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AtLA - I Should Tell Her

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"I should tell you I'm disaster
I forget how to begin it"

So, I love Tokka for their awesomeness, but seem to only draw the two of them in non-awesome positions. I swear that someday soon I shall make a picture of the two of them and some hijinks! In the meantime please enjoy yet another picture.

So in this one, Sokka is debating how to tell Toph why he can't return her feelings and Toph is trying to earthbend rocks into the moon. However, she's having a hard time of it as she can't see or feel the moon.

The truth is that I really like putting the two of them in vulnerable positions, especially Toph. Because though she's a badass, she's also the most insecure and I like that about her.

Also, I hate making backgrounds.

Toph and Sokka © Mike and Bryan
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Friekie6 Writer
Never would of thought of throwing rocks at the moon... It's fantastic! :D
I love them too in their vulnerable positions, I don't know why, I just do. :)
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Rent lyric! <33

And a Tokka picture! Rent + Tokka = win. :D Well done!
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yes rent+tokka = awesome-o.
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Yep. X3
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i've always preferred Sokka with his hair down.... *drools*
and throwing rocks at the moon? ohh Toph... ;-;
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Tokka is indeed awesome, but part of their awesomeness is that they can be vulnerable around each other at times and still pull spectacular hijinks together the next day. They can be themselves; whether mischevious, insecure, or proud; around each other with no reservations.

I don't think the Toph with boobs is too far off base, if you take a look at Toph in (I believe it was The Beach) she's starting to get breastesses already. I think you did a good job with her in a couple years.

Throwing rocks at the moon? What did Yui do THIS time to piss Toph off? It's not like Toph is stealing her man ^.~

And I gotta agree with LeadTaco, Sokka is quite hot in this pic.
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I've really wanted to write a story where Sokka catches Toph's sending rocks into the sky for seemingly no reason on several occasions. And eventually he kind of gets it.

Yay for hot Sokka! I'm always worried that I don't make him look good enough.
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Soooo any reason this time that Toph is trying to earthbend rocks at Yui? Or just to see if she can do it.

He definitely looks good, but it takes a bit to get used to your style. It's not bad, but it's very different from the actual Avatar style. Though I particularly like Toph in your style, she's cute ^_^

Of course she's my favorite character so I may be a wee bit biased.
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I guess she's earthbending rocks towards Yue, because she realizes that Sokka will probably never love her. Or that he's still too hung up on everyone he failed to really see her.

Yeah, I have a thing about not trying to imitate styles. I'd rather take something else and put it in my own style. But yay for cute Toph! (and hot!Sokka)
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awwwww so cute and funny!!!! i love it! great job!! :D
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Awesome to the Max, Tokka FTW.... but is that Toph with boobs?
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Yes, it is Toph with boobs. I was trying to make them a little bit older...Toph around 14 maybe.

For some reason when I imagine older Toph and Katara I imagine Katara as this really light, thin delicate thing and Toph's a little more curvy. I like the idea that Toph ends up as the really pretty one.
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Ah, that makes sense then! lol. Dude, im straight, but there is no denying that Sokka is Hot in this pic
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Throwing rocks at the moon? That's gold right there, man.

Your style is neat-o. Cool and consistent. And cute noses, too. I've not seen anything like it.

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Thank you. I'm always really weird about my style, so it makes me happy that you like it.

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I'm happy that you're happy that I'm happy about your style. xD
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