.
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WoW, amazing work!!!
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this is so my background right now lol
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Haha! love rhonda's face! :D
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Wow! This is great! An original BG ^_^.
Hihi, I like Rhonda's expression :D. Lila's cute too. I like her outfit & the way you drew her legs. :)
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This made me smile, had to fave XD Awesome work, song fits so well!
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This is awesome! Lila (gag) Is just like "Oh my. I's oh so very high up!" Phoebe's just worried about her skirt flying up, Sid and Stinky are... Sid and Stinky, Gerald looks like he's superman, Harold's just... falling like a rock, Arnold's optimistic as ever, Helga's looking at him like he's on something, and Rhonda just looks..... inconvenienced by the whole thing...
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Bwahahaha, this one rocks! =D Awesome work, and Phoebe looks utmost CUTE!

There's more to do in the Net of Nets!
(Megawacky Max)
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Phoebe: "Wow, my house is tiny! Oh, wait, it's getting bigger ..."

I'm putting this on my bg right now. Thanks!
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Cool wallpaper and nice poem.
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thanks. not a poem though. it's lyrics to billy joel's 'only the good die young'
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Oh..I thought it was a poem XP
OK thank you for reminding me that.
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OMG I love how you draw Harold! I dunno why but he makes me giggle X3

Amazing wallpaper!
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